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Am I developing CH?


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Hello, this is my first post and as of now I'm not sure if I've ever had a cluster headache. 

I'm 20, male. I apologize if it's disrespectful in any way for me to post here, but talking to doctors is difficult and this is the best place to get expert opinions. For a few years now my left eye has always felt goofy. Sometimes a dull pain, 4-5/10 tops, develops behind it, but never lasts more than 30 seconds. occasionally, this pain is sharp, but only lasts a couple of seconds. Sometimes this eye pain leads to a light headache that I can always kill with ibuprofen. 

This week the feeling in my eye had been more consistent. I haven't risen above a 2/10 at any point, but I've consistently a feeling of slight pressure, or even tickling, behind, around, or to the sides of my eye. Occasionally the feeling moves to my temple. I haven't had anything like drooping eyelids or runny noses. But the eye does tear slightly when when these feelings are more present. 

I'm going to be honest, I've been scared of these headaches for years now, so part of this is confirmation, or being able to prepare and not being blind sided. My anxiety levels over the whole thing are quite high. I'm not sure I'd be able to deal with the pain people describe. 

Does this sound like the beginning for a lot of people, or are there things that get mistaken for clusters frequently? any replies are greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.


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As much as you don't care for health care professionals it might be time to develop a relationship.  Having a regular at 20 years young isn't really something one aspires to but it does have advantages.  Establishing early and getting to know each other paints you as a known person and you will avoid a "drug seeker" type of label.  You can also make sure your immunizations are up to date especially things that you don't think of like HPV or Hepatitis.  It also gets you follow up appointments sooner and keeps you out of the emergency room.

Personally I would suggest finding a good mid level (nurse practitioner or physicians assistant) because they are usually attached to an internist of FP and have a bit more time to listen.  Go to a visit with written notes and bullet points of the main things that are bugging you.  Its easy to get flustered and feel rushed when the caregiver walks in.

TO your concerns:  You are obviously experiencing anxiety over the lack of knowing what is going on.  It doesn't sound like classic clusters.  A good evaluation and some ideas would go a long way towards establishing some clarity.  Remember this is your life and your health so you control your fate to a large extent.  Be interactive, listen and follow up until it makes sense.  Even though many who participate here are knowledgeable you still need a diagnosis or to at least rule a few things out.


Wishing you the best 

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I am with Pebbles, I also never liked talking to or going to any doctors or dentist office in the past. I have found out that if you find the correct doctor and just talk to them like they are your neighbor you will realize that they are just like the rest of us.  Just a person going to work every day doing what they like to do. You will be a challenge to any doctor you find and that will scare some off but keep looking. Ask around this site for recommendations we are all over the world and may know of a good place to start looking.  what you are describing may or may not be the start of clusters. Mine started out thinking I had a toothache, we are all different

You do need to see a doctor to get a proper diagnosis and make sure it is nothing more serious. Cluster suck and hurt like hell but will not kill you. Make sure you do not have anything else going on and move forward from that. If you do have clusters you will need a doc to prescribe you oxygen and some other things to get you pain free.

Good luck  

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