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UK Cluster Buster Testimonials

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Dear Cluster Busters!
I am a researcher in the UK looking for testimonials from UK based cluster headache sufferers who are currently self-treating using Psilocybin, the active chemical in magic mushrooms and truffles. The testimonials will be used as part of a campaign to reschedule psilocybin in the UK. The removal of psilocybin from schedule one would facilitate research into this potentially effective and safe treatment option for cluster headaches, as well as other conditions. As psilocybin is illegal in the UK, any testimonials I receive will be fully anonymised before being included in letters to organisations such as OUCH-UK, other third sector organisations, UK researchers and members of parliament.
If you are interested in providing a short written testimonial for use in this project please do get in touch by responding to this post with your testimonial or just expressing interest and I will contact you with an email address we can use to communicate more privately.
Please do not hesitate to share a link to this thread with anyone you think would be able to provide a testimonial.
Thanks for your help!

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I think I can speak for most of us that we appreciate your endeavor.  Please keep from copying the same content to multiple places on the board though.  It just gets a little challenging for people to get to the posts they need instead of seeing duplicates.  I left this one in Research since it looks best located here.  



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hey timmy….please tell us a little about yourself, your organization, your education/experience.....it's nice to know who we we are talking to...



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Hey Everybody,
Yes sorry I should have introduced myself more openly to begin with, having been working with people involved in the psychedelic community for some years I appreciate the sensitivity of these topics.
I am currently a PhD candidate at Birkbeck college, studying psychoanalysis and psychedelics, and a sitter on the psilocybin for treatment resistant depression trial at KCL, although neither of these is the capacity in which I am contacting you here. I am currently the psilocybin rescheduling project manager at the Conservative Party Drug Policy Reform Group (https://www.cdprg.co.uk/). While our chairman is a tory MP, this is our only link to the party. We are dedicated to facilitating evidence based drug policy reform in the UK, my particular focus being psilocybin. I am looking for testimonials from people who have found psilocybin to beneficial to them in treating or managing their conditions. It is the experiences of people who are already using it which will help us indicate to individuals in the third sector and government that they should back our campaign. Moving psilocybin out of schedule one would facilitate research to see if it could be a safe and effective treatment option, so that hopefully it would become available to those who need it.
Do let me know if you would like any more information about myself or the campaign. I'm happy to talk on here, by email or over the phone, as you feel comfortable.

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