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  1. That's what somebody said over on the other board. I'd wear it too...with pride
  2. Like alleypoop said, do not eat 2 hours prior to consuming seeds. You should get no sides affects other than possible nausea. My last dose two weeks ago while in cycle was 80 seeds soaked for 30 hours in water and lemon juice. My stomach was turning a bit, but it certainly worked. I have been PF for 2 weeks with minor shadows (no O2 needed to abort) here and there. I plan to dose with 25-40 seeds this weekend for the KO punch.
  3. Speaking of oxygen, somebody on the CH.com board made a brilliant quote that should be used for O2. “Oxygen…it’s not just for people who can’t breathe”
  4. My neurologist supports it and even made a chart at my last visit on how to use the seeds. I think the fact that he is a DO rather than an MD doctor expands his mind to using alternative therapy and he is very aware of all of this because he reads what I bring to him. My neuro before him (a MD doctor), just said I shouldn't believe everything I read on the internet as he would roll his eyes. He was simply a "pharmaceutical kick-back doctor" as I call it. The only good I got out of him was scripts for O2. I get to see my current neuro this Friday to explain to him my last busting experience in that past cycle. That fact that I can go into my 6 month visit and the second thing he asks is how are the seeds working is just refreshing?
  5. I'm with Jeff on this one. Now I know why I only got 2 small cycles during my 4 year vacation of college. The psilo was abundant and we ate them frequently for fun. Little did I know what they did for me Gaius, stick around and read as much as you can. You now have a second family that understands. Ask many questions and don't be shy. All the best! Chad
  6. Xeno, Where does the bag attach to that set up? What is the pisper? Looks like a bubbler set up so you don't dry out. I use the Optimask sold on CH.com with the mouthpiece. I agree that the mouthpiece is much better than the mask.
  7. If you have never experimented before, I can understand however I can assure you, seeds do nothing to me. Even when I eat 80 of them. If anything, a little nausea and once that goes away, I simply fall asleep. Absolutely no tripping effects what so ever. You may need several doses in order for them to work. Don't get discouraged if you get hit hard the next day or two either. It's common.
  8. Bob, folks like yourself and DJ from CH.com are the reasons I got my life back. Just being able to talk to others with the same condition has helped me tons. Everybodies experiences and info has changed my approach to dealing with this disease. All I can say is THANKS!!! All the best! Chad
  9. I personally started with 25 a couple years ago. Now, during cycle I take 50-60 each dose and 25 off cycle as a maintenance dose every other month. You'll need to do some experimenting. Tonight matter of a fact, I'm planning on doing 80 because I'm just pissed at the beast at the moment. Hopefully it will be a big FU to him after ingest these little darlings. This will be dose #2 during this cycle. My last dose was last Sunday (60 seeds). Make sure you read everything on the home page on seed use as a general guideline. Best of luck! Chad
  10. RIP Phil. He and the Cornelia Marie was the main reason I got hooked on the show. Not only did Phil work hard to get where he was, but he had a heart of gold towards his crew and his boys. He cared about the families and such. It was nice seeing the older kid, Josh keeping the ship going just 10 weeks after his pop passed.
  11. Use the regulator you got on that torch set up. I'm sure they have HIGH flow rates. No need to buy the medical ones. Once you get the breathing down, you'll know where to adjust that regulator. Just get the Optimask from CH.com store or a non-rebreather mask. I try to keep that bag almost filled with O2 to the point I hyperventilate. If it looks like a balloon though, I cut it back on the flow rate. I only need 15 LPM, but some need a lot more. You may want to ask more questions about O2 on the other site (CH.com). Look for a gentleman named "Batch". He is like a Jedi Master with O2. All the best! Chad
  12. Welcome SweetWilliam! You and your friend should start by going to a neurologists and getting diagnosed so you're sure it is cluster headache is what she has and to rule out anything else by getting the typical MRI, EEG scan etc... If she has clusters, then it's time to read as much as possible on both sites. Oxygen you'll find is the #1 abortive around here, others will use triptan drugs (I.E. Imitrex nasal spray, injections or tablets). If you choose to bust, triptans along with most of the preventative drugs (Topamax and Verapamil are the most popular) will interfere with the way psilocybin, LSD & LSA work. Even natural remedies like Melatonin and Kudzu can interfere so it is important you read the front page of clusterbuster. Your friend will need to decide which rout she wants to do, but first get her diagnosed correctly. A ton on here and CH.com will be great help. Best of luck! Chad
  13. I hear you on that Bob. I read that thread over and over and found nothing disrespectful whatsoever. [highlight]You're going to have your Potter's in this world, but you can't let them get to you. [/highlight] I have never had anybody on CH.com talk down on these alternative treatments. Some that can't do it for whatever reason even promote it. We all deal with the same problem and whatever works for you is "key".     Now that there is a personal attack. You must not have read the thread too close as I never commented on AO's thread. I for one agree with AO.                Potter Potter, your posts humor me...and I know you didn't post on AO's thread. Sorry I used you as an example. What I was getting at is if somebody can't take you, me or others for that matter with a grain of salt, then they shouldn't be on these boards. You're posts are to the point, but some might take them a bit personally, LOL ;D ;D ;D Some are very sensitive... I know some have taken my posts personally, but that's how the reader comprehends it. I wasn't trying to make this a personal attack and i'm sorry if you perceived it that way. My appologies. BTW, are you using a busting method?
