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Cluster Headache Treatment Research

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TRT1 – Vagus Nerve Stimulation

TRT2 – Vagus Nerve Stimulation 2

TRT3 – Deep Brain Stimulation

TRT4 – Diagnostic and Therapeutic Info

TRT5 – Different forms of trigeminal A’ C’s

TRT6 – Cluster Headache Treatment – Goadsby

TRT7 – High Flow Oxygen treatment

TRT8 – Hyperbaric Oxygen Studies

TRT9 – Hypnic Headache and Travel

TRT10 – Ketamine Research

TRT11 – Ketamine use in ER’s

TRT12 – Ketamine teatments – McGeeney

TRT13 – Pharmacologic treatments of Cluster headaches

TRT14- Acute Treatment of Cluster Headache

TRT15 – Bibliography of Psilocybin

TRT16 – Case Files of Psychiatry

TRT17 – Clusterbuster Treatment Files

TRT18 – CHQ Oxygen

TRT19 – Clomiphene in Chronic Clusters

TRT20 – Oxygen for Clusters

TRT21 – Pharmacological management of Headache

TRT22 – Placebo Response in Clusters

TRT23 – Psychological aspects of chronic headache

TRT24 – Sex and Clusters

TRT25 – Schindler – Journal report

TRT26 – Strategies for treatments of TAC’s

TRT27 – SUNCT and SUNA features

TRT28 – prescribing Oxygen – tepper

TRT29 – Ubrelvy FAQ’s

TRT30 – Warfarin for refractory Chronic Clusters

TRT31 – Cluster headache Diagnosis and treatment

TRT32 – Cluster Headache Treatment Dilemmas

TRT33 – Update on changes to cluster headache treatment

TRT34 – Cluster Headache Abortives – McGeeney

TRT35 – Oxygen _ Cohen _ JAMA

TRT36 – Adverse effects of Seeds (LSA)

TRT37 – neurostimulation approaches

TRT38 – Lessons Learned

TRT39 – Dopamine Agonists – Levy

TRT40 – Pituitary Tumors

TRT41 – Occipital Clusters

TRT42 – Medication overuse in Headache

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