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  1. Will there be any hands- on sessions on how-to grow mycelia medicine at this years conference?
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    I've never understood why the discriptions of CH don't mention a postdrome phase when so many of us experience pain "shadows", anxiety, foggy thinking, slowed movement, etc. Postrome is an accepted part of migraines.
  3. hi- sorry I took so long to reply- bad habit of mine to not reply to emails, which just increases the isolation. I've had the HA for 15-+ years. In remission, but I can feel it creeping up on me- usually get a cluster in April. Funny you mention a woman MD in Chalmette, I've been to her too, some years back. Tried to tell her about cluster busters, headache on the hill. Not interested. I just read some of your posts from Nov. Please call- I wonder if you ever got your grow together? I could use some support, encouragement w/ the mycology. I agree busting is the way to go. Just getting a little anxious about the coming season. Almost tempted to try the Pred. taper the MD offered, but in general, I'm not a fan of conventional meds. At least not for Cluster Headache! Best, Nancy
  4. Hello- are you still looking for people in S LA? I live in NOLA- I'd like to contact others here who have/understand the condition. I found this site 4 or so years ago, but haven't been here for a long while, unable to access the "new" forum, and then browsing the Facebook page for support and information. I've busted in years past, it worked, but I got complacent, and now stuck in a very bad 6 week cycle. (ECH) Sometimes I'd like to actually talk to someone, not type.
  5. Hi; yes there is a website, also Facebook page. Sorry I'm not technically able to supply links. This will be the 33rd annual Fest; it's a big deal in mushroom circles. Really, it's just alot of mushroom fun! Also, it is ALL about mushrooms, and I understand very medicinal mushroom friendly. I've never been, always wanted to.But of course, I don't travel so well because, for one thing, i'm scared of the Beast hitting on me. Ain't that stupid? There must be at least one Clusterhead who's attended.:-)
  6. Anyone here attending the 2014 Telluride Mushroom Fest? Ever been? They will have a track about the medicinal properties of 'shrooms. Someone from John Hopkins will be speaking about the clinical trials with MMs. for cancer patients with depression, etc.
  7. the company Philips makes a product called "goLiteBlu", Light Therapy. You can Google, take a look at their website. I got one of these years back, used it until I "blu" it by trying to plug it in using the wrong transformer; now THAT was some SAD because I bought it myself. I was told, then, that it was covered a medical device in Canada, EU. It seemed it regulated melatonin, they have specific prodicols, lots of info. on the website. At the time did not know I was ECH .Hey, Ricardo,I always appreciate your posts,' cause you seem like a smart guy,make interesting connections, but this stuff w/ the sunlamp, NOT!( Y'all be careful about your eyes, no fun to be 57yrs, maculardegeneration, cataracts, my experience. Also, I think CH predisposes us to these eye issues because of the contriction/dialation in the smallest blood vessels in the eyes when experiencing an attack. But that's another topic.
  8. Hi: I just read your method. Do you trip at the dose you recommend?
  9. CLUSTERHEADACHE: It's not science fiction. It's not science fiction: People walk among us, silently, fearing at any moment the Monster that attacks their head with savage pain, and leaves without a trace. Until tommorrow. Just like yesterday. Cluster: the attack of the Monster.
  10. me too, first Conference. I'm tearing up again reading your post! However I can't see the pix for some reason, didn't load.
  11. sorry I missed it! I was visiting Chi-town at the time.http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/yabbfiles/Templates/Forum/default/cheesy.gif
  12. thank you for the replies. The company I mentioned,Oxygen2Go, is the only company accepted by Delta on it's flights, and there is a 48hr notification rule: that is they need to have a note from yr. MD.  Brew? is the cpap machine you have high flow enough to abort an attack? My usual fly ritual is slam a couple liters of H2O (that's alot) before security, and keep water loading the whole trip. Must of missed a sip last week. And brush my hair,and walk the plane when I feel it coming on.(and how weird is that?) This has worked pretty well for a couple years! good advice re: laminated scrips. It's not so easy passing security w/ the regulator! And I hope to get a note from my MD, because 1) I can't talk very well during an attack, and 2) I can get a mite belligerent when someone asks me what the heck is going on. (I guess some of y'all may be familiar w/the above symptoms:it sucks, and it's part of the THING : the cluster of Cluster I call it.) Â
  13. Hey there: has anyone used Oxygen2Go services for airplane travel? I just tryed to speak to someone there, and she wasn't very helpful; or pleasant. I had an awful attack last week on a plane:I mean writhing around and pounding my head into the seat(K8+) I'm traveling by myself. I can't imagine what it looked like to other passengers, very dramatic.( Dosed last night. Shadowy and fatigued today. I hope it WORKS!) thanks.
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