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  1. Crank up the flow rate and stay on it. Potter
  2. Don't matter if you're addicted you got to be clean for five days minimum. Potter
  3. You're gonna have to clean up before busting. Â Â Â Â Potter
  4. Yep ol John's just makin boat loads of money off this. Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I read that OTHER thread and couldn't believe the bogus pissin match goin on over a hunnert bucks. Keep on keepin John. Potter
  5. Punched the bone right thru the end of the stump. It hurt. But not like ch.
  6. Shrink, Shrank, Shrunk. If you was two inches taller you'd be a Dwarf. Potter
  7. Yep you're right. Potter
  8. And not one word about O2. Potter
  9. Problem is when ya take a drug such as Latuda which is for schizophrenia it immediately sets you up for a prex. condition when you get health insurance. Potter
  10. How many so called Doctors, Students, and researchers have come here and promised us the sun moon and stars and never come back? Potter
  11. What happened to the one I gave you? Potter
  12. Just a leetle chuckle from Montana. Can ya hear me now? Potter
  13. Yep yer real dangerous Dan. Gets lost leavin my room at the Rio and takes the wrong elevator twice. You would turn around and forget what was goin on. Potter
  14. I ate a pound of dried over a period of time. Potter
  15. Eat enough to see God. Potter
  16. You can't do that and no are for other people. Not me. Potter
  17. I can say that I've eaten my share of recreational drugs probably a few other folks's share also and I've never had a flash back. Potter
  18. Me and John will be there. Another epic road trip. Potter
  19. I'll call Blueballs and as he is more than qualified to give advice I will defer to his expertise. Potter
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