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Lidocaine nasal spray

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It is probably a prescription item that you would get at a compounding pharmacy. I have had SPG nerve blocks done w viscous lidocaine gel dropped down a long q tip in my nose. The doc asked me if I wanted to do it myself at home. But I wasn’t interested in putting this long q tip way back in my sinuses. If it had worked better I would have said yes...

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...compounding pharmacy (and/or a hospital)...be sure the script is scrupulous cuz they'll laugh ("you are gonna do WHAT!?")....when they figure it out (easy mixing) they'll give you two HUMONGOUS bottles of 4% Lido sol you will NEVER EVER use up...be sure to take the time to educate about CH, they'll be curious....once home be prepared to place oneself in odd and precarious positions in which to insert the lidocaine soaked Q-tip onto JUUUUUUST the right place  DEEEEEP inside your nasal passage (felt like my brain)...while also writhing with the beast (must be entertaining to watch)...I amuse myself with the memories….

...if you are one of the precious few this works for: GOD BLESS you mate!....and, if so, I still got those bottles we talked about...

...but yur only gonna know, if ya give it a shot!

OH...and: OXYGEN!



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