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  1. As every CH patient we search for answers why we getting hit by this terrible disease. There are a lot of things written what could cause this. Many stories arenÂ’t true in my opinion. What I was wondering, are there people who have CH that lives in climates that are stable during all days a year. Some countries didnÂ’t have winters of spring. They have all the year the same temperature and air pressure. I know there are a lot of people here on the board that live in countries that had winters, springs and so on. IÂ’m mostly getting hit when spring begins, right after a couple of weeks nice weather. Also I get hit after the summer when autumn begins. Because I was on the Dutch Antilles past year I was wondering how people live in those climates. Are there people with CH living in those countries where the weather is stable all year long? Maybe this was figured out before and described on this board but I canÂ’t find information about this. Maybe somebody can tell me more about this.
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    Weather condition and CH

    Hehe, yes indeed, happens if english isn't your mother language and you are tired Should be, Wonder why you didn't got hit But anyway, I Always thought dry heat was hitting me harder. But that is just a thought. My cycles are so strange, could be from 4 years PF till 2 years of totally PF. Then spring is my winner, then autumn. Migraines dissapeared and CH was coming more frequent.
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    Weather condition and CH

    Thanks for sharing this story, it is interesting. Wonder why you got hit so hard in Japan.
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    Weather condition and CH

    Strange, I had a same experience in 2007, a vacation to the mountains turns me into a new cycle. LOLÂ ;D Thank you all for sharing, seems an interesting subject. Changes in Altitude and Attitude, always keeps my interest.
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    New to the forum, hello from Sweden!

    Welcome to the board Darby, as you see there are plenty of people here that could help. Wish you pain free time. Sorry to say so, Truffles are only send to these countries: Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. However, they ship Seeds to Sweden, there is a good suplier here in Holland: http://www.sjamaan.com/en/index.html Also this suplier ships grow kits to Sweden, many European countries. They sell good quality grow kits. Good luck!
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    Weather condition and CH

    Thanks for the articles CHfather, I read them all and see a lot of questions in those stories. Very interesting. I was thinking the same Trace! Sounds like Vitamine D to me but that’s just a thought. As I was 2 years pain free and now in cycle I noticed some different things past 2 years. I did busting the first time in 2011. After that time I have frequently shadows, something I didn’t have before busting. Therefore I was a couple of years shadow free. Now I live from time to time with periods of shadows, not heavy but just a little bit annoying. I really don’t care about it but I found this odd. The periods that I had the most and frequent shadows were in Spring and Autumn so that's my time to dose. Summer and winter were the best months. Also one thing that I read also before is changing clocks, that is in the period Spring and Autumn. So these seasons and changing clocks are the periods I had the most shadows in two years. The Daylight saving time http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daylight_saving_time is not over the whole world but just big parts. I don’t know, there must be people outside those areas with CH. But how is the different between parts that do have daylight saving time and parts that do not use them? It was introduced in 1895, I thought CH was discovered before but I’m not sure. My 2 cats don’t care about changing time, they are asking for food an hour to early or too late. They also have biological clocks that don’t like changes, so why should we humans change time? Sounds like a stupid thing to me to play with mother nature. I have always the feeling that CH is not only one thing but depends on more things together. Stays a mystery so far. 8-)
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    Weather condition and CH

    I know ThatHurtsMyHead is diving a lot but as far as I know only when not in cycle. Maybe he knows the flying and diving experience as well. I keep myself informated about this while I believe the answer has to be simple, as most of the time but we do always think difficult.
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    Weather condition and CH

    Thanks Bobb for this information. I read the forum topic about Xeno. It looks like it doesn't matter CH. Only can't find the presentation, but as it was on the conference I doubt it is online. I't still remains a interesting subject, altitude and attitute. Pas year I flight 6 times and dived 15 times in a row. Everytime I was on the plane and after I got shadows. They totally dissapear after diving. They came up flighing and dissapear diving again. Something is my head that response to that.
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    The legality of what we do. A discussion.

