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  1. You can buy it at a speedshop for your car. Its expensive.
  2. Jimmy, thank you for the compliments on our country. I know service all too well. Was a Barber !!! I agree 100%. I can not speak for the French as I OVERTIP. Especially when I recieve good service. Not only do I tip, I will do a survery or call store manager and state my compliments. I have written letters, I have gotten staff free merchandise because I was treated well and went out of my way to say thank you. On the other hand, I was recently crossed, treated like an idiot in the US and I have gone out of my way to complain. Stores fault. They screwed me over 3x. I sent the CEO a letter asking him if he only hired idiots. At any rate. Dont let us Canadians speak for all of Canada (especially the french). Because if I was a customer whereever you were and was treated well. You would remember me. I am this way because I worked in service industry. I recall an instance when I owned my hotrod barber shop. A fellow I knew asked how much...I said $15 cut and style(includes wash as well n/c). He freaked and said oh my god $15, hold canoli. I pay $6 up the street...I said hmmmm You work at a grocery store right? Yes....You are a produce manager right? yes....You have full benefits and pension right?....yes...You make $65,000 a year right?....Yes....You wouldnt work for $5/hr would ya?...NO....So dont ask me to then !!!!! I had a policy in my shop. Unless you were 100% satisfied, it was free. It never happened but I lived by that. I got tips and lived off them because by the time I paid, heat,hydro,water,insurance,rent. I had 0 left. I lived off tips. I agree 100% about what you said. My experience with SOME french have been unpleasant to say the least. HOWEVER, I will not paint every single french Canadian with the same brush. You can be a cheap **** from any province,city or country. By the way. I was born in Vancouver (Richmond to be exact).....EH !!!!
  3. https://twitter.com/YooHooDrSanjay bless her heart.
  4. I love the states. I really do. I have travelled from California to Florida to Michigan. One thing I have found with many americans is lack of knowledge of Canada. But the school system (from what my american friends tell me,) is that they do like 1 week on Canada and that is it where Canadians do semesters on USA. I love coming to the states and every chance I get for holidays I spend in the states but to no suprise I get asked the most bizzare questions... No its doesnt snow all year. Yes we get 100f temps and we use celicius not farenheit. We use kilometers not miles We dont all live in iglos, we do not all play hockey, and no Wayne Gretzky is not my neighbour. IN fact David Suzuki was at one point in my life. We have 4 seasons, our summers are as hot as yours. Hollywood is more than half Canadian. We supply more oil to the USA than any country. anyway....i chuckle because I love Americans. Tom Browkaw made this awesome video.... thought id share as a proud Canadian. I have sent it to some of my american friends and they were shocked at what they did not know. I am also including a video of my city http://www.wimp.com/explainscanada/ and my city... http://www.lovelondoncanada.com/ and.... Justin Beiber,Rachel MacAdams,Ryan Gosling and my son....all born same hospital and probably same room. (this post wasnt meant to offend anyone)
  5. thank you for anyone and everyones assitance. I am a member on the Tim Allen forum -RRR (yes that was my grunt) as I have met Tim Allen 2 years ago. There is a member there, bless her heart. Made a twitter page on my behalf...and its repeatdly going to tweet Sanjay on my behalf....How about that? A non sufferer doing work? Really warms my heart. Here is here twitter feed so far. She said she will tweet him until she gets a responce or banned. Gotta give her credit. She prior to me has never even heard of CH. https://twitter.com/YooHooDrSanjay As for CNN or the media...my surgeon said it best. There is no money in it for the media...or pharmasuticle companies. Sadly I see his point But as a above Weatherman you said it right. Extrordinary story.... I think I live it.... off topic but not..... Last night my son graduated Grade 8. IN Ontario there is no middle school. Just public school to grade 8 then highschool from 9-12. My son has been through alot. To give you a brief synopsis... He has been bitten twice by dogs. Mauled at age 5 and bitten in the hand 8 months ago. His cousin was murdered. They were very close and grew up together. She was 17. He lost his grandfather who he loved deeply to his liver shutting down. Diagnosed with Elhers Danlos Syndrome, Watched me have 4 brain surgeries, loose multiple friends,jobs,relatonships.....and then his teacher got on stage and said this before giving him his award.... Quote from his teacher" For being the most trust worthy person. A person with leadship skills, giving guidence and having gone through severe adversity,hard ship,trauma in his own personal life and in his family, the kid still has come to school everday with a smile on his face"....and last but not least. The teacher finished with is "The funniest kid I know" I take great pride in that for my son. I have had 50% custody of him since age 2, he is 14 now.Although I have had him 50%, I am a dad 100%. My son is the reason I am alive today wihout a shadow of a doubt.
