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So here we go again. I'm a mess. In CH cycle, but have good control and expect it to fade away. Busting works well for me, except every now & then I have a tough time.

I recently had a check up and blood work done. Was told my Vitamin D level was too low and was prescribed the mega dosage that is an RX that is being given to anyone over 50. Took that RX for 2 months and got sicker and sicker from a Vitamin that "has no side effects."

Went back to the Dr. with my symptoms and he reran the blood work. Now the Vit. D level is acceptable. It's a frigging miracle!

I was told my weird side effects were caused by anxiety. And that probably could be true. No doubt. So now I am supposed to start Lexapro. That is an SSRI. SSRIs interfere with busting. Plus I have been on many antidepressants over the years and never been able to tolerate them.

The Dr. knows this and he knows what I use for clusters and he knows SSRIs could interfere.

So the point of this story is, what do you take for anxiety and depression?

Also today one of the headlines on AOL is about this wonderful Vit D 50,000 RX. I'd post the link but I can't figure out how to do that. Bottom line is Vit D deficiency has been over exaggerated and mega dose could do more harm than good.

I post this because I wanted to share my Vit. D experience.

And I would be open to any suggestions related to anxiety.

And does anyone take Lexapro?

This is about a yearly post for me. If I could find the last one, it would be about Wellbutrin.

Dr. thinks I might be suicidal. I think I could be homicidal or what ever it is that makes you want to kill.

Thanks for listening. I am ok. Could use a drink, but know better. LOL          Leslie       >:(

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Also today one of the headlines on AOL is about this wonderful Vit D 50,000 RX. I'd post the link but I can't figure out how to do that. Bottom line is Vit D deficiency has been over exaggerated and mega dose could do more harm than good.

I post this because I wanted to share my Vit. D experience.

I found this from an Edmonton, Canada TV station:

"Updated: Tue Nov. 30 2010 12:43:33

CTV.ca News Staff

Despite mounting evidence of a link between vitamin D levels and the prevention of chronic disease, the authors of a long-awaited report do not call for a huge increase in people's intake of "the sunshine vitamin."

After reviewing nearly 1,000 published studies along with testimony from scientists and others, an expert committee from the trusted Institute of Medicine agreed that vitamin D and calcium play a role in maintaining strong bones. But they also said there was not enough strong evidence yet that vitamin D plays a role in preventing chronic illnesses, such as cancer and diabetes.

The IOM's report raises the recommended Dietary Reference Intakes of vitamin D, but says the changes are focused primarily on bone health.

"In respect to some of the other diseases that we looked at, we just didn't have enough evidence yet to definitively say what level of vitamin D or how much supplements to take to prevent heart disease or cancer," Dr. Clifford J. Rosen, a member of the IOM panel, explained to CTV's Canada AM Tuesday morning from New York.

"We focused on skeletal or bone health because that was the primary outcome in which there were enough studies to conclude what we did."

The IOM raised its DRI for vitamin D to:

    * 600 International Units of vitamin D a day for most people (up from 200 IU)

    * 800 IUs per day for people 71 and older (up from 600 IU)


      breastfed babies need 400 IU daily, a level the panel continues to endorse

As for calcium, it recommends:

    * 700 milligrams per day of calcium for most toddlers ages 1 through 3

    * 1,000 mg daily for most children ages 4 through 8

    * 1,300 mg per day for adolescents ages 9 through 18

    * 1,000 mg per day for most women ages 19 through 50 and for men until age 70

    * 1,200 mg per day for women over 50 and for both men and women over 70

The panel concluded, after reviewing national surveys of blood levels of both vitamin D, "the majority of Americans and Canadians are getting enough" from our diet and the sun and do not need to take supplements.

"We're getting about 200 to 300 units just in our food sources alone," Rosen noted, adding that most of us are getting the rest through supplements and sunshine.

Dr. Reinhold Vieth, a professor in the University of Toronto's Department of Nutritional Sciences says he's disappointed that the IOM panel focused only on bone health.

"I think other conditions besides bone health should have counted, but they ignored them," he told CTV News.

"The amount of vitamin D that helps bone is not entirely appropriate and not enough for other types of conditions," he said. "That is evolving evidence and to ignore that type of evolving evidence is not quite right."

Still, the new vitamin D recommendation of 600 IU a day is a big jump from the 200 IU previously recommended. But the panel cautioned against assuming that if a little vitamin D is good, that more must be better.

