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    I've had the Occipital Nerve Ablation on both sides of the back of my head. It made things so much worse for me. It increased cluster activity instead of decreasing it. Busting has literally saved my life. I would be in a mental hospital or dead if I had not began busting. You can use RC seeds if you're uncomfortable with the whole 'tripping' aspect of things. It just relaxes you, and might help you sleep.
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    It's called Internal Medicine. You got it right. ETA: Actually, Ron is right if it's a stomach doctor, and not one who just does internal medicine. We have internists here who deal with lots of problems, and Gastroenterologists who deal specifically with stomach problems.
  3. I've been just fine taking Zyrtec. I think in the detoxing thing, it mentions that Benadryl is okay too.
  4. I know for me, with vitamin M SPUT worked. I think it helped with seeds some too. I might have to get some OJ and try that with the seeds. I'm still in low cycle right now, another thing I'm wondering is has a flight ever knocked anyone into high cycle again? Mystina
  5. The only problem with that is I'm too damned chicken to bring 'em with! My family would kill me if I got caught, Fiance would be out $400, and I'd be screwed every which way. Plus with me being nervous about flying the first time, I'm afraid that carrying shrooms on me might make it worse. Maybe next time. Might have to use that for whenever we DO get married and go on our honeymoon though. It's a few years away... and hopefully I'll be a lot less chicken shit about it by then. ;D I'm thinking...since this is my first plane flight and I don't know if I'll be hit, I'll just wait and see. Energy drink before I get to the airport, or right before I've got to go through security. I've got the Toradol which will help a minor hit, and if that fails? I just found out Medicaid WILL cover out of state ER visits... I was thinking it didn't, and I was fecked if I got hit.
  6. ain't that the truth!!!!! im bound and determined to knock this shut out and take my life back though. after I was first diagnosed, and then the months flew by, I had given into the fact that this was a part of my life on a daily basis forever...... well just a short few months later im not sure im gonna give in so easy. you guys have a lot to do with that. im gonna break this thing...... You can do it!! Mystina
  7. Thanks for the advice guys. When I say no triptans, I mean I cannot take them. They aren't willing to prescribe them with my SSRI. DHE and Cafergot are out too because they both cause me a headache so severe that I can't do anything but vomit and wish I was dead after taking them. 02, also unfortunately, does not work for me. I wish it did. I think my body is just so fecked up that it just doesn't work right for it. I have no liquid medications, except the Toradol injections. I'm thinking I might try a dose for the flight there, and a dose for the flight back. Energy drink beforehand, and I'll have fiancee get me one for as soon as I land. I'm mostly wondering if anyone has done preventative busting before a flight? And if it helped / worked? Thanks everyone! Mystina
  8. Hey guys, Well, my fiance is paying for me to come visit him in Chicago for a week. It'll be the first time I've ever flown. (My Neurosurgeon already cleared me for it. ) I'm expecting to have to keep my meds in a carry on (since I have a metric feckton of 'em.) and to have to declare them. But that's not why I'm posting this. Should I dose the night before, or a few days before, to keep from getting hit on the plane? I have Toradol injections, but I don't know how much help that'd be on a plane. No triptans for me, either. Advice? Thanks guys. Mystina
  9. My memory problems weren't any worse, or any better on Neurontin. Some people have problems on it, others don't. I'd tell your hubby to wait and see. If he starts having problems, THEN he can worry about it, and be mad about it. I didn't gain weight on it until I started having bad reactions to it, and then? It was water weight. So really, my advice is just check and see... On the .5g of shrooms, that might not have been enough to bust him, is all. There are some things that you DON'T have to detox from... But maybe once he has the 15LPM oxygen, he'll need less Imitrex and can try detoxing from it. I hope so. I think most people will suggest that you order the oxygen mask made for Clusterheads, specifically. I'm sure someone has a link to it. Good luck! Mystina
  10. After oral surgery, I woke up with one of the worst hits... but it was on my right side. I'm usually a lefty. I know with me they put a breathing tube up my nose, since my mouth has to be clear the whole time. They put it up my right side because I told them my CH side was mostly left. (I don't know if it made my hits worse as I was hospitalized and on pain meds for other surgeries.) I know they used Fentanyl to knock me out, but it's never caused me any hits the other times they've used it to put me to sleep/sedate me. I'd call whoever did it, and ask them what they used on you. That'd be the easiest way to find out.
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ophiocordyceps_sinensis ...Also, really glad our medicine doesn't *do* that to us. LOL. Mystina
  12. Pfft, you got PLENTY of testosterone. I'm sure of it. You're manly enough for 10 people! Plus, you're SUPERDAD. Though they do say once men become Fathers, their testosterone levels get lower... I saw a couple of articles saying that recently. Mystina
  13. I have no idea either, but it sure did make me laugh!
  14. I don't know about Cymbalta, but I've busted just fine while on Lexapro. (Stopping it for me would be incredibly dangerous.) It's a plain ol' SSRI. It might be part of why I'm not completely pain free, but the reason I haven't stopped it is with my chemical imbalance... It's too risky. Way too risky. *hugs* She back in cycle? Hopefully the seeds will still work anyways. I've saw improvement even on the SSRI. I do watch for signs of Serotonin Syndrome after dosing though. Mystina ETA: This would be a GOOD question to ask Dr.Halpern, or any of the doctors working on BOL.
  15. Such good news! I KNEW something would have to work! Jeebs, you are fecking wonderful. I love you, man. So very happy!! Mystina
  16. It might be the medicine he's on doing it, but he should not be hallucinating. The doctors need to know about this ASAP if they don't! Good luck, I hope they find something that helps. Mystina
  17. Updating this because I believe it pertains to busting. The Spironolactone, since I started it, has had me in a fog, with pretty constant shadows and mild hits. I'm fecking miserable. So I'm going to try stopping it or tapering it and see if it reverses the constant pain and shadows. The reason I think it pertains to busting is : What if the busting had increased my testosterone to 'fix' an imbalance? If the Spironolactone is lowering that, it might explain why I feel so badly. Recording this here, because again, I'm awful damned foggy. Focusing on anything is hard as hell... Mystina
  18. Ron, see if they'd be willing to treat him with the Ketamine, like Ricardo. That's my suggestion. Mystina
  19. Good God. I'm so sorry he's going through so much hell, but I'm sure that they'll be able to help somehow. Mystina
  20. LMAO, You poor thing! *hugs* How awkward! Mystina
  21. That brought tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful that something good FINALLY happened for y'all. Like she said, you're a wonderful Dad! *hugs* Mystina
  22. Ron, my heart and prayers are with y'all. I hope this doctor finally has the answers y'all have sought. Mystina
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