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Cluster Headache Research

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CHR1 – Headache Levin Article

CHR2 – A Brief History of Headaches & Cluster

CHR3 – Normobaric and Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment for clusters

CHR4 – All about cluster headaches

CHR5 – CH in USA Demographics

CHR6 – Cluster, Addictions, Drugs

CHR7 – Cluster Research Guidelines

CHR8 – Cluster Headache Survey – Rosen

CHR9 – Cluster Headache Research Study Placebos

CHR10 – Headache Study – Rosen

CHR11 – Headaches

CHR12 – Hypoxia and Cluster Headaches

CHR13 – Cluster Headache – Oxygen – JAMA Article

CHR14 – Prevalence Study in Germany

CHR15 – Adverse events using seeds (LSA)

CHR16 – Dopamine agonists and Headache – Levy

CHR17 – Clinical Characteristics – Levy

CHR18 – LSD and Migraine _Discovery

CHR19 – Occipital Clusters

CHR20 – Gender Ratios – Meta Study

CHR21 – Oxygen article/study – Journal

CHR22 – Placebo Response in Clusters

CHR23 – Psychological aspects of Clusters

CHR24 – Schindler Study of Cluster headaches

CHR25 – Sewell Study – Cluster Headaches

CHR26 – Sex and Clusters – Study

CHR27 – St. ELMO’S Fire article

CHR28 – Prescribing Oxygen – Tepper

CHR30 – Gender Study – Torelli

CHR31 – Treatment standards of Cluster Headaches

CHR32 – TAC’s Article – Newman

Demoralization predicts suicidality in patients with cluster headache

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