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  1. I still (and recently did) take 50mg clomiphene citrate daily when in cycle. It's hard for me to determine efficacy since my cycles seem to be all over the map since losing chronic status.
  2. Please check your lot numbers if using Imitrex: http://migraine.com/blog/glaxosmithkline-issues-voluntary-imitrex-recall/
  3. Elly, great to hear of Jan's success with his surgery!!! :) My memory is short...what was it, DBS? Thanks for keeping us abreast and for your generous offer. Don't be a stranger. Bobb
  4. If you have CH and have to go in for dental work, do not let them deaden you with Xylocaine with EPI (epinepherine). It is a major trigger for headache, and a dentist worth his or her salt will know that. Instead request prilocaine or anything without EPI.
  5. For sure, and of course BIG, BIG Kudos to Dan and his epiphany! I am very, very interested in the longer term results, but am also very impressed with the results that he has had thus far!
  6. Potter is our resident philosopher and, I might add, a damn good one!
  7. Interesting stuff. Please keep us posted domino.
  8. Good stuff MG, good stuff!! Thanks!
  9. I got hit at the dentist once. This was due to administration of Xylocaine w/EPI in the dentist's office. This stuff triggered me hard. In dentist visits thereafter, I was given Citanest (Prilocaine) without EPI and did not get triggered with this. If anybody has problems with attacks while at the dentist, it may be worthwhile to inquire about what they're using on you. EPI = epinepherine
  10. Timothy Leary's files go public: http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/US_LEARY_PAPERS?SITE=AP&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=DEFAULT&CTIME=2013-09-18-07-41-10
  11. I agree that it is a step in the right direction for US drug policy. Of course the elephant in the room is that dietary drugs are BIG BUCKS for big pharma. That is why it is so vital that all primary headache sufferers join together in lobbying for congressional support. The larger the target group, the better chance it has of attracting the $$ of big pharma.
  12. I had a bleeding peptic ulcer at age 20 (44 yrs ago) and have been on various acid blockers since they first hit the states in the 70's. I am now diagnosed with GERD, and take 80mg omeprazole daily. Just and FYI. Bob
  13. Uh oh, the secret's out! PowderTrap Technology!! I can almost hear you chuckling over this find Ben mate. ;D
  14. We have got to figure out how to put a "Like" button in here!!! :) Fun Guy? Psiloscribe? Any chance?
  15. Encouraging news DB, but I don't expect you're out of the woods yet. please keep us posted. Best, Bob
  16. This is the best info on Relpax that I could come up with searching with google: http://dailymed.nlm.nih.gov/dailymed/lookup.cfm?setid=85745375-fcb6-4edc-b6db-a77b4a5f3e8c I highly recommend you talk to your neuro today. Bobb
  17. Cassidy, I think your concerns are warranted. I would suggest that dainbread get in touch with Teri Robert. I am not that familiar with Relpax to give an educated answer as to the proper way to detox from this drug, but I feel confident that Teri would or at least could refer him to someone that does know. You can contact Teri here: http://www.terirobert.com/contact.htm
  18. SPUT = Small Piece Under Tongue. This can be a fingernail size piece of shrooms or half dozen RC seeds crushed. Hang in there DB!
  19. DB, I have zero personal experience with Relpax, but plenty with verapamil and imitrex. If you would like to PM me, I would be happy to relate and help in any way that I can. Bob (alleyoop)
  20. Ann, So glad you found us, but so sad that you had the need. Just curious, but what kind of specialist did you see? The bad news is that you have been diagnosed with CH. The good news is that finding this site is a great starting point in the long road that is probably, but not necessarily ahead of you. I think that most here will tell you that with this disease, it is of utmost importance to advocate for yourself, since the medical community worldwide, for the most part, is woefully uneducated, and thus inept at treating CH. Please read, read, read. The best place I can recommend you start is The Clusterbuster Files. Click on the "Forum Jump" menu at the bottom right side of this page. Under the General Category" click "CluserBuster Files". Stay in touch and ask any question, no matter what it is. There are no stupid questions. We're here for you, Bob
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