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Wobenzym Plus stops Cluster Headaches

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I was at the peak of my cluster-headache phase. I decided to take psylo-cybin twice. Once 1.5g and once with 2g,
two days in a row.

Next day, massive cluster attack. I then decided to go with Wobenzym.
(German name for this three enzyme compilation which has a strong anti inflammatory effect).
Best thing about it, it is over the counter. 28 EUR for 100 pills and natural...just enzymes!
(used against inflammation of vanes, bladder, tendinitis, rheumatism a.s.o) Making sense everyone ;)?!

Wobenzym Plus

I have been feeling awesome with no clusters for 12.5 days now and I was microdosing psilocybin with 1.4mg a day.

My cluster phase usually takes 12-16 weeks.

I feel it is the Wobenzym (2 x pills / 3 - 4 x day) but it may be the mushrooms as well.
I read that right after taking the psylocybin it could trigger cluster attack, but Right after that the cycle ist stopped fully.

I am aware that the dose 1.5 - 2.0 was to low. But I had no experience with it, so I decided to first see how the reaction would be.

Now I would be ready for a 3g and then a 4g dose. At present, I see no reason for it, since I have n more clusters.

If I drop the Wobenzym, my Clusters return. So, I believe it is this product (Wobenzym).

At this point, I'm happy that I'm pain free and...feeling really crisp and clear! Hoping it will last.
Now continuing with Wobenzym only and hoping my..."feel great state"...will last :)

Sure beats Cortisone and Sumatriptan.


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Wobenzym Plus

Main Ingredients:
Bromelain 90mg
Trypsin 48mg
Rutosid 3 H2O 100mg

Other Ingerients:
Macrogol 6000

Pharmaceutical Company and Manufacturer
MUCOS Pharma gmbH & Co. KG
EAB Enzym-Arzniemittel-Berlin GmbH
Miraqusstraße 17
13509 Berlin
Tel: +49 089/638372-0
mail: info@mucos.de

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