    Thanks Bejeeber for advising me for Truffles I do have little time to spent on the board here but I'm always want to help people out with taking Truffles by advising them. Truffles are my friends
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    I'm very much interested in information about CH and diving. As airplanes and air pressure are known triggers to CH patients, there is not much information about diving and CH. As far as I know the pressure get's lower in the air (only airplane) and higher in the deep sea. But what does this say about high pressure in the deep sea with CH? I hope there are some people who can help me out with this. I'm planning to get diving lessons but I'm afraid of flying and diving all in a couple of weeks. Wonder what it could be for my CH? Does it triggers double. Wonder how much people did experience. Greetings Oscar
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    Update to my diving topic. During my vacation I did take 4 times a airplane. I hate flying and always give me a bad feeling at the place my CH is, that's the right side of my head. After flying I feel minor shadows but didn't bother at all. The most funniest part was diving. After the first dive I made my shadows totally disappeared and they stay away also after my fifth dive I made. Then I took the airplane to visit my next destination. Because is was a small plane with bad pressure in the cabin my shadows came right back. I really don't know why they came back while flying. They were also present after I was landed and the next day my shadows were stronger and stronger. But then I make two dives a day and right after the first dive my head was clear and shadow free. I made totally of 14 dives during my vacation and I can only say diving did gave me great feeling in my head. Shadows disappear right after diving, isn't that strange? I'm wondering if more divers have the same experience.
  12. Recently there are two new strains of Truffles known as Psilocybe Hollandia and the Psilocybe Dragon. Specially the Psilosybe Hollandia is a very special Truffle. It is known to be the strongest Truffle on earth and it is made in the Netherlands. It's designed for strong trip experiences and the taste is much better than the other strains. It seems they succeed the taste problem. There should also be a warning for these strong Truffles. It's not for beginners and we are somehow a little bit afraid the wrong people buy these and use them in a bad setting. For now on there is no warning and we hope this will not mess up the Dutch law in the future. However I want to share this new Truffle with you. If you want to order this Truffle be careful and start with half a portion. Site for more info: http://www.psilocybehollandia.nl/ English trip reports of the Hollandia: http://www.psychonaut.com/trip-reports/40283-psilocybe-hollandia-truffle-trip.html
  13. Hello Wendy, Please read my personal message that I send you. Oscar
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    Anyone know of any herb companies in Europe?

    Hello Mystina, there are a lot of Dutch supliers that have good quality products. If you want I can help you out with that. Please PM me. Oscar
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    Hi Jeff, thanks for all the feedback on my questions. It is very hopefull to me and I take the tip of the Nitro with me on the diving course. At least I can say after a one week break on a short holiday with airplanes that I can feel my head in the airplane but it doesn't harm me at all while I'm not in cycle. Thanks again and if I have any questions I now know there is a diver on the board Greetings Oscar
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    Hij Jeff, Thanks for your answer Jeff, I'm glad you did see my post. That's a lot of dives you made Jeff, it gives me thrust that everything will go fine. As I'm so curious to the underwater world in the Caribbean that I love to learn diving there. My biggest fear is the long airplane trip and the pressure under water. I'm not in Cycle now so if I understand you right this would be no problem till you are in cycle? I'll bust one year now and did one dose after my latest cycle. Right before my airplane trip and the diving I will do a bust just to prevent a new cycle. So the airplane and the diving couldn't get me a new cycle. I read about the nitrox but I'm totally new to this and I don't know how to use. I would tell my diving instructor that I got CH if he understands me. Thanks again for the tips Jeff, if you know something that could help me out that would be very welcome. PFW to you my friend. Greetings Oscar
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    Thanks for your reply quadpants, it is indeed very helpful, thanks.
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    As you can see you are not alone. Welcome to the site. I can imagine you feel like you know nobody, that's for the most of us. Hope you will tell us more about yourself in matter what you tried etc.
  19. Oscar

    Sorry to be back

    My opinion, don't wait. I had no shadows for month's now but started today with light shadows again. Also daylight saving time is on 31 october, it's no good for us in my opinion. I'm thinking to bust on that day.
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    What is

    CH did make me a much stronger person and I much more enjoy live as before, for sure in PF periods Also busting CH give me hope for the future. This board does make me feel not alone as there are people here that feels like family. Greets Oscar
  21. Oscar

