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  1. Anybody here ever look into food allergies? I know I'm allergic to gluten and dairy, and I know I NEVER had any typical symptoms-just started having grand mal seizures one day. The whole idea is not that you're going to get a headache from a certain food, but that the food scars your intestines, making it so you don't absorb the right things, and do absorb all sorts of the wrong things. In this way it can produce a whole ton of symptoms, pretty much goes for your weakest link. I would not be surprised at all if my food allergies that I didn't know about for years ended up causing all headache issues with me.
  2. Happy Birthday Bob! Coincidentally, just 10 minutes ago I stumbled on an amazing article with you as the star. http://www.mcgilltribune.com/2.12327/the-psychotherapy-movement-acid-s-long-trip-back-to-clinical-research-1.1626778
  3. Good Find! Shocked, you just posted one of my favorite videos!
  4. I hear ya...When me and my friends were doing MDMA (A LOT) everything was great till we had been doing it for about 3 or 4 months---then EVERYBODY ended up getting whacked out in their own way. One of my friends tried to kill themselves, two others opted to move to heavy opiates and ended up in jail... I can completely understand where you're coming from, but I think the biggest point to remember is that even with MDMA, there is a difference between USE and ABUSE. I've met a good number of people that have only taken it a few times in their lives, every person has only reported good effects on their lives. If there was a negative impact on their brain, it was outweighed by the positive impact on their life. (Something I can not say about ANY of the people who were heavy users) Narcotics are horrible if you're a junkie, a godsend if you're a cancer patient, amphetamines will ruin your brain pretty easily, but a godsend if you're a narcoleptic. I'm in agreement with you JL, I don't think MDMA would be a good choice for clusters--knowing that it's associated with a huge rush of serotonin I bet it would abort pretty well, but in the days afterwords (some researchers claim months to years with heavy use) it's known to lower those serotonin levels, making it more likely to get hit. As far as PTSD, there are lots of meds that can make life easier, but they are all about controlling the symptoms. (mostly anti-depressants, sedatives, anti-psychotics) The idea with the MDMA therapy is that you go back and work through the traumatic experience that has screwed your brain, somehow the MDMA makes this possible--whereas usually the whole experience is too traumatic to deal with, panic attacks, flashbacks and what not. So, I agree, lots of meds you CAN take, it just sounds like the difference between controlling your symptoms and actually working through the root cause of the problem. Sorry about the attitude JL, Once you've seen people ravaged by a drug I know it can be hard to see the other side. -Ricardo --Ricardo
  5. Hmmm.... Here's a paper that shows your brain is better off getting a minimal traumatic brain injury if you're high on MDMA....(Does that seem like it qualifies as "bad for your brain"?) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21120456 Here's a paper detailing PTSD's effects on the brain...Seeing as how MDMA has had such good success with treating PTSD, I bet it's safe to infer that most of these physical brain problems are not happening after the MDMA therapy. ("bad for the brain"?) http://healmyptsd.com/education/ptsd-the-brain And here's a link about an even more insidious danger... Dihydrogen Monoxide  (Bad for your brain?) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_intoxication "Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy." -Paracelsus (everything in moderation, my friend)
  6. Kika, how is your relationship with your doctor? Think you could tell him your busting plan and see if he could prescribe you a couple xanax in case of panic attack? I bet just having them would be peace of mind.
  7. I don't take it anymore, but I'm definitely glad I have in the past. I really think damn close to everybody should take at least a couple doses in their lifetime.
  8. Alleyoop, that was an awesome link! Wish I still had the link for research done by the great Dennis Mckenna. It showed how when under tryptamine psychedelics the brain is flooded with serotonin. This flood causes the brain to make new receptors to deal with it-- The flood wears off, and your brain makes new serotonin to fill the receptors...Thus you have a good few months of anti-depressant activity. I completely believe that even small amounts of psychedelics can lead to more patience, more empathy, and all sorts of funny tree hugger feelings....but I also wonder how much of what we are experiencing is related to our hypothalamus finally working right. Your hypothalamus is associated with all sorts of stuff, but the real things that are obvious are supposedly the 4 F's. Fighting, feeding, fleeing, and uh...how bout "fornincating" ;D. Haven't had much problems with the last one (at least that I'll admit! ;D) but fighting? Hell yeah. Feeding? maybe...I know I can go a good while without hunger, only to be slammed with unbelievable hunger (and usually a cluster if I haven't eaten enough) Fleeing? Hell yeah again. I get so frustrated in some situations, and I feel my brain telling me, "GO! GO NOW! GO! GO!" Takes all my strength to keep from either start screaming at people or run away from frustrating situations. I notice this type of thing happens big time if I'm soon to get hit. BUT....the tryptamines seem to make it all better. I know some of it's from the psychotherapy that's just seems to come along with these drugs, but I completely feel a different physical reaction that my brain has after taking these drugs. My guess is that we are getting an activation of our hypothalamus that lasts months, and on top of that we've got the crazy tree-hugger love-joy. We're probably lucky we're not stuck in constant drum circles and choking on incense .
