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  1. Fab, random thoughts all over the place is how I started out. Just the ol sub conscious working through my life, thoughts and reality of CH. I'd go for 5 minutes and think I'm not getting anywhere. But I did and you will too and be stronger when you get hit from CH. hey, just wanted to thank you for talking about letting loved ones know more about what we are going through.
  2. Fabac, Yoga and mediation these are things that make us stronger, just keep trying new natural things and over time you will be stronger and better. peace
  3. par, you know I'm always amazed no matter what I throw at my CH it finds away to come back. What seems worse will cycle though, stay strong and keep trying.
  4. good luck b.g. .... by you doing this you give me hope, peace
  5. CN thanks for the update, very happy for your results, I'm chronic and learning more about the Sphenopalantine Ganglion. I would consider a non-invasive as possible surgical option (damn i must be getting to the end of my option for treatment). CN please post more about when and how you use your device and does it abort a CH, when you do have an hit what's the kip level and duration, sorry for so many question, it's just a new way to squash the beast and I'm all for it. thanks, peace
  6. Dee, you are one database digging, fact finding one of a kind, we love ya, keep it up.... yea where is the PF news from this device, would acupuncture stimulation the Sphenopalatine Ganglion, waiting for more new about this device.
  7. I'm not having any luck with Acetium either. The first week there was a difference, seem to clam a hit. The second week when I was hit, I was taking 3 to 4 Acetium a day with little results. I also thought the Acetium was making some days worse. I ended up dosing with seeds.
  8. it's very bitter, i mixed wine, rum and honey, just thought it was a waste to throw out, not drinking it for the taste, so i drank my first batch. it stopped working on me after 7 weeks, good luck
  9. Acetium seems to be working for me, here is a 5 1/2 day report. I am taking Acetium at 7 am and 6 pm. The Acetium last about 10 hours before I start to feel shadows. I am trying to stay on this schedule for testing. I get my biggest hit of the day around 7 pm. The storm triggered a 4:30 pm hit. I took Acetium then and by 7 pm it was gone. I did not take another Acetium that night (should have) and woke up with a bad CH, in the eye and down the neck, normally it's just in the eye. I used coffee, O2 and Acetium, about 30 minutes later CH was gone. The storms were still here, so I took a noon, and 9 pm pill, no CH the next am. The storms left, back to am and pm schedule. So far Acetium seems to be a good preventive, just need to know when to dose, only time will tell. I going to stay on D3 and use o2 if needed, skipping my lsa preventive dose, just to see what happens. peace
  10. i going to post early results, cats out of the bag on another post, and i want to be respectful of her post. Acetium, i'm running my own trail, i'm chronic 7 years, get small hit during the day and bigger hits evening and night, i use o2, D3 and lsa, i ordered from this link, http://acetiumusa.com/Contact/index.html, i have been on Acetium for 3 1/2 days, got results first evening i took 100 mg pill, i take two pills a day, pain and CH that is always around my right eye is gone, i'm very skeptical, but hey my TCM doctor wanted to cure my CH through my stomach, liver & gall balder, only time will tell, i will report back in early next week, a thunder storm is brewing tonight and tomorrow, that will be a good test. peace
  11. siouz, i hate the f in edge, the beast can push you there, stay strong and hold on for change...i'm reluctant to report on Acetium, but i think you need a little hope, it's only been three 1/2 days, from day one, no small hits during the day or the big hit in the evening, no ice pick in the eye, my head feels really good this morning, not something i'm use to, you might try Acetium. peace
  12. didgens - way to research, good info I found it here; http://acetiumusa.com/Contact/index.html MJ stopped working after 7 weeks and never did work again.
  13. I tried the L-Cystine 600mg from the heath food store. I took one pill a day for two weeks, no results. So I had my pharmacist make a 100 mg pill from what she said was a better grade of L-Cystine. I have been on this for a week and no results. I finally found a place to buy Acetium on the internet, it came in today. I will let you know what happens. peace
  14. ps,i like pic of your dog, mine stays glued to me during a ch. she thinks she can lick it away, good ol dog kisses
  15. hello echo, from one chronic who calls it applied science, the docs mean well, but.... have you tried the D3, took me 4 weeks to see results, it lowered my daily pain level by a third. the seeds helped lower it even more, I like hbwr, just a few seeds, you can find a dose you like, no trip needed for results, you said, you don't do drugs, this is medicine, medicine from mother nature, something our body reacts to without side effects, just wishing you a day with less pain, stay strong, and stay connected at CB, read and you'll find something that will help you, peace
  16. Lisa, your an angel and a saint, so I send you this Irish blessing May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind always be at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, and rains fall soft upon your fields. May your Tom be pain free and May God hold you and your loved ones in the palm of His hand peace
  17. That's good news about Michael. 8-) I'm going to let MJ get out of my system and try again.
  18. MJ has stopped working, the Beast has had his way the last two days. oh well a pretty good pf run for this ol chronic, it was nice to see the other side. I'm still amazed no matter what gets thrown at the CH it finds a way to not be effected. stay strong, peace...
  19. I'm not sure what to think, crap I had results with MJ and others get little or no results. I have reordered MJ to see if my first batch had something different in it. I got one bag on the first order and the reorder has two bags, hum. I'll mix and report back in. peace
  20. Week 5 on Mamajuana, still very positive results. I had one evening with a strong hit, but I got some news that was just to stressful for my brain to handle, and CH won. The next day MJ was doing it's thing, blocking pain for me. I'm still on am and evening shot. I'm starting my 4th batch, batch 3 & 4 soaked for 13 days, 750 ml last me about 14 days. I remind myself all the time, smile ... your pf mostly, just saying ... get you some MJ, peace
  21. With MJ, I have noticed less knee pain in general, and more flexible. I have a one knee that knows when it going to rain sometimes. I see if happens again.
  22. Atlas, Are you on the D3? I am, just trying to get a baseline between us.
  23. Atlas, did it help your CH? How did you mix your MJ? Did you use your first batch? Two shots felt like it was to much alcohol.
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