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Question about cluster headaches


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I have been suffering from cluster headaches since I was 16, and im now 35.  I was finally diagnosed last year with cluster headaches after fighting with multiple doctors over it.  Found out i have a couple of cysts in my brain (one in my maxillary sinus and an arachnoid cyst in the back of my skull), of course the neurologist i saw did not explain anything and hasn't explained anything to me .  He brushed off any concerns and just prescribed me prednisone and immitrex both in pill form last year with o ly one refill.  The prednisone worked for about a month, but it stopped working after that.  My husband and I are going through fertility treatments so prednisone isn't ideal anyway at this time.  The issue I am having right now is that my headaches started on the right side this cycle on 1/4/20, but the past week they have been on the left and sometimes on the right.  I've had them switch between cycles but never during.  I can't get an appointment with my neurologist so im actually going to have to go through channels to get a different doctor.  I just wad wondering if anyone has experienced this.



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No two cluster heads are the same, and just as soon as you figure your's out, it changes.

Mine have always switched sided. Left side clusters always hurt worse than right side clusters. I wouldn't read too much into them switching around. Might be connected to a change in meds or hormones or the wind blowing a new direction. 

I know, not a lot help there. Unless your clusters are caused by the cysts, it all sounds pretty normal. (not being a doctor that is).


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