  14. That's fantastic news Lee Ann. I hope your hubby has many more PF days
  15. I hear you on that Bob. I read that thread over and over and found nothing disrespectful whatsoever. You're going to have your Potter's in this world, but you can't let them get to you. I have never had anybody on CH.com talk down on these alternative treatments. Some that can't do it for whatever reason even promote it. We all deal with the same problem and whatever works for you is "key".
  16. Bingo on that one! There a many on CH.com who cannot do this alternative therapy for whatever reason....maybe their jobs, they're afraid, worried that it is in most cases..it's illegal etc.... I went this route because I have experienced hallucinogens in college in a recreational sense and know i'm not going to freak out or anything. As I wish to not feel that "trip" anymore, i'm lucky to have found the rivea corymbosa seeds as my first option in prevents. The bottom line is i'll do anything to rid of these cluster headaches and if that means I eat dog shit, trip, do weird exercises, whatever...i'll do what it takes to remove this pain from my head.
  17. Darrin, Great post. I have done this explanation thing to many and lot of my buddies get it. Instead of informing them how the pain feels, I just take them inside, bring up Youtube on the computer and show them what ClusterChuck goes through on his short video. I then watch the terror in their eyes and then they understand this is not a migraine, but a much bigger, bad-ass monster. If they want to learn more, then I explain over a beer of course (when i'm in remission), about cycles, episodic vs. chronic, oxygen, meds and of course busting methods. A lot are amazed at the busting thing, but when you draw it on paper on what it does to the 5HT receptors, it usually confuses them and they are convinced it works. A lot of my friends use to party a lot so they too are totally up for being busting buddies if I go the psilo route. For now, i'm a rivea corymbosa supporter and they're even growing on a trellis in the back yard.
  18. Clustermom I feel for ya. My mother didn't know what to do either since I got hit when I was 17 for the first time. As most, i was misdiagnosed with sinus infections or sinus headaches. After years of GP visits, my current GP wondered if it was cluster headaches because she did a bit of her own research and sent me to a neuro who then confirmed it. You, being a supporter is a wonderful thing. My mom is still a supporter even though we were clueless back then. The present: I am 34, 5'7", 160 LBS, married with two boys (3.5 and 13 months). Quit smoking 5 years ago this past February. Partied with anything in college other than heroin. I'm an occasional (couple times a year) pot smoker, but not really into it. Have to be in the mood I guess. Makes me hungry and tired too, lol! Plus, it's a guaranteed hit during a cycle. I still moderately drink in remission. I've had 3 concussions in my teen years from after school tackle football and the HS soccer team. I use to blame these headaches on the head trauma. All I know now is that these great sites (CH.com & clusterbusters) have given me my life back and has educated me more than any doctor. My neuro actually loves the info I bring from these sites and he fully supports the use of LSA which rocks. All I can say is the Oxygen and rivea corymbosa are my main weapons of choice and it has made life a lot easier. Ok, i'm rambling on...
  19. I'll ditto David's response. This is F-in hysterical!!! When i'm in remission and somebody (a friend or family) brings up that I have bad headaches, others ask what I do. I just tell them I take hallucinogens and they're like "what".... Then I go to the closest computer, bring up clusterbusters.com and say if you wish to read, have at it otherwise, it's a long story, LOL! You can get them to lose interest real fast when you start talking about the hypothalamus or the 5HT receptors in our brain. Then it's a simple, "next topic please". ;D ;D ;D
  20. Here's a belated wish to you Bonkers Hope you had great day!
  21. Beer is a great tool to test if my cycle is over. Otherwise, a couple sips into any alcohol is a guarantee cluster.
  22. Thanks Carl. I will do that next time.
  23. I have psilo in my freezer for over a year. Does anybody have a general clue on how long the potency of these things last? They're my back up source to rc seeds, but for all I know, they're duds.
  24. Chad


    The one thing I can tell you is that when I did smoke, a cigarette almost guaranteed a hit for me immediately following, however as soon as I finished the cluster, i'd smoke a victory cig to celebrate the the pain free time. Since I have quit, my cycles have been shorter, the hit duration has been shorter and the intensity has been less. This all may be a coincidence, but who knows. I can definitely breathe better and taste all of that good food.
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