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  1. DMT works the best personally. smoke the crystal short trip easily adjustable psych effects by breathing technics. gota freebase it tho. super quick acting, "trip" lasts 30 mins. minute amounts work. Cheaply and easily made from mimose hositilis.
  2. my personal fave is puerto ricans.
  3. isnt funny how all the thought provoking schedule 1 drugs have "NO medicinal value", God bless america and our stupid ways. I hope the establishment isnt afraid of PTSD and CH sufferers, like they were of the hippies.
  4. ritalin adderall and mdma can all be abortives or triggers with my experience be careful in their use the rebounds mite be worse.
  5. i know im gonna consult my doctor on this one.
  6. I down with the BLACK, the absence of all color. Purple is way to regal to represent something so dark.
  7. if you can prove its straight damania through the drug lab than that might help, damania is a legal herb as far as i know, but i live in va not alabama. just a thought
  8. Haha well thats not a bad thing. I just assumed that the increased oxygen use for the body would be beneficial for the brain too. Maybe more as a prophylactic as opposed to an abortive, but just a thought. Yeah in my research theres alot of fake and ineffective ones out there, but there seems to be some proper supplements more powerful than the wild, if you find the right ones. I have an affinity towards fungus long before the CH started. so i recently started looking at non-hallu mushrooms that would be beneficial.
  9. Anyone out there try cordyceps supplements to any success?? just a reading about the oxygen boosting effects thought it might be relevant for my CH and MS. any comments?
  10. had the same thought once and it didnt work.
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