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  1. yes thank you and excellent time for us Christians to celebrate. Blessings everyone
  2. LOL. I know spelling is my worst problem.LOL I am thinking if eBooking it first.
  3. I am writing a book and want to donate 25% net profits to research, Anyone know a publisher who is intrested in hearing my story?Remaining 25% goes to Michael J Fox Foundation and other 50% my family. I want NOTHING.
  4. I have spoken to Dr.Goadsby., He is a professor in nuerology ? I am asking if there is a research lab that researches the disease???
  5. Its to my understanding that the Mayo Clinic in Florida does research on CH. Is there anyone else who does research on CH? Heard of anyone who does research in Canada? Any proof?web links etc? thanks
  6. i drink coke because I love the taste. I dont drink energy drinks because I loathe the taste.
  7. i just drink coca cola. I dont like energy drinks.
  8. Not playing devils advocate here because I dont bust or d pot but be carefull not to turn into an addict. Yes pot can lead to addiction. Just be careful is all I am saying
  9. I just wrote a Gratitude blog other day. I try to write positive 90% of the time Whether its a jar, a blog, its a great idea. I am getting the feeling alot of you read my blog blessings for a PFD for everyone
  10. i miss smoking. I really enjoyed it. if anything it reduced my stress..... but I dont want to end up like my dad....a neck breather who speaks with a machine. That reminder is enough to stay off the coffin nails
  11. could be. I asked my doc who has to belong to the College of Ontario Doctors and Surgeons. She said nope. things change daily. And your right provincially things maybe different. but i never ever listen to what "a buddy" tells you. I believe my doctor whats legal...not a buddy. I know alot of BUDDYS who claim things are legal...bahahaha
  12. ONly if you have Glucama or MS. Only way to get pot pills prescribed.
  13. I smoked 25+ years, Aug 23, 2011 my 1st brain surgery I quit. Have remained a non smoker to this very day. It made ZERO difference in my attacks. I am a healthier person now and dont smell like smoke but i have no improvement since quitting
  14. I will definately make note of this. I will wait however for my results from the test. thank you very much for the post
  15. I forget things immediately but 2 weeks later will recall incident. Scary and frustrating. Im 40 not 80.
  16. I went Friday to same hospital I had DBS. They spent 8 hours doing memory testing on me because of my poor short term memory loss. My nuerosurgeon felt it was worth exploring. did 1.5 hour medical assesment/history Spent rest of day testing me verbally, written, and by drawings etc. My memory sucks bad. I am afraid of 2 things. One they tell me I am 40 and its an age thing. Or two they diagnose me with something else to my resume of sh*t wrong with me. I fear the latter. I dont want to forget who I am, my wife and son. That I wont be able to cope with. I get my results in end of April for a meeting. Maybe this will justify me forgetting so much
  17. Video should be ready end of April??? Maybe beginning of May. Will post when I get it.
  18. welcome from one Canuck to another...eh this site is an excellent resource of information. I myself dont BUST but this is the site for proper information if you do. The people I call "Survivors" not sufferers are a wealth of info and will help you kindly. Blessings
  19. will be 8 years chronic July 25. I dont bust. Had 4 brain surgeries. I have a strong faith in God, loving wife and amazing son That keeps my 2 feet on the ground. What works for some might not for others. I dont comdemn nor condone use of drugs. Personal choice. Your body, your journey Many are educated here for excellent knowledge if intrested in the path of busting. To each their own. Best wishes
  20. welcome Steve. AS I state in my description."for education,not pity" Letting others they are not alone and support is out there. My videos are getting recognition around the world. I always wanted to be famous...but not this way. If I help just 1 person...it was all worth it. The blog, the videos...any of it...to save one...is all I am after, and spread awareness and to show the non sufferers...what we deal with... again, thanks for your kind words
  21. Thats great Jack1970. I do not BUST though. Here is link http://www.youtube.com/user/ClusterHeadSurvivor
  22. sure PM me your email. Ill try to locate it and find it. My videos are on my YouTube Channel "ClusterHeadSurvivor" and some vids are on my blog. thank you
  23. A japenese team contacted me asking permission to use my videos. This is the 3rd time. 1st was Switzerland 2nd France I was heistant because the fellow in Switzerland once given permisison I never heard back as I asked for copy of what he needed it for 2nd perosn in Paris made some sort of prsentation. When I asked for a copy , he sent me a PDF in french. I dont read french; Now this fellow. I gave him persmission based on the premis to help others being diagnosed. Help doctors diagnose and help others. I dont mind helping but just not at the expence of my video where they make profit. He said they are making it avail to anyone free. To help doctors diagnose and patients to get help and treatment. I am all for that so gave him permission. I will share when it becomes available. I keep telling my wife I will be famous one day. lol Just not the way I wanted to be famous,lol
  24. i used some and they were 3 years expired. Lost potency. I dont recommend it but like others. No choice.
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