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Good luck with your combo :)

I`m doing well, very well. You been around for a long time, so i guess you seen it before. Treatment seem to work better and better for the last months. Last bust i didn`t have to, but since it`s high cycle i chose to. It was odd, i didn`t get any "effect" of it, i just got a bit like "reset". I cooked and cleaned in my house while busting. Usually it goes one day with busting, two days post dose hits etc.

It is what it is, when it is ;)

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I was counting my days wrong, and shouldn't dose until tomorrow night. And I will be doing the combo. Actually looking forward to it in a scientific way.

You are right on about the treatment working better and better. Even though I complain about no sleep and multible hits, the hits are mild. My pain free time was just about  one year. I have not had a hit over a kip 6 for a very long time and the hits are aborted in 15 minutes at the most. Mainly with an energy drink.

I did prevent doses every three months this last year, and a couple extra doses if I knew I was going to be close to triggers. like heat and bright sun.

That's good that you are staying ahead of the game.

My place needs cleaning, I should give it a try while busting, might make the chores go faster. Interesting idea. If I get the right music going also.

I'm still trying to decide about the antidepressant. With past history I believe I will not take anything. I'm not in the mood to play "you will adjust" games. After fighting the mega Vit D thing, that was enough. Keep it simple and drink enough water.

And don't forget to "reset".  LOL         Leslie ;)

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It`s strange, sometimes when it rambles up, i have energy and constant on my feets. But i cant`t get myself to do anything! I just spin around myself, kind of going back and forth. Have to clean f ex, but just can`t get myself doing it. And after bustin, i start taking action. As i go outside myself for awhile. Funny thing, get brought back to "normal" by hallucinogenics :o

Maybe wait at least, with the new medicine. Looking forward to hear how it turns out!! :)

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So glad to hear some of your anxiety has lifted.  I sympathize with you - anxiety/depression accompany my high cycles.  No rest, CH's, and stress causing issues (or people!) are a bad combo!  Sometimes dosing will help me to categorize and sort out things out in my mind so I feel better after - a little more in control.

Warning - I get really carried away when I clean while doing a treatment.  Every little spot on the tile, in the grout, etc. is exaggerated to the max! 

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I had to put off dosing because of some flu like symptoms.

All is well, and it's a wait and see thing for now.

You are right, Tingeling, I think "our" meds, can bring us back to normal. I think the answer to the anxiety lies within the treatments we use. However; not sure what normal is right now. :)

Kaboom, you have me scared. I've been obsessing over the grout forever.  :o

                                 I will report on combo.   Leslie

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