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printed hand out


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Card's you can carry with you:



“I am a cluster headache sufferer.


If I am having an attack, please do not call an ambulance, there is nothing the medical profession can do.   


Cluster headache is a debilitating disease and is one of the most painful condition known to man.  They are also referred to as suicide headaches.


If you are interested in learning more or willing to be an advocate, please contact ________________________________.”

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...having witnessed a cluster attack where every fiber of my being wanted to call 911 despite what I know....and having been witnessed  having a cluster attack where I had to BEG them not to call 911 because of exactly what you say (plus no insurance)....I don't think it's practical to expect perhaps a complete stranger to witness what a cluster attack looks like ….and believe a piece of paper that says basically "nevermind".....

...that said, I do believe it would be a good idea to carry some kind of "medic alert" type indicator for when they DO haul you to an ER...………...

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