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Brain Fog


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Hi my friends,

I normally get a bad case of brain fog after a cluster attack. They are fairly short lived, 1-2 hours, maybe 3 or so. What often surprises me is when I’ve had a 10 - 15 minute, short fairly mild attack, but then have brain fog for hours afterwards.

Anyway, yesterday morning I woke at 5am with a super mild headache. I should have taken pain killers then and there, but hoped I’d sleep it off. I woke at 7 with a really bad headache that morphed into a migraine. I too a triptan, and before too long the migraine was gone.

But then, I had horrendously bad brain fog the rest of the day, right up to crawling into bed. It was so bad I left work at noon, I just couldn’t concentrate on anything. 

I’ve never had it that bad from a migraine, or had it last that long. I asked Dr Google and found out the proper name for it is Postdrome, and if you get it before a migraine, it’s Prodrome. It can last hours to days and is quite common. 

So, I was wondering if this is a common post (or even pre) side-effect fo clusters, and if others experience it too. 

Stay safe,


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...hi Mox

....have always thought there's gotta be some kind of brain chemistry alteration going on...pain hormone driven or actual headaches mediated. post a CH hit the euphoria was welcome but short lived, then the beat with a 2x4 exhaustion. no brain fog, but perhaps the other side of same coin, as cumulatively during a cycle i found that my mind was actually sharper/more focused. used to do a lot of writing for work and i "almost" would hope for a cycle when i had an important project. i look back on some of the things i composed and wonder "who wrote this!?".....cuz it was better than I knew...

...dangdest thing.....and just a guess, but have you considered low blood sugar or other nutritional issues?



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@MoxieGirlhey!! That really stinks. I’m glad you’re feeling better now. My mom suffered from migraines in her late teens and early 20s and the predrome/post drome is very real. It’s crazy. People who suffer with migraines long enough get predrome warnings that one is coming. It’s like a brain fog before it even hits. Headaches are so crazy 

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