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  1. Jsmacks

    Help for a newbie pls

    I was diagnosed with ADD. I've been taking mushrooms. I'm still here, and feel fine. However, you need to alleviate some stress in your life right now to get rid of your anxiety. Panic attacks on mushrooms is absolutely no fun. Been there done that.
  2. Jsmacks

    Some Decisions

    I agree with Brew. You have to find your "niche" in this malady. Nothing works for everyone. I agree about cancelling the docs your seeing if they aren't helping one bit. ARE YOU ON OXYGEN?
  3. Jsmacks

    Entheogen investor

    That's like the last sentence in the doc. Does that mean what I think it means? Trials are soon to begin? -Jordan
  4. Jsmacks

    Neuro said CH

  5. Fire their ass. It makes no sense to me that someone who admits a treatment of being so effective, would prefer another route. I feel you. Keep looking up. Find some o2, maybe welder's O2, detox, and hit up those seeds. Hopefully, the tincture will do something for you in the meantime. PFW man! -Jordan
  6. Jsmacks

    10 years of prevent success :)

    so how often do you fly there to dose? Once a year? few times?
  7. Jsmacks

    How much shroom powder?

    If it's cracker dry shroom powder, and you are comfortable with the effects, start with 1.5 grams. If not maybe 1 gram. And don't use water. OJ tastes much better.
  8. Jsmacks

    Salvia works! For me

    I think DMT would work this way. I hear that DMT is very extreme though. Nothing like psilo. Once again, I have no experience. I seem to always use that caveat ;D
  9. Jsmacks

    Salvia works! For me

    In earth time you're over it quickly. I think in Salvia time your there for hours. That's my guess. I have no experience.
  10. Jsmacks

    Salvia works! For me

    So does salvia abort for you, or is it also working as a preventative too?
  11. Jsmacks


    HI! Welcome. Is that it? Tell us more. How many years suffering? Do you have O2? Redbull? Open to busting etc... I'm episodic. Have O2 which is wonderful, and I enjoy my Aldi red thunders and smokes. I'm trrying to quit i swear.
  12. Jsmacks

    BOL is being produced beginning Jan 2011

    I am completely in agreement with you here. If I had some direction about something that I could do with my time to help, to advertise, to write, to make calls etc.. I would dedicate some of my time every week to this cause. It hits hard at home for all of us, and I'm more than ready to help in any way needed. Obviously I need to keep my job and stay near my family, but... maybe if CB.com or Entheogen could make a list of their actual needs. I know we need money, but maybe there is another list of strategic/creative things we could do to help? Good idea Jerry. Maybe that's a next step for those of us that want to help in any way we can on this process.
  13. Jsmacks

    Happy Birthday Lee Ann!

  14. Jsmacks

    Away for awhile

    Yes, MAC.
  15. Jsmacks

    Stepping on toes

    how do we get one? do we have to be scientists pretending to want to "work" with it, and then accidentally take it? LOL