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Sam, there are a lot of nicely prepared files here that can help answer many questions.  To access them, you go to the pulldown menu at the bottom right side of the page, where it says "Forum Jump," and then click on "ClusterBuster Files." In this case, the file titled "LSA" will help answer your questions, I think.  This can be handy if you have questions when no one's here to answer you. But I'm sure others will also help you. 

Here's what it says there regarding dosing (but you should probably read the whole thing): >>The beginning dose might be one or two seeds, with increases later, one seed at a time, if needed.<<

Also, here's a link to a med-school professor's report about HBWR -- http://www.maps.org/research/sewell_2008_aha_lsa_poster.pdf -- although it's my understanding that the extraction method he describes is overcomplicated, compared to what's in the "LSA" file here.

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The 1st time i tried the HBWR seeds i tried 5 seeds. They were a major pain in the ass to prep but they did seem to work a little better than the RC. I think because they are a bit more stronger.

I did get a bit quizzy for about 10 minutes then it passed.

I aslo strained them (no pulp). The next dose i did 8 seeds,

almost thought i would puke for about 10 minutes but it passed again. Things did seem a bit more crisp after that, and i went back to the RC.

In closing, Dont be so worried... It aint going to hurt ya.

So you have to ask yourself, Do you want to take a more heavy dose of 5 seeds and possibly yak, or get a CH?

Coach Bill

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Just been talking to an old friend of mine and long time abuser of all types of psycedelics and he's told me to take half a dose of travel sickness pills before anything containing LSA, next time I dose I'll try it out but I trust what he says.. I'll post the results anyway

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take half a dose of travel sickness pills before anything containing LSA

Hey Sam, uh yeah, let us know.  The HBW seeds really mess my stomach up!  I'll spare everyone the details...

As far as the amount there are different strains.  For me the ones from Hawaii are the best, they have more LSA in them.  However, I can not give you a 'number' cuz I am on Prozac and had to take alot.

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well it seems to work.. had 25mg promethazine and 5 HBWR seeds and not felt any sign of nausea! but the sedating effects are quite noticeable, maybe I should have paid more attention to my friends suggestion of using half a dose! ahh well we live and learn :) to be quite honest I don't mind being sedated tonight, don't think I've ever felt so lonley, not seen my g/f now for about 3 months and it's hurting me more than the CH.. At least i get a break from the CH pain. new years eve!


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