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  1. First of all, I have to say as far as I know, when treating illnesses, Ayurvedic approach does not aim to treatment, it aims to curing the condition. I had to make this post when I saw people making fun about Ayurveda in Facebook Cluster Headaches group. I think a great place for more serious discussion about this would be here in Clusterbusters forums. As a personal opinion, I think Ayurveda would have a lot to offer for CH patients and I have seen some of this potential myself. This is something we would seriously need to look into. I have heard wiser people than me say that Ayurveda might have a chance to "cure" CH, although I am doubtful, I am not ruling that one out. Here in Finland we were blessed to have a lecture put together for us by 2 Auyrvedic practitioners in finnish CH convention. Clusters were (at first) new to them and naturally Ayurveda new to us. It turned out that Ayurvedic medicine has known clusters pretty much longer than western medicine, which is not surprising at all (after all, our "system" and knowledge is based on these ancient ones). When practitioners started to look for clusters in old Ayurvedic texts (dated back thousands of years) guess what herb they have used to treat CH? Yup, liquorice root. Ayurveda is much about changing your life, getting to know your body type (and yourself), adjusting your diet - many of the the things that will definitively link to anyone's CHs. There is a possibility to arrange a study about this. Anytime. I can also deliver more information about this if there is interest to learn more. I truly wish some people would get into this. For me, Ayurveda is probably the healthiest way I have ever heard of with what anyone could treat their clusters. I simply have to repeat; it's possible to arrange a study to see how Ayurveda actually could help in cluster headaches. How valuable would that be to the whole CH community? Based on what I know about clusters and the little I know about Ayurveda, I can't even imagine.
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