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    Hello everyone, I thought I'd throw my .02 cents in re: Emgality. I've been episodic since I've been 18 years old, I'm 45 now. The episodic cluster dose as noted above is 3 injections monthly until cycle ends. Yesterday I took my second round of 3. My cycle started mid summer in earnest and I was up to 5 cluster headaches a day. Verapamil and the usual prevents prevents weren't working, and although my D3 level was normal, the regimen wasn't helping this time around (it had in the past). So I started Emgality on 8/15 and my 5 a day went down to about 2 a day, then skipped days, and as of today I've been about 7 days PF. So, Emgality YAY! - or maybe not? The question I"m asking myself is whether this is due to the drug or the seasonal change towards Autumn. The PF days started just as the weather started to get cool where I am. Either way, I'm happy to not be getting any more attacks, and I took another monthly dose yesterday just for insurance. If I remain PF, I may see what happens mid-October and see if I get get off meds. This site and CH.com have been lifesavers for me in some pretty dark times, thanks to everyone who posts here. Joshua