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  1. [/highlight] How bout you just do it. Potter
  2. His name's Goliath. H e got kicked in the head by a cow and is blind in that eye. He's also crazy. Potter
  3. I wouldn't call red twizzlers a negative comment. I believe it's called humor. Potter
  4. It's not negative. It's the truth. Read the thread. Hell I'm gonna give it a whack if I ever am in cycle again. Potter
  5. I think you're full of shit. I saw no one blasting you and in fact they seemed darned willing to try the licorice root. Potter
  6. http://forums.lycaeum.org/index.php/board,14.0.html?PHPSESSID=0a96ltuhoa33qm6csvrrk1seh0 Â I haven't looked at the whole site, but what I saw was pretty good. Â Â Â Â Â Â Â Potter
  7. Dry versus wet is like 50 t0 1. Potter
  8. I hear you on that Bob. I read that thread over and over and found nothing disrespectful whatsoever. [highlight]You're going to have your Potter's in this world, but you can't let them get to you. [/highlight] I have never had anybody on CH.com talk down on these alternative treatments. Some that can't do it for whatever reason even promote it. We all deal with the same problem and whatever works for you is "key". Now that there is a personal attack. You must not have read the thread too close as I never commented on AO's thread. I for one agree with AO.
  9. Let's not forget ch.com is not your sister site, It's the mother site. A little respect will go along way. Potter
  10. Potter


    Recognize the arm? Potter
  11. And that's why I've always recommended using pm even when it makes me look like an azzhat. It's called conspiracy to manufacture and posses. Potter
  12. Potter


    My daughters 96 inch 125 pound sail.It cost a quarter million bucks to put on the wall. Two grand for the mount and 248 grand for the new house with twenty foot ceilings so the fish looked right.
  13. Potter


    Son in law on the clearwater with a huge Steelhead.
  14. Potter


    Paddlefish on the lower Yellowstone.
  15. Happy Birthday ya leetle cutiepatootie. Joeshittheragman
  16. http://www.erowid.org/plants/mushrooms/mushrooms_medical1.shtml
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