It noted that research on the vitamin is just beginning and cautioned that other vitamins once touted as health boosters, such as beta-carotene and vitamin E, later turned out to be dangerous at higher levels.

The IOM panel noted that most of the research so far on vitamin D has only been able to draw links between intake and health effects; they have not conclusively proven that the vitamin is causing the effects.

"While these studies point to possibilities that warrant further investigation, they have yielded conflicting and mixed results and do not offer the evidence needed to confirm that vitamin D has these effects," the IOM said in a news release.

The report also warns against taking high doses of vitamin D, noting that there are still too many unknowns about the risks of doing so.

"Getting too much calcium from dietary supplements has been associated with kidney stones, while excessive vitamin D can damage the kidneys and heart," they wrote.

Because there is some evidence of the risk of death or chronic disease from long-term high vitamin D and calcium intake, the panel also issued "tolerable upper intake levels" (UL) for each supplement – the maximum it recommends per day, raising the limits in all cases:

    * 2,500 IUs per day of vitamin D for children ages 1 through 3

    * 3,000 IUs daily for children 4 through 8 years old;

    * 4,000 IUs daily for all others.

    * 2,500 milligrams per day of calcium from age 1 through 8

    * 3,000 milligrams daily from age 9 through 18

    * 2,500 milligrams daily from age 19 through 50

    * 2,000 milligrams daily for all other age group

Dr. Vieth said he's pleased to see the upper limits were raised to 4,000 IU, saying it now allows researchers to study the health effects of higher levels of the vitamin without ethical questions.

Health Canada closely follows The Institute of Medicine's recommendations on Dietary Reference Intakes while setting standards for food labelling, updating the Canada Food Guide, setting nutrition standards for school and nursing homes, and other matters."

And I would be open to any suggestions related to anxiety.

Can you get some more "mother's little helpers" Leslie?  Either valium, or maybe Xanax???  I don't know.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  Don't kill anyone (unless maybe it's Bill?)  ;D

Hang in there kiddo!


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Thanks Bob, for posting that link. I really got sick on the Vit D mega dose. I blame the high anxiety on it also.

As far as Valium goes the doctors don't want to prescribe it because it is addictive. I'll never understand. I use to take 5mg a night and the RX cost $7.00. The new antidepressants run around $100 to $150 a month. So maybe it's about money.

"Kill Bill"---only got thru one of those movies. LOL

Thinking we need a trip to Mexico.

Thanks again for being there.     Leslie

It will all be better tomorrow.

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I do not have anxiety, but i got pretty sick using Vit D. Actually i get very sick using Melatonin, B Vit complex(not b2 seperatly), Omerga 3, Magnesium and you name it. I get physical illness.

Before, being in a constanc high cycle i was badly depressed. Being in high cycle now, i can feel badly depressed, almost over night. The feeling of being very alone, like i`m a empty shell, going around with my secret box inside me. This dark box, filled with all the emotions CH can give. It is a very strange feeling, like i`m on the outside with my secret.

As with you, i cannot take any antidepressants. What i use is bright light, or day light or what it`s called.  Along with the rught type of foods, this really helps me. I don`t know if you tried this, but if you haven`t and want to try, just remember the effect isn`t right away, but when it helps, it can really change allot.

I don`t know if you maybe should try a different color in the light, but the white light helped me. I know there`s different colors to treat different conditions. But i haven`t tried any of them.

And again the spike mat is really a good thing as well :)

Can`t tell anything about the antidepressant you ask about, just wanted to mention what you could try, if you decid not to start them or something like that :)

Hope you do better today, wish you could come to my house and share a meal with me :)

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Yes, I am very interested in the Spike Mat, also. Sort of sounds like a diversion from head pain to whole body torture.

Some people are into those things. ;)

It really does sound like it would feel good, afterwards. :)

I am not going to even try the Lexapro. Been there, done that with those meds. I get tunnel vision and feel very stoned. I think driving while under the influence is worse than other drinks and/or drugs----for me.

I'm on a day 3 without sleep. CH hit exactly 45 minutes after I lay down. Will be dosing today, after the furnace man comes. The wind chill is 9 degrees and my furnace died.

New one on the way. Meanwhile I have to manually start it up. At least that is working. Otherwise I don't know where I'd be, in the peak of a CH cycle.

