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Hello, thought I’d join and see what info I could pull from here. I’m 36 and have had clusters for about 10 years. I’m a wounded veteran and had a TBI and I’m told that’s maybe what caused them. I’m on veripamill and imitrex shots and go through them like water. Any help or advice would be awesome to hear.

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Hi Sicnic!

Thank you for your service!  I'm an old jarhead and Vietnam vet.  

I didn't have a TBI but in July of 1967 our bomb dump at the Da Nang Airbase was blown up with a direct hit from a 300mm rocket.......I was a little over 1/2 mile away.....it was 3 am and suddenly it was daylight and you could see 500 and 1000 lb bombs flying thru the air like matchsticks........the concussion threw me 40 ft thru the air and it was almost 2 years before my hearing returned!

Curiously enough, my first cycle occurred shortly after the Tet offensive about 6 months later....

IMHO, when medicine has clusters figured out some day, I think they'll find that they can have several different causes.  I've known folks whose clusters started..... after a TBI or head trauma......immediately following sinus surgery and cch from day one......or, it could be a wonky hypothalamus ultimately causing a chemical imbalance our brain......we have a longtime member whose clusters began as she transitioned from a testosterone to estrogen based system so probably need to add hormonal causes (could be why some women experience remission during pregnancy).......and they may find others!  I also think this is why what works for one clusterhead doesn't necessarily work for another!


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