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  1. Both the ol ladies buzz toy and the finger in the eye work as distractions. As soon as the headache( I never give the headache a name for it would then have substance.) recognizes the pattern it morphs itself and neither will work after a time. Potter
  2. Since the majority of us either rub, beat or tap on the afflicted side moms buzz toy couldn't hurt. Potter
  3. I agree. Imagine that. Potter
  4. I plant crops in dirt. I inoculate a medium. Potter
  5. moxiegirl we Inoculate. Potter
  6. As long as the bag stays full yer golden. LPM and psi have nothing to do with shit. Potter
  7. You regulate by the regulator, that's why it's called a regulator. The handle is on or off no in-between. Potter
  8. I like kissin Ruthie. This is spin for kisses isn't it? Potter
  9. That's funny. John has it all including whole house Oxygen. Potter
  10. Purveyor Of Terse Timely Enigmatic Remarks. Potter
  11. I might have kissed him in Vegas. What happens in Vegas don't necessarily stay in Vegas. Potter
  12. How bout shroom pickers that are well educated? Potter
  13. They're fookin fine. No self respecting dog would eat a shroom. Potter
  14. They're Shaggy Manes and really good to eat. Gettem before they go yuk when they become Inky Caps. Potter
  15. This is Goliath and yes he's still kickin altho crazy as a Loon. Ya think yer head hurts? Potter
  16. Now that is funny...Is that a bull or a cow...i had a dream the other night...you and Potter took over for Penn-Teller at the Rio...not sure which one was Penn and which one was Teller ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D On a serious note...it was great to finally meet both of you .....Lenny Lenny yer such a city slicker. That ain't no udder. Me, John and Joan rocked six states on our way to the conference. I do believe there's video from every parking lot in every state we crossed. Potter
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