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Postspinal headache and CCH

Tony Only

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My dear friend is in absolute hell. She has multiple headache disorders, including cluster headache, she is managed chronic. She was hospitalized with high fever (40 celsius/104 fahrenheit) and a migraine-like headache was non-stop at KIP level 10 when they checked her in. They did not figure out the cause for it, oxygen was not touching it, she got IV antibiotics. Nephropathia epidemica or some insect bite were suspected, and cerebrospinal fluid sample was taken.

She is now home, in weak condition, needle hole in the spine leaking so she must lay down and not move but is getting cluster attacks. Any thoughts? All she has for trying to calm down CH is microdosing.

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Thanks @Pebblesthecorgi

Here's a brief update:

All the tests reveal nothing and they are clear. Fever is back up at 40C/104F and her erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) is 140. Examinations have been very thorough. She is fearful for the nights. Getting spinal/cluster/migraine attacks but not non-stop anymore.

Unfortunately hospital tells her to wait a week until they will do a blood patch.


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Oh my g..!! How can they do that??? 

Sorry Tony, but this just rips at my heart. So stupid for the medico's to wait a freaking week + to fix a problem they created. JERKS!

Hugs to you and your friend! :wub:

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What a bunch of inhuman BS.  Blood patches are straight forward, effective and can be done quickly.  See rate elevation is nonspecific and just means inflammation is somewhere in the body.  The fever is a bigger concern to determine the source

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