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Any ideas besides Rizatriptan, Sumatriptan or Verapamil?


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I’ve had cluster headaches for over 30 years.  I finally greatly reduced my headaches by going to a chiropractor to move a disc back into place that subluxates at C1/C2, which was great since I only had attacks a few times a month instead of 2-3 per day.  Now, I’m suddenly getting more attacks.  I’m off Sumatriptan cause it doesn’t work now, I’m using Rizatriptan but am not finding it effective and fear that I’m bringing on more headaches.  I’m on Verapamil daily but it’s not working.  No, oxygen doesn’t work for me.  I’d be grateful for any other suggestions, this is getting rough.

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Are you chronic or episodic?  Are you taking sumatriptan pills or injection that stopped working. In general the pills are worthless and the injections or nasal spray are the best routes of administration. What dose of verapamil are you on. Quite often it requires doses in the 800-1000mg/day. You need to be followed by a cardiologist and see them after each dose increase to check your EKG and blood pressure. 

As for the oxygen we have found that the standard 15LPM is not enough for a lot of CH patients. A lot of us buy our own regulators that go up to at least 25LPM. I wouldn’t count the oxygen out until you read up on it here. Sometimes technique makes all the difference. Some people hyperventilate and have better success. I myself found much more relief with the 25LPM flows. If you need links to some affordable well made regulators let me know. 

And finally we get to alternative treatments which is what this site is all about. Click on the new users blue button at the top of the page. It will lead you to links about busting. Once you’ve read that stuff make a post in the theories and implementation section with any questions you may have. The alternative treatments are a very safe and effective way to abort a cycle or even prevent one. 


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Hi jules sorry to hear your attacks are getting worse i highly recommend trying "Batchs" vitamin d3 regimen as a preventative. Id start by going to a doctor and getting your magnesium and D levels checked to see if you are low. The basic idea is to get your d levels up to 80 ng/ml and keeping it there. Also are you using sumatriptan shots, and what mg? I know there is also lidocain through the nose and some other preventable methods such as botox injections in the forehead. Im just curious as to why the oxygen isn't working. I remember someone saying their is a nerve disorder that can cause symptoms similar to CH. Since you responded so well to chiro it could be that.  Preventables only help so much and the oxygen at 12lpm -25 should be able to abort an attack. Hopefully you were diagnosed properly wish you the best sir good luck!

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