So ya, I'm a little anxious. And the money part is a bit depressing. Suppose there is a pill for both conditions.

Think the cat is smarter than me. Rolling in his cat nip and getting high.

Tingeling, it was great being up at 3am here and there you were. Didn't feel alone. Sorry to hear you are in high cycle.

When we get to this place, we tend to think dark thoughts.

Can't do much but think about what was and what might be.

You are smart to put it all in the box. I do the same. It's like scheduling a break down, open when strong. 


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LOL, it`s not torture ;D If you fall asleep on it, that`s worse though, you kind of stuck to it then :)

There are different types to treat different parts of the body. And you can also stand on it with your feet's.. That hurts a bit actually.

Here we can buy them in many health stores and stores like that. They cost around 30$ and up.

I had a neck so stiff i couldn`t turn my head, twenty min on the spike mat and feel like a new person, at least a new neck.

To trigger our bodies treat and help itself, i believe in that.

High cycle but i do very well, i suffered before, this is not suffering, not at all.

In my next life i wish to be a house cat :)

I spendt too much money on my daughters Christmas calendar. As a child i wished i had a calendar every year, my friends had gift calendars, it seemed magic to me. So now i want it to be magic, and it is to both of us. And i`m so overdoing it. But i allow myself, it`s just so much joy in it. Was up late yeasterday finished it, great feeling :) Money and different things always seem to solve, in one way or another. I never dared to trust in it before, but for the past two years it solved when i let go of it in my head.

Go find torture folks!! (Or maybe we don`t have to look for it? ;)) LOL ;D

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No problem getting off track, we didn't derail. If a spike mat can provide some relaxtion maybe we can forget about oral meds. What do you mean that Celexa works a treat? I didn't understand. Are you busting yet and if so, do you stop the Celexa around dosing time?

Yes, I think the spike mat would be worth a try. Sort of little for a threesome; however.


There is no such thing as over doing for your daughter. Enjoy the magic.

How am I doing? I'm just fine and dandy. Sleep deprivation is a trip of it's own. Sort of dreading the midnight hour. But like someone around here says, "it is , what it is." ;)

Been through this before. Usually sputs buy me a few hours sleep, but they aren't even helping. Soaking seeds now. Just wish I had that spike mat already.       Leslie

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It started out with Tingeling, then T and I was interested.

I think we will have to order a very large spike mat, then you and Ron can relax also. Did we just go to an orgy?

I really need some sleep. This is so out of character for me. :-[

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Could use a drink, but know better. LOL

I'm with you on this one!  I recently told a friend I was thankful I had CH's because they were saving me from a Patron induced hangover.  My nerves were completely fried!

Sorry about your furnace.  Talk about bad timing!  Finances are tight with our family, too so I haven't been heating my bedroom.  I had to laugh at myself the other night.  As I darted under a mound of blankets I found myself rationalizing that this was a good thing because maybe breathing the cold air would prevent a CH from coming on.   ;D  Maybe?

I hope you get some rest tonight.  You sound way overdue for a break.   


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And I would be open to any suggestions related to anxiety.

Check out MAPS.ORG

You in a medical marijuana state? Dont laugh, individuals report results with anxiety/ptsd/depression. Of course any studies are being blocked by the feds.

the bb

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the bb,

The only thing to laugh about would be Nebraska is a medical mj state.

I know the answer for me  is at Maps and this organization.

Unfortunately there are too many road blocks to get access to the people that can help.

I feel lucky to have come this far and can only hope some day soon this will all change.

Meanwhile we can keep experimenting with our doses and take advantage of what we have learned so far. And be grateful that we get help from the Bob Wolds and Rick Dublins of the world.      Leslie

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The dosing seems to be taking hold. I use 50 RC seeds, soaked in water and lemon for 2 hours. I about passed out an hour later and was feeling very positive. But it turned out to be a very bad post hit night. However the last 2 nights I have gotten good sleep. I think I'm on my way. Seems like all the anxiety has lifted also. Not completely but a big improvement.

Once again it is a catch 22 deal. Did stress cause the cycle, or did the cycle cause the stress. And then throw in no sleep, and sinus pressure. Sometimes I think it doesn't matter. Just quit trying to find out why. Because the cycles will come and go, and we need to stay one step ahead.

But hey the new furnace is in. So hoping for another good sleep.

Your post sounds like you are making good progress. That is good news.      Leslie

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