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  1. How has he been doing spiny? Any trends or possible triggers?
  2. Thanks, that makes sense as I am episodic, not chronic. Though after the last cycle from December to last month I was fearing I'd become chronic. The wife is "thirding" your guys opinions as well. Might as well go hit the local clinic next chance I get.
  3. You're not? I'm often times mentally awake and aware of my surroundings during sleep paralysis, but unable to move, speak, breathe, or otherwise indicate in any way that something is wrong. :\ It's friggin' scary...
  4. Sorry if I'm asking a question that I might have missed on here before, but do sleep problems have an effect on clusters? I'm curious since I kinda put together today that around the time my clusters started, I started experiencing serious bouts of sleeplessness, sleep apnea, sleep walking, and sleep paralysis. In fact my cycle just started a day or two ago and this morning I was hit with a cluster DURING sleep paralysis. Just a theory...
  5. Our hearts and prayers go out to you and your family Spiny. -Chris and Rory <3
  6. Usually being the operative word. I don't mind the three ghosts that hang around that lake house. They're harmless and rarely even seem to be more than just a blip on the radar. Last night we returned to the place where we figured out we picked this thing up. Well actually it wound up being two but still. We did a ritual to cleanse and protect ourselves, and then we trapped them both in their own stone. It was pretty neat haha. Now all that's left is to pick up the pieces of all that bad juju. Let's see if I can get my old job back, eh?
  7. Yeah I've done some ghost hunting here and there and never got anything this intense before. It was definitely a mind bending event. And frankly, I'm not worried about the car. I love that old Honda prelude but it has 370k miles on it and I've dumped too much money into it lately. me and rory agreed this is the excuse we wanted to start our race car project. trying to look on the brighter side you know? I'm thinking about either a 3.5l maxima running twin low boost turbos in the trunk (remote style) or getting a grand prix GTP and cranking up the supercharger to like 12psi. As far as what Kage says I would appreciate it if he did that for us. It's okay if he can't though I know a few local people who can close portals and cleans unkindly spirits and the like. I'm able to keep it away for some time and I have managed to fragment it using sea salt, white sage, and olive oil. We also have a prayer cross made of holy wood over our bed and a bible from a loved one who passed away. I'd also considered an exorcism. Lol I feel so weird. I never believed in this stuff til now, it's a bit overwhelming. But I'm staying tough. Lots of prayer and faith 8-)
  8. Tell me about it. I refuse to ever go back to that place again. Lol on a funnier note I ran over someone's bumper on the highway this morning. Took out two tires. AND the spare was flat. D:
  9. Ha sorry the little traveller that attached itself to my car crashed my computer, so I'm on my iPad now. Me and rory took off to one of the properties our family owns at canyon lake down in new braunfels, tx. Within 48 hours of being there it had shown itself as a very bright white floating head staring at me from around a doorframe while I was sitting on the bed watching tv. Rorys cousin came over and brought a couple people to help us do a little ghost hunting. We got a lot of negative energy, a few cold spots, and a very definitive feeling of being watched. Two of us (myself being one, a close friend named dillon being the other) were actually tapped on the back of the neck. Thendays rolled on and there were occasional things that caught our attention. Locked doors being opened when we would come home from dinner or fishing, lights that were off when we left that were on upon return. The last two days were terrifying. I couldn't go anywhere in the lake house without this thing screwing with me. It started to get hostile, as in knocking things over, hiding objects of interest in weird places, then making them reappear, it even threw a couple water bottles at rory. Everyone that came over either felt it watching or was attacked by it, physically and emotionally. It made our cousins girlfriend act odd, invoked panic attacks, and even began to show signs of itself blatantly. It would open doors in front of you, close them, shut off or interfere with appliances and electronics (either by crashing them, shutting them off, or activating them on its own) The final day was the worst. We hastily cleaned up, packed, put everything back. Our dog had been barking at things that weren't there, and I had to repair a door frame as she had tried to chew her way out, obviously panicked by something we couldn't see. Rory was laying down after being very sick and nearly gagging on her own vomit. She apparently had called out to me for help when I was only feet away and never heard it. By now, so much had happened (I've been leaving out the less significant stuff just to convey the general idea) that we were convinced it was not a ghost or poltergeist, but a demonic presence. Minutes before we left it stuck its hand in rorys face and as she tried to get up it showed the floating head again in front of her and caught her off guard again. As I approached to try and grab her and take her to the car it presented itself in front of us for a split second as a cloaked figure roughly seven feet or so tall and surrounded by mist. It physically repelled us from even trying to enter the room with our bags. It then entered rory and she attacked me, biting and scratching and screaming in tongues I couldn't even understand. Beyond what I've mentioned I really don't want to say much more to be honest. It's still been following me around and making me uncomfortable but it is moving on slowly. In the meantime..... I need a very very very stiff drink. Oh and rory is okay FYI. I blessed her and she has been fairly normal. Happy belated Easter everyone.
