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I think it's official


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The Beast is back. 

Have had 5 clusters in a week now, and they have been proper strong ones too, not my normal KIP 2-3. These have been in the 5-6 range, and lasting much longer than normal, e.g. 15 minutes instead of 1-5 minutes, but still! 

Was woken up in the middle of the night this past week, and that's extremely rare for me, even when in the full depths of Hell. 

So, just tracking things for now. Trying to get clear enough away from triptans so I can power up a fresh busting routine. Think I have enough meds on hand for 6-7 busts, at least. Time to dig my farming gloves out. 

Stay safe everyone.


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Thanks everyone for your support.

The clusters have seemed to ease off. I've only had one or two minor attacks since I started this thread. Very weird.

My migraines are easing a bit too (knocks on wood). My daughter is down for a visit this week, so I've taken some time off work. That might be helping things. Hoping to bust soon, once she goes home and I have a week clear of triptans. Which may now be possible. Hoping to get 3-4 busts done in fairly quick succession.

Hope everyone is enjoying the summer.


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Sorry to hear that. I too am back on the board because of my first 1am attack for a few months. I find that high pressure weather systems can aggravate my symptoms, I was pinning my hopes on that being the case this time round for any UK  sufferers.

I recently made the switch to RC seeds and am about to try an increased round of doses to knock it on the head. Fingers crossed - but this is what happened with psilocybin and it eventually stopped working for me (at least at the doses I was willing to risk).

Good luck with your bust, hopefully it's just a blip.

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