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  1. Renee, what's up girl, glad your are feeling better, walk on fire, that's cool, and you do write so well...stay with us and help express to us and others what we are all going through, may your strength of fire walking help you to carry on, peace
  2. Renee, hello, my fellow ch'er. damn the beast can tear us down, i'm having bad thoughts the last few day, I'm tired, took the ice pick out of my eye this morning and logged on to find you, Renee, posting about what i'm thinking, humm, how's that work, your words about you and what other write relates to me, your post starts the cb community coming to the aid of us thinking about what your thinking, so i come here to read, get hope, and be understood, your post and the post of others like us, help me fight another day, through what ever means it take 02, rc & hbr seeds, d3, working out, busting. so thank you for you post Renee and busting will start to make a change in you. I'm holding on for change...
  3. ting, when you write it speaks to my heart and soul, I feel your mother love, here's a big hug sent to you, your words keep us strong, I'm still looking for what you have, but you give me hope my day will come, peace
  4. nope, I've been able to lower the intensity and maybe the number of hits using rc seeds, o2, d3, tying the gaba (low dose for me) seems to help me focus to get through the hits. good luck and keep busting man...
  5. got hit hard yesterday and last night, gaba was fun while it lasted, going to back off to one 750 mg pill, my mind is a little to focused taking 2 pills, but I think it has helped connect the dots, I'll see how that goes, thanks anyways Lt., good luck and pain free days everyone...
  6. I'm trying GABA, saw it and thought it was an early Christmas present, went to heath food store and got some. I started Christmas eve day, one pill during the day another at night, starting slowly. I'm chronic, on O2, D3 and RC seeds somethings, RC seeds don't seem to do a whole lot for me, but I take them. I always get hit daily between 5:00 - 8:00 pm, CH last 5 minutes to 2 hrs, varies between 1-4, sometimes more, sometimes off the deep end. So far 3 days on GABA just very small hits in the evening, like .5. Damn good for me, I'll take it, and I'm sleeping good, I'll post in a few days, the weather is due to change and that will be a good test. peace and it's good to have ya'll here, thanks for everything...
  7. hey Ting, you inspire me to work out, working out, fishing, playing guitar, I started learning guitar last year, very challenging for me, but gives me something to do at night when ch wakes me, chronic
  8. 1. Are you: A. Chronic 2. With the understanding that there are many factors affecting CH, do you feel that the D3 regimen: C. Helped with the severity of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. D. Helped with the frequency of your headaches but didnÂ’t eliminate them. 3. If you experienced positive results, how long were you on the D3 regimen before you experienced them? I have been chronic for 3 years, I tried in Oct / 2010 with d3 fish oil, and calcium, but it had no effect. This time with d3, fish oil, calcium citrate with magnesium and zinc and lemonade it worked. It took a month before I saw any results. I am going on four weeks mostly pf, I still get one weekly hit (1-2 kp) in the evening, but it's dull and a short lived ch, not the ice pick in the eye, and no ch the next day. I know I still have ch and it can hit me any time, I have and will use the knowledge here at CB to help fight it. holding on for change , peace
  9. hummm, I thought this was a place for us to come and learn and lean on each other. I read Ting's poem not to long ago, when it was late in the night and I thought no one was there. I replied to thank Ting and she asked if I was alright. That was all I needed to get me through the night. peace
  10. I have been on D3 regimen for 45 days now, it took four weeks for it to get in my system before I saw any results. I'm chronic and damn this is the best I have felt in a long time. I think it may have taken awhile to rise my vitamin D level and for the lemonade to adjust my ph. peace and good luck with this if you are trying it.
  11. I pm the info you ask for, peace, hope you fell better.
  12. hey, i live in your neck of the woods, fort smith, just pmed you
  13. hey, Scott you and Karla are in my prayers
  14. Happy Birthday Bob !!! Thank you for all you do. 8-)
  15. Denny, good information, easy to find and just what i needed, had a pf day last week, almost forgot what it was like 8-), i found your post this weekend and it got me thinking, i can use this information to get pf, holding on for a change. thanks for all you do for us
  16. Ting, when I read your post I hear your voice, peace and love, thanks for all you do for us, hope you fell better soon...
  17. Does anyone know where I can go in Mexico to get mushroom? Also, would I be getting them from a pharmacy? Taking mushrooms in the US is not an option. I am very glad you guys are here with all this information about CH. stay strong...
  18. thanks for the information, I going to get tested next week. It sounds like the CPAP will help with CH or at least let me get a good night sleep.
  19. woke up at 2pm, hurting, found your poem first thing, I feel better already, lost in thought for a moment, thank you
  20. Has anyone been diagnosed with sleep apnea? I have not been tested but show some information on the internet. What do yall think? thanks
  21. thanks, have to say i'm a little nervious
  22. thanks for all the info everyone, thanks Bob, I got the 02, rc, red bull and my nine lb hammer (my beast's name), I know how to process rc, just need to know how may seeds do I need? 2 days left on detox... staying positive and persistent
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