  9. I would be very surprised if 2C-I or 2C-B did not work, it seems like it hits all the buttons. A couple problems though, the first being that we really don't know all of what it does. It's a research chemical that has not been tested on humans much and is almost impossible to find from a person you know. You have no idea if all the solvents are gone, what kind of materials were used, etc...Seems a little too dangerous to me. (not to mention another drug in it's class, 2C-E was just implicated in one death and a bunch of overdoses. Look it up in the news) Seems like DMT is the question of the week though...I'll expand on my thoughts (reluctantly :-?) All in all, DMT was probably the best busting option I have ever tried. I remember telling my wife that if they would just come out with a DMT inhaler I would be fine :)There was one year where all I took was lots of DMT, LSD and mushrooms. Instant relief, doesn't last that long and always effective. I am a different person than most though....(I'm sure some of you have noticed ) I can explore extreme states of conciousness and come back in one piece. I'm not bragging, I want to make sure that people understand this is nothing like 3 grams of mushrooms or a couple LSD tabs. Kinda like taking 1000 hits of LSD that only lasts 10 minutes (but wow can that 10 minutes last a long time!) A couple experiences just to put things in perspective--One time all I could see was a spinning orb in the middle of the room, psychedelic colors swirling into it. I was tripping hard enough I couldn't tell if my eyes were open or not, either way I saw the same thing. For the first time in my life I was convinced I had done it, gone too far...I was going to be insane forever. I started chanting over and over, "I love, I love, I love" to keep myself OK. (This was weird for me even with my tree hugging hippy brain) Then it all subsided, all my pain was gone and I was exhausted. Afterwords I told myself "I think I did a little more than I needed....." Once I got the dosage down things got easier, but I repeat that to get rid of a full blown hit you're going to have to get pretty tripped out. Once I had a gnome offer me a glowing orange drink that believe it or not, I declined (and regreted later!). I've come into contact with all sorts of entities, surprisingly all were very nice--I've seen 2 dimensional irridescent turkeys come out of the wall and telepathically welcome me to my new house...I had one very nice entity give me a gift of a seed that he sank into the soft flesh under my tongue...I've had times where I packed the bowl and had to put it down for a few minutes until my heart stopped beating so crazy, just anticipating what was to come. Oh yeah...back to the clusters.... :)Kinda felt like it didn't have the same long term busting effect that the shrooms or L have, but then again, I don't get as much of a full busting effect that a lot of people get from the psychedelics. Maybe other people would.  And despite all the reports, you can expect it to mess you up for at least 2 hours. The hallucinogen only lasts about 10-15 min, but you're exhausted and tripped out for a good while after. I can't recommend it to anyone who I don't know personally, I don't want to screw anyone's brains up. People still interested? Same rules apply as for the shrooms...Don't do it if you have a history of mental illness, make sure you have someone with you, make sure you know what you're getting, make sure you're in a comfortable place & make sure you have a blanket handy, many times it made me very cold (Vasoconstriction?)    Then you get to the question of how do I get it? I am very suspicious of the black market and have trouble trusting people that I don't know amazingly well with this kinda stuff. (probably the real reason I don't have any more) But once again, adventurous people have a solution. First off, in my opinion, you want the Mimosa Hostillis root bark. Luckily it's legal. Unfortunately, you have to boil it in a solvent (I've heard the favored one is Napthalene) and try not to blow yourself up. There are ways to do this, but as crazy as I am, I won't go there--probably mostly because I promised my wife!   Good link Ron! DMT-Nexus is an amazing site with lots of info. Their message board is full of good amazing genius's who can answer just about any question on hallucinogens, LSA, DMT, you name it. (LOTS of info on LSA, that's where I came across the info on LSH) I encourage anyone who has unanswered questions to visit their board and ask away. Or PM me! Last thought--Be Careful folks!
  10. I tried it a bunch of times a few years back. Worked great, but to completely abort a nasty hit I had to get pretty tripped out. I have to admit it was pretty amazing going from a kip 7 or 8 to completely pain free almost instantly...But I have trouble recommending it, It's some heavy duty stuff.
  11. No worries....It really was years ago and things seem to have gotten a lot better...Besides, catch me on the wrong day (usually a couple days before I get hit hard) and I'm the Ultimate A-hole! Not to mention that I'm sure I've rattled off stupid junk before thinking about it enough...I really just wanted to throw my 2 cents in as far as why people might disappear and got off track. Thanks though Hipshot and CHfather, all the support is appreciated!
  12. Who knows, maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion because of something stupid that happened years ago...I just try to remember we're all going through the same thing and let stupid comments slide.
  13. Thank you everyone! I appreciate the wisdom and support that I've gotten on this and CH.com so much....I wonder though if other people have "disappeared" because of some of the reasons I left years ago and was hesitant to join again. There is so much support and wisdom, but unfortunately there is a good bit of people who seem to want to bust people down if they don't agree with their treatment or ideas. I remember years ago getting attacked because I said cannabis helped me sometimes. I had people calling me names, telling me I don't have clusters, etc...I remember one time when I was dealing with epilepsy... a member who somehow is still around on CH.com intentionally tried to me give me a seizure by posting a flashing graphic that said "You deserve to have a seizure for that lame ass post". I've had people tell me I'm an A-hole, tell me I'm nuts, tell me that because my symptoms don't match their narrow definition of cluster headache I'm not a cluster head and I should get off the board. I've found that over the years it seems like things have gotten better...and I admit I have NEVER had any sort of issue with folks on THIS site, I think the mushy's probably help a bit more than just the head pain....but even now on CH.com, I've had people giving me enough flak with posts (check out Your brain on Oxygen for an example) that I've had people PM me saying they feel bad how people are treating me, but they're too scared that they're going to be attacked too to post something....All in all I am extremely grateful for all of you, I've found a lot of support, not to mention info I wouldn't of found anywhere else. And I always try to remind myself...Even an A-hole might just have something to teach you. In just the short time I've been back to the board I've already gotten a heck of a lot of helpful info, and I promise if I leave again, I'm gonna explain why, and thank you all.
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