  6. I have never seen that video, thank you imensly for posting that. I had to chuckle how Dr.Gupta said his migraines are similar....Ba hahaha. Ask anyone(like myself) who gets Tensions,Migraines,ad Clusters. The reporters(john roberts-fellow canuck like me) seem empathetic...which was nice. I still feel one of us. If not me, another CHr needs to be on CNN which is the most exposed news media on the planet and spread awarness. IN adition to fellow above who has no idea what I am asking.. I am asking for as many of you to contact Dr.Gupta on my behalf. Its not for me...its for all of us
  7. Please read my latest blog. I am trying to reach Dr.Sanjay Gupta. Any and every help is very very much appreciated. Feel free to email my blog, send to everyone you know. www.clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.ca with awareness and advocacy we can find a cure, and get help to others in need.
  8. Weatherman with all due respect....wonder if they dropped the 02 mask if it would help???Doubt they would do it as all masks would drop. Can you not take 02 with you? Did you explain to lady next to you or family with you to explain? sorry about trip
  9. I loved James, I was a HUGE Sopranos fan. Best series I ever seen on TV. Last film was Zero Dark Thirty. James in my opinion was a fantastic, talented actor. was way to friggin young. Having had 2+ near death experiences, I know how prescious life is short. I have a long way to go before 51, but holy 51 is young. Fame,and fortune is nothing when it comes to your health im really bummed. RIP "T" http://www.tmz.com/2013/06/19/james-gandolfini-dead-dies-italy/
  10. ELLY, could be just trauma and meds from surgery. Happened to me, once meds wore off, came back with a vengence. DBS too.give it a week. But I pray it works for him
  11. Hope he is ok I had ONS but trial. Kept pacemaker external. I do not recall an insisions in my back, just my head....why the blood and band aid on his back? Different pacemaker location? My nuerosurgeon said I had to have ONS before DBS or Govt wont pay for it. Says it is steps to final decision of DBS which I ended up having I wish him well
  12. i am sorry i am not familiar with this story, please fill me in
  13. I specifically wrote a blog about this....im sure if you read my blog you will find many similarities. One thing I do find....if it comes from someone else(stranger),people listen. Why,? I havent the foggiest clue....send them to my blog and read... www.clusterheadsurvivor.blogspot.ca
  14. there are some subtleties to the tatoo....wonder if everyone caught them
  15. he will color the lightening bolt and eye next week. I had enough for the day
  16. B*stards ! I wrote to them 6 months ago trying to spread awareness. Excellent article but wrote them based on a survivors point of view. The article is well written and knowledgeable and informative. Just wished they woulda added my input or any survivors input...just sayin... thanks for posting btw
  17. My folks are old school, and dad came by today. Saw it and didnt say a word. Im sure my mom will have many. I already have 7 prior to this,had 4 brain surgeries, I think I am a big boy but they just care ya know... as for me. I always dive in with feet. I dont pusy foot anything in life. My blog, my brain surgeries, my son, my wife ,anything I do, I do the best of my abilities. My family will atest to that. Tattoo not even close to being done. My whole arm is going to be a sleeve.
  18. Here is begining of my sleeve tatoo. I go back Friday for more. He has to color in my eye, lightening bolt, put IRON MAN in my pacemaker, he is doing a medic alert bracelet logo on wrist and then filling in my arm. Perhaps a CH ribbon too. We see.
  19. I go in for my 1st of a few sessions. Doing a .....ahh Ill wait and show you when its done
  20. I belong to OUCH uk.... sorry to hear that about USA side.
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