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Newbie with 02, increase in attacks, any advice/help?


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...yup…..everything spiny said!!! 

….just wanted to add for folks new to O2.... from personal experience...usually the hard way. there IS more than one way to properly use oxygen...and I worry that folks try an "accepted" particular way, it doesn't work....so they think and we see the most dreaded phrase:  "oxygen doesn't work for me".....or worse yet, just go away sadder than they arrived....

… OXYGEN inhalation is the near miraculous salvation system for clusterheads....owe my sanity and perhaps my life to it....as do MANY others...it's FAR too important and proficient/efficient/sufficient to NOT try every possible way to make it work!!   

...personally I use spiny's method of breath and hold...others find hyperventilation on O2 works or works better....plain air hyperventilation is my measure of last resort when caught out on a mountain trail with no canned O2....sometimes it even works! (don't forget the 5-Hr energy bottle in yur pocket...ALWAYS)….

….early on I used < 8 LPM quite successfully (no money no insurance)….later 12-15 LPM....no idea if 15-25+ would work better because I can't breath that fast...but I'd sure try it if lower lpm's don't work for ya...….

….you CAN expect that different cycles will react differently to O2....at times staying on for a few minutes after hit abort helped prevent getting re-hit soon...other times it was a waste of O2.....only experience will tell ya...

….all the above assuming ya already got the proper gear: canned  O2 (no concentrator), non-rebreather mask or direct mouthpiece or some type of  demand valve.....use the wrong gear and it probably won't work and sadly you'll get the wrong impression (btw....aint NOTHING wrong with a garbage bag full of O2 )….



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Like Jon said, I have tried just about every technique mentioned on this site and every attack for me is a little different. Sometimes just relax and breath does the trick and other times hyperventilating and banging the arm of the chair helps. It is something you will have to mess around with and find what works for you . And I also always have a 5hr energy drink in my pocket to help kill off the pain no matter what time of day, night or morning it is. 

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