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  1. IÂ’m celebrating 4 weeks of Chronic CH relief with Mamajuana. When I found Clusterbusters over 4 years ago I was lost, hurting and unsure of what I was going through and why. So, I say thank you to all you for letting me lean on you and hold on for change. Peace Ok, thatÂ’s a warm fuzzy from me to youÂ…now back to Mamajuana and its pain blocking ability. They are refinishing the floors at work and used lacquer yesterday afternoon. Instant CH, wtf, barely made it home. I looked at my Mamajuna bottle and thought no way itÂ’s going to squash this one, mixed 1 oz of MJ, 45 minutes later IÂ’m fÂ…ing great, cooked a nice dinner for the wife, acted like a normal person the rest of the eveningÂ… I would have been down for the evening and night. Just saying, get you some MJ.
  2. DrTy2, I looked at my recent lab report and Testosterone, Free, BIO and Total, LC/MS/MS, are all within normal range. Good call, some folks are going to have low hormones. I've asked my neurologist many times, "What's out of balance in my system?" So, maybe mamajuana is helping with the balance. Still having positive results. peace
  3. Hello and welcome, I am taking mamajuana and I'm having very positive results. There seems to be something about mamajuana that is blocking the pain receptors around my right eye , brow and right temple area. I am chronic and cycle daily with the most intense hit at 7 pm. I take D3 regimen daily and HBWR sometimes and mamajuana twice a day for three weeks. Your input would be appreciated.
  4. I found info on YouTube. Search YouTube mamajuana. Also, google search Mamajuana a few links showed honey, wine and rum. The measurement just seemed like you cannot mix it wrong.
  5. I'm on my third batch, which is all rum and half finger of honey. I think any clear alcohol would work. I almost used gin. I think they use wine in the first batch, because they throw it out and it's cheaper than rum. If you can drink seed water you can drink the first batch. Also, I think the herbs counter act the alcohol effect has on us. It's just able to block the pain. You could mix a pint of Mamajuana herbs with vodka and see. Good luck.
  6. My CH does know about the time change, yesterday evening I was hurting bad, will I figured it out this morning, there was a time change, so my CH hits an hour earlier by the clock, but really at it normal cycle time. I take the mamajuana 1 oz mixed with v8, at 5:30 clock time but its 6:30 CH time. Mamajuana does it's thing, it blocks the pain, that is what Mamajuana does. MAN I'm slow, from day one, three weeks and two days ago, Mamajuana has blocked the PAIN....I still have Chronic CH. We need the good Dr. H to take a look at why Mamajuana has the ability to turn the CH pain receptors off. We always talk about a non hallucinogenic, maybe Mamajuana is it. I did trip over my mom once and she said, Juana watch where your going. Denny, I feel like I'm going places I have not been to in 6 years.
  7. my daughter says it's synthetic adrenaline, used anytime you get anesthesia. it's used to give more profound anesthesia and to control bleeding and increase duration of anesthesia. she will watch for us ch'ers when we come to her office.
  8. It's been three weeks now. I try to dose around 6 am and 5:30 pm everyday with 3/4 shot of mamajuana mixed with OJ or v8. I'm still tying to figure the dose out, I take the morning dose to stop the multiple small hits I get during the day and this works, they have mostly stopped. I take a evening does to stop the big hit of the day at 7 pm. sounds like a radio station, wkrp in chville... It stops the hit and the hits at night. I just started my third bottle of mamajuana yesterday, it soaked for almost two weeks. The third bottle was 1/2 finger of honey and the rest rum, and it has the most alcohol taste. But, this is what the folks on the internet are doing to mix a new batch of mamajuana. I'm doing this to see if effects the potency of mamajuana. my life is changing and it's for the better, thanks Denny
  9. hey didgens, it's been another good week on mamajuana , I'm taking a 3/4 oz shot in the morning and evening , last week only one 7pm hit, but is was small, 3 to 4 range, 02 knocked it out, no night time hits at all. I still think this juice is changing my CH. The right side of my head and eye socket doesn't have the pain or the thing that was there that constantly reminded me there is a CH Beast active in my head. The weather changed and it's very cold, a good test for me, and this used to bring on a hit, not this week. Any body else trying mamajuana juice? I say drink the first batch, for sure it's loaded with all the herbs to get you started. feeling stronger every day, Denny
  10. Mamajuana recap and update; first 5 day on mamajuana very good results, very light to no hits, PF mostly, then weather changed and got hit hard, it took two 1oz shots to knock it down, next evening hit very hard, not weather related. I did not take a second shot; just not sure if the alcohol was the trigger. The next day small hits through the day, not bad, no evening or night time hits. IÂ’m still taking a 1 oz shot in the morning and afternoon. I got very discouraged when the hits came back, thinking the Beast canÂ’t be fooled for long. Also, thinking maybe I need to on the Mamajuana juice for awhile, need time to heal, because it does feel like something good it going on in my head. Sunday was much better, back to very light to no hits and no evening or night time hits, peaceful sleep. Monday was even better, same results. Also got a little side effect, a grin, I think they call it a smile, not sure, been to long Brother Denny, but the family likes it.
