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  1. Congratulations to two gear heads and one proud Dad!! :)
  2. chrisw, If I'm reading this right, you started detoxing two days ago. The recommended time to wait is 5 days, so you should be good to go by Wednesday, instead of Friday. I have no idea if there are other mitigating factors, such as work days or whatever, but if the pain gets so that you can't bear it, I recommend going ahead and busting as early as tomorrow. You may not get as good of a bust, but it should give you at least some temporary relief. Feel free to PM me and I will be happy to help in any way I can. Hang in there! Bob B.
  3. This is exactly what I was talking about in the "Success with Mushies" thread, and just another example of the legions of behind the scenes workers. Quote from that thread: This is what Clusterbusters is all about! And of course it is only the tip of the iceberg. Thank you for your feedback Weatherman and for the kudos to Dan, Lee Ann and Todd. They all are truly unselfish heroes, and deserve our eternal gratitude! But of course it goes without saying, so do so many others that are actively contributing both openly and behind the scenes. There are so many people out there that most have never heard of, that are contributing so much to our cause, that it is mind-boggling! And whether he wants to take credit for it or not, we all owe an eternal debt of gratitude to one man - Bob Wold, for his selfless and persistent dedication towards a solution to our common affliction!!! We love you Bob, and you will always remain my hero! I say this with the utmost humility and sincerity, Bob Bowling And kudos to you CM59!!
  4. Now I've got you placed. We have communicated on FB. Your story and jewelry are both amazing!! And congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work on the ribbon! Bob Bowling
  5. So, C59, if I'm placing you right, you fished for tuna?
  6. All threads are open to anyone who wishes to chime in Venifica. We try to stay on topic as best as we can, but other than that, there are no restrictions.
  7. Very interesting stuff Oscar. And it might be interesting to hear from others that dive, as I know of a few out there, including Xeno. I'm not sue if Xeno's presentation was recorded or not. Maybe FunGuy or Psiloscribe could answer that.
  8. We have a member, actually one of the original Clusterbusters, who lives in Ajijic, MX. This area has been written up by Nat Geo as enjoying the second best climate in the world, with very steady year-round temps. Seven years ago, I went down and stayed with Xeno (board name) for 4 weeks. At the next CB conference in Austin, TX, Xeno did a presentation on this very subject you are asking about, titled "Changes in Attitude, Changes in Latitude". There may very well be some validity to this postulation, but I, personally, think the jury is still out. :-? Bobb
  9. It's still very early in the season.
  10. Really sorry to hear about Cindy's problems Denny, but so glad that you were prepared and there for her!! Prayers going out for you guys! May the CPAP do the trick! Bob
  11. The "falling out" came way before any decision to patent BOL. I think that speculation is best kept off of public boards. It can sometimes stoke a fire that is best left to die out. JMHO, BB
  12. Well, it's waaay early, but I am loving the way they have come out of the gate.
  13. Just don't water down the fast balls -- they seem to go out as fast as they come in!
  14. And this is just one of those that took the time to write. Dan, there is just no telling how many people's lives you have touched my friend! I know I speak for everyone of us when I say, "Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unselfish contributions!" Bob Bowling
  15. I don't know Jeebs, this stuff may mess with my TV schedule. I can watch reruns or movies that I have already seen, and it's like watching them for the first time! ;D
  16. Don't overlook the Braves at 5 - 1 in the East.
  17. I know Bob is a big Cubbies fan!!! lol ;D
  18. Well, I just may have to find a way to Chi Town this year! 8-)
  19. I try to avoid the jugular.
  20. I'm with Ting ... the mouthpiece is the only way to go for me! And it leaves your hands free, if need be.
  21. One other thing BB, when you go to the dentist tomorrow, make sure they don't use xylocaine with epinepherine (EPI). Ask for prilocaine without EPI. Epinepherine can and often does trigger headache. I found this out the hard way at the dentist once -- no fun!
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