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  1. Oh my word! Such a sad loss. You will be missed Andrew. -Lee
  2. I tried to touch base with this chap before he completed his research. I sent him this "paper", but unfortunately didn't get any response: http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/cgi-bin/yabb2/YaBB.pl?num=1280767401 Seems like Flash and Pinky were right about the dosing window 8-) -Lee
  3. LeeS

    Carl Is Dead

    Such sad news. I am still gobsmacked. We had our differences but we were truly the same. Carl texted me on Christmas Eve. Wish I'd said more than the usual pleasantries. RIP mate, you great big Yorkshire t**t. -Pete
  4. Love Professor Nutt's job title mate. Perhaps I can aspire to be a neuropsychopharmacologicalchronobiologist? See you in the Queens Larder before the games kick-off? -Lee
  5. Looks like I've some reading to do mate. Make it happen mate!!! I'd love to see you again and finally meet Peter face to face! Bob Been dreaming about it too 8-) -Lee
  6. Hi Nani 8-) No idea what's occurring with kudzu these days but thought you deserved a reply. Glad you're in remission - is your bum still tiny too? -Lee x P.S. Happy birthday love
  7. Hey Tommy! Since the ubiquitous ban in the UK, it is now only legal to consume psilocybes if you graze them like a cow - I kid you not -Lee
  8. Just building up for a new cycle unfortunately - beware the Ides of March! Time for a dose methinks. Glad the clomiphene is back on track. Love to you and yours. -Lee
  9. Try here Bob - hope you're well? http://www.ascenion.de/fileadmin/ascenion/Presse/englisch/2011_PM_Entheogen_E.pdf -Lee
  10. Fantastic find cluster! I feel a download frenzy coming on 8-) -Lee
  11. If they're right on this one Bob, that polymorphism is one hell of a MTHFR -Lee
  12. The medical profession tend to suggest that the only acceptable triggers for CH are alcohol and nitroglycerine. Here's a somewhat larger list reported by CHers over the years: Air travel Alcohol/red wine Allergies Antibiotics Antihistamine Avocado Barometric pressure changes/storm systems Bright light (strobe lights/shadows/sunlight) Caffeine Cessation of stress Change in seasons (Autumn/Spring) Cheese/strong cheese Chewing/eating Chlorine (swimming pools) Chocolate Cigarette smoke Climate change/holidays Cocaine Cold remedies/nasal sprays Cold/cold environment Coughing/sneezing/nose blowing Crying Dairy products Eggs Exercise Fatigue Flour Heat/warm environment High altitude Histamines Hormonal changes Hot baths/showers Hunger Irregular sleep Long drives Marijuana Mold spores Mother-in-laws MSG Naps Narcotics Nitrites Nitroglycerine Nuts/almonds Peanut butter Pop corn Relaxation Sensory overload (too much noise/activity) Sexual intercourse Shellfish/shrimps Sleep Sleep apnea Smoking Stress Strong smells/solvents (candles/petrol/perfume/paint/glue) Sulphates Sulphites Topical steroids Waking up early Yeast extract (Marmite) Some of them seem a bit bizarre to me and it is interesting that a lot of these can also be used to abort CH too. I'm sure there may be more? -Lee
  13. Hello mate - glad to hear from you. No such thing as a bad dream -Lee
  14. Follow the yellow brick road 8-)
  15. Hi Jazz - great news 8-) Which continent are you on these days? -Lee
  16. And more recently … And this study (albeit French and retrospective – and I love the translation of primary to primitive!): -Lee
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