  11. Weather changes are a trigger for me, l've been waiting to test mamajuana against this. Yesterday I could tell the weather was effecting me, little shadows during the day, almost nothing. I got a 7:30 pm hit, no 7 pm hits the last 5 days on mamajuana. But the weather and a long day may have caused this. I took my evening 1oz shot waited (30 minutes) nothing, it's not knocking it out, still feeling a big hit building, damn. I was thinking will I've hit the plateau, I'm chronic and I've had a good 5 day ride. So, I took another 1 oz shot, damn the alcohol, I'm getting a hit anyway. About 30 minutes later Mamajuana tamed the beast, no pain, just a clam feeling, also a restful sleep.
  12. IÂ’ve been on Mamajuana for 5 days now, an hour after the first shot no pain, and later no night time hits. I take a 1oz shot of mamajuana mixed with OJ in the morning and afternoon. I did not throw out the first batch, seemed like a waste of good herds. It has a bitter taste. There's a change going on in my head, no pain, not words I normally use. A little bit about me, I'm chronic going on 6 years, get hits during the day, every day, at 7 pm its gets more intense. I use D3, O2, seeds, no vitamin m and alcohol is a trigger for me. I was worried about alcohol being a key ingredient in mamajuana. But, so far it has not been an issue, wtf is all I can say. This juice is taming the beast. ItÂ’s taken the ice pick sharp pain and flattened it out, very dull, almost nothing. Also, I do not feel a buzz or high from the juice, I seem to have a lot more energy. I bought my mamajuana from this ebay link, http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAMAJUANA-Don-Ramon-6-OZ-POLYBAG-REFILLS-750ml-BOTTLE-/2... I mixed 2 fingers of honey, three fingers of red wine, top it off with Bacardi rum and poured into a bottle with mama juauna, and waited 7 days. Thanks, Denny
  13. I mixed my first batch of mama juana last night, it's a a bag of sticks and herds, it smells like spice, my dog was all over it, I used honey, red wine, bacardi, watched a you tube on how to mix it and winged it, my friend works at the liquor and we had a good laugh about mama jauna, so if this stuff is bunk.. it was worth it for the laugh, 7 days from now i'll pour it out and add honey and rum again, then 5 more days and cheers
  14. I bought one, looks the same as didg listed, found other recipes with all rum or gin, thinking about using gin, gin and tonic hold the lime, add sticks, roots, ect... i
  15. the dreaded er trip, i had to go and i was in a bad way, the doc said this wont cure you, they really did not know anything about ch, he did give me phen, dilaudid and demerol, i took a nice nap in the er for a few hours, so it reset something, but when i got the bill, even with insurance, i was shocked..in the hundreds, so now i stick to my maintenance plans, rc, d3, o2, ect...
  16. Today I pray for those, and for those who have passed. stay strong, peace
  17. I'm chronic too, she puts up will a lot and just having someone to go out and do things with keeps me fighting, I take red bull, even put an ice pack on the neck for the ride, strong coffee, sun glasses and a 1/4 of a hydrocodone here and there. yea, we lose a few of our mates on the way through this ... hard to tell who is going to stay or fade away. stay strong my brother , peace
  18. just out of no where, come home from work one day, got an icepick in the right eye, 5 yrs now, chronic, after all the tests, drugs and applied science I would lets them do to me, I'm here leaning on you guys, thanks for all the knowledge and support...
  19. i agree larger dose of seeds, red bull, a large reusable cold (frozen) compress on the neck and head, sometime i don't sleep, don't want the hits, (double shot) coffee, (this one is out there) exercise, walk, jog, anything to get your heart rate up (10-15 minutes), hurts when you start, but then feels better, peace
  20. Happy Birthday Michael, you are a inspiration to all of us, have a wonderful b day, and I raise my glass to you....
  21. hello greeneyedladdy, hang in there, I was were you were a few months ago, read and listen to the good folks here, i'm a green eye lad with the same chronic ch, it's a daily fight, stay strong, it will get better. I take a regular dose of seeds now, seems to help. I changed my attitude about what your thinking, when someone here said, "are you going to tell your loved ones and friends what you are planning to do." stay here and help us to help other like us... peace
  22. Welcome iPain, changing my name to 1iBob, my wife says you got a headache, no... why is your hand over you eye. We all need a nero and I guess we have to go through their treatments of applied science, take this, take more, taper off this and weÂ’ll start taking this, mri, mra and ct, spells something. We all go through it and maybe we need to. Just remember you are the best judge to what is going on with you and your ch. Good luck, GodÂ’s speedÂ… peace
  23. 1. Age when CH began? 49 2. Age when became chronic? 49 3. Years chronic? 3.5 4. Does the number and/or intensity of hits (Kip level) vary throughout the day/week/month/year? Yes, day, small hits throughout the day, big hits late in evening and night; Some weeks lighter than others; months, spring storms and first cold months are worst; year, this year is better than last year on number of intense hits, maybe regular dose of d3 and rc seeds is helping 5. Do you have a continuous 'background' headache (migraine?)? yes, background pain around right eye, and right side of head. 6. Please list effective medications and length of time effective. No prescribed medicines worked for me. 7. What are you using now? I use o2, d3, rc, and red bull. 8. How frequent are your chronic attacks? the number of small hits varies throughout the day, always get hit harder between 5-9 pm peace
  24. Odin, hang in there brother, with a little time the good folks here can get you to a better place. check out D3, meds were not effective with me, but RC seeds, o2, d3, exercise and a place like this that understands us helps, peace
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