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  1. Hi all, I am just trying to get Swedes into this newly created facebook group. We will always support and promote clusterbusters since this forum is why I still have my life today https://www.facebook.com/groups/284937842409486/
  2. Hi all, I found a new radio interview with Dr. James Fadiman the author of the Psychedelic Explorers Guide. at the 16:30 mark they start discussing CH and bustingÂ
  3. Cluster Headaches; Whose brilliant idea was it to call the most severely painful condition known to mankind a HEADACHE???!! That's a good one Jeebs, that about sums my feelings up!
  4. It would be great if we could get to see videos from Chicago! Can that be arranged?
  5. Like purple I use the Firefox browser with adblock addon and it works great. I keep my use of google at a minimum, the search engine I prefer is www.startpage.com, they do not store any information about their users.
  6. Maby this list with strains that supposedly helps with migraines can be of some use against CH? http://www.leafly.com/explore#/Migraines If I had the opportunity to get a hold of some of these strains I would at least give them a try
  7. Thank you a thousendfold for getting involved ubin!
  8. Mwib87


    Oh how I hope you are right DD! FECK YEAH!!!!
  9. I really want to, but sadly I can not make it this year either Will the conference be filmed? Have a good one all of you!
  10. It is up everywhere by now! I found a Fileserve up for you Kyle http://www.fileserve.com/file/eZSssAQ/Drugs.Inc.S02E04.HDTV.XviD-DiVERGE.avi
  11. Ive just found it on a private torrent tracker, it should be available on public trackers within the hour! Finally here!
  12. Renee: The episode will be easy to find on torrent sites the same day or the day after it airs, so you do not have to wait for the uk tv schedule..
  13. Cool Renée! It sure looks like you can write well, Katera and the Assassin seems like some fun sci-fi! I hope the magazine project makes it, I think they could have done a better job with presenting the project.
  14. Looking around on Kickstarter I found a project for a new magazine "Dragibus is to be a quarterly print publication on the botany, cultivation, history, and usage of medicinal and entheogenic plants". I asked the project founder if they where going to include information about CH, and I linked the trailer for the upcoming NatGeo show with our very own Hipshot. He told me that they where very interested in the subject and if I, or someone I know, would be interested in contributing an article, they would definitely consider it for publication. Maybe one of you more capable writers would w
  15. Excellent point Renee! I often ponder the same question. However I believe the consensus here is that the substance they should give us and all the migrainers access to is Bol-148 not psilocybin, since Bol-148 don't have a psychedelic effect I imagine it could be taken right before work. If we could just get the migrainers informed about bol-148 our numbers would be to large to ignore. /Michael
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