    new here, and have a few questions

    Welcome to the board, glad you did post here. As you can see you are not alone here. Busting does get the greatest results for the most of us. My last cycle I bust with 6 times shrooms and still PF till now. Wish you good luck and PF time. Greets Oscar
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    That's very good news Ron, I hope he can help and I'm curious what he will say. I believe that, as I saw BOL on THC Farm, just for ridiculous prices but that shows it must be soon available. Oscar
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    Tonight I read a lot of topics I missed past month's but this topic was make me feel sad. Everybody with CH knows how each other with CH feels but reading about Micheal is hard to imagine. How in the world could someone get so much pain and getting no relief with every drug of herb there is available. I hope BOL-148 is soon available specially for Ron's son Micheal. Ron, wishing Micheal and yourself relief very soon, you both deserve some good luck and strength !!! Greetz Oscar
  24. First of all sorry for being so long absent to the clusterbuster forum. Past weeks I had very much difficulties thinking and talking about CH and so I didn't look on Clusterbusters anymore. The word CH was a forbidden word for past month's also why I was on holiday for 3 weeks in Spain. I just couldn't handle it thinking about it. Right before I left for holidays mid August I was having daily shadows and also the morning I left I had strong shadows in my head as I wasn't cured totally after the last bust. During the long drive to Spain I enjoyed the most strange thing I could imagine. As the mountains in south France were getting higher and higher the pressure on my head was also raising. Suddenly as my ears were popping by the pressure I said to my wife, believe it or not but the shadows leave my head. I was thinking about pressure that could get us a CH periods as more people describe this. This pressure did solve my shadows. From that time I did not have daily shadows anymore and I was finally cured after more as 3 month's suffering from CH. I say cured but I know the next period is coming but I don't know when as most of us don't know. I very much enjoyed my holiday and had a great time with my wife and couldn't complain at all about my head. Only thing I was suffering was my body had not that much energy but gladly this was getting better and better by the day. As I had suffer so much this was not a problem to me. For now on I will keep up busting for about 3 or 4 times a year just to beat CH coming back. As I really think spring, autumn and clock settings could give us CH I will do the busting at these periods just to keep the beast out of my head. I don't know if this will work but as I read more successful stories on this site I will give it a try. Busting with shrooms as you feel really good isn't a punishment at all and I can only say, let's enjoy busting when your body is at good strength. Sure I will keep you people informed about my bustings and CH. As I said I feel very sorry not leaving any note to this great site and the more great people here. From now on I will keep in touch. Also I want to thank all the people who supported me during my CH period, you were all of great help. Wishing you all PF days, weeks, years or life. Greetings Oscar
  25. Busting is my prior one method for CH but I'm always curious to find solutions how to get rid of this awful disease. As I want as much information as possible I found the van Gemert method that could solve CH. As I'm skeptic to this method and I'm not really convinced I'm curious if somebody knows this method and If somebody tried the same. As I know my eyes are pretty good in viewing distances and nearby but I have problems reading a book. Reason is my eyes are not in line so this causes tiredness as I read books. It also could give me headaches. For me it is no problem as I can see very good but can't read books I just don't read books. The Gemert method could solve my eye problem but I'm not sure it could solve CH. It sounds fantastic as this could solve CH problems. The Gemert method is Dutch and I don't know if there is any English institute with the same treatment. Follow the link and google translate it from Dutch to English. The main page: http://translate.google.nl/translate?js=n&prev=_t&hl=nl&ie=UTF-8&layout=2&eotf=1&sl=nl&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vangemertinstituut.nl%2Fhoofdpijn%2Fdefault.asp A story of a chronic CH patient: Reilif Bonse (1976) "" After 6 years of chronic cluster headache, I could not imagine what it was like having no headaches. "" After a long journey through various specialists in headaches, many different therapies and medications, I came in October 2000 against the information on the Internet METHOD OF GEMERT ®. Because I had tried so many ways to make this terrible disease to get, I checked this information skeptical. I was certainly not convinced of the promising information I read about this therapy. Despite my skepticism to this therapy, I have looked at me enrolled in a research. During this study we looked at the performance of my eyes. The investigation revealed that my one eye was dominant over the other eye, because this dominant eye as it were, looked on his own, there was an overload of the eye. Also found that my eye deviated a bit (I looked a little cross-eyed.) I decided to continue with the therapy, which for me meant that using custom glass was attempted to correct the deviations. The treatment began in December 2000. The first month I had a surge of complaints, I suppose this was because out of nowhere a big change down at my eyes. Fortunately, this period was followed by a month, no attack of cluster headache. For my it was unbelievable this month, after 6 years of chronic cluster headache, which for me meant that I average 1 time per day had an attack, I could not imagine what it was just a time to have no headache. The tension on my eyes fell through the custom glass. The strength of my glasses I noticed this change directly because I then got more attacks. In about six months, my glasses regularly updated and every time I noticed again that the strength changed by an increase in seizures. After this period, the strength of my glasses constantly and there was a sharp decline in attacks. If I did I had to calm almost no attacks but as I became busier, I got more attacks. Nowadays I have the appropriate glasses and medication (verapamil), hardly any attacks. Another story: Anja v / d Laan-Buys (1952) "Cluster Headache" Cluster Headache The Hague, 17/01/2006 I suffered for nine years on cluster headache. First it started with an occasional attack at night, but after a few years the attacks came more often. The last time it was already so bad that it is 2 to 3 weeks in a row every night attacks were 1 to 2. And those attacks are so horrible that you would die at that moment, with that indescribable. I had already gone through all the regular circuit. I also used spray to attack immigrants, had an oxygen bottle beside my bed, and swallowed Topamax (topiramate) 350 mg per day. That lit the attacks, but they took it away. Then I heard through the grapevine of the GEMERT EMETHODE ®. I had tried everything and thought this is the last remaining. All costs, this is my last straw. In May 2005 I had had my 1ebehandeling you want and not believing in July my last attack. It is now January 2006 and still have no attacks. Now I'm off my medications and am now building at 125 mg and it's still great. I can not say enough how grateful I am that Mr. Van Gemert he and his colleagues I have cured my cluster headaches. Sincerely, Anja v / d Laan-Buys Mr. Ruud Bouwman (1944) "" After six treatments considerably less expense. "" In December 2001 I went for the first time Mr. Van Gemert was an intake. I had the address from a colleague of my wife, this fellow was on the Internet website of Van Gemert views. I suffered from cluster headaches. After the intake, I decided to start the therapy and I must say that the treatment has gone perfectly, I am very satisfied. In the meantime I had a few headaches, but a lot less violent than the cluster headaches I used to suffer from it. I then had six treatments, then I was stable and the therapy is completed. I would check after half year, but when I went back early because my symptoms came back again. They gave me another glass were measured and since then, it very well. I need now only once every year to check out. Oscar