  10. I'm back for now. Had a pain free week but a lot of very... Odd things happened. If anyone wants to hear about my lovely little paranormal experience, let me know.
  11. After having an episode of hysterical blindness and disorientation, mixed with a cluster, a migraine, and my mother in law literally smashing my door in during one of her fits of psychotic rage at 4am today as well as a lot of other things going on, I am going to be taking a little vacation and taking the wife with me so we can get away from the stress. I'll catch up with you guys when I can. I will keep all ya'll in mind! -Chris
  12. Oh its no big deal, you didn't offend
  13. Those posts hit home for me man, and I think I speak for everyone else here when I say "To hell with social conformity"
  14. Thanks, but I don't go to gun shows actually. I have a gentleman at a place called ATF in Arizona (Arizona Tactical Firearms) that locates everything I need.
  15. Bahahahaha I want the revolver Rick Grimes uses on The Walking Dead. I think its a Colt Python 4" or 6" I'd give pretty much anything for one.
  16. I have a black fedora and a black cowboy hat. Will either of those work?
  17. I'm not sure what to even say anymore.... LOL
  18. To my knowledge, I believe there is LMAO Plus videos of me and Rory dancing. Gimme a couple days to gather some more up and I'll post for you guys! I know awesome hat huh? I went to Tractor Supply Company today to get a new one but wound up getting horse feed and a leopard print halter... LOL
  19. Thank you, thank you everyone so very much <3 Nah, big beasty boy kept at bay during my wedding. I took a verapamil, smoked a bowl, and slammed a monster (Yes, with green food dye! ) about 3 hours beforehand. Everything went PERFECT. There are lots more pictures to come if you guys would like to see. And yes, ya gotta get them southern blondie girls with the hat and bolo tie ;D Yes things are so much different! I mean we married downtown at the JOP for financial and security reasons, but after a christian wedding with the families present, everything feels so much more official! And I'm much happier too. It actually got fairly wild too! Rory and her cousins, my sisters, and a couple other in laws got together and did the cupid shuffle. I ran up to join in and slipped on the grass and wiped out. Rory fell on her face right before coming down the aisle too (I didn't actually see LOL) For the record... champagne and wedding cake go really well together after a big BBQ dinner and lots of Dos Equis!
  20. Thank you much Kyle! Yes that is the ranch I mention often It is a very beautiful place. Its a great relief to go down there when you get away from the city ya know?
  21. So I thought I'd just post up a few pics of me and the wife from our wedding on St. Pattys
  22. Sorry I couldn't be on sooner, but hello z3ul! Look around, ask questions, learn all you can! Experiment and find out what works best, ask others. Knowledge and sharing is your best defense against the beast. Oh and so are we
  23. I think he's more worried about losing his financial aid...
  24. Damn I'm gone 3 or so days and the idea goes to poopy. Sad day! No seriously, on a more professional note... This was a very enlightening and mind-expanding thread. I'm still up for spreading info and helping everyone understand better. I will do anything I can
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