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  1. SandyC

    Shelf Life of LSD?

    You're right Bej. Hey, I haven't had to dose for several years and had forgotten the waiting period between dosing. Thanks for the reminder!!! Back in those good old days, yes, I did wait between doses and successfully busted. Thank you! I shall not bust tonight! I hope the sleeping like a rock part will last for those five days LOL
  2. SandyC

    Shelf Life of LSD?

    Hi Bej, and also CHfather. Thanks for the replies. Took my ancient seeds last night, and slept like a rock, no hits during the night, so there must be still a little potentency in them?? But have had shadows off and on all day today, nothing major just annoying, but from past experience, I know what may be coming on in the next few days. Going to take another dose of the ancients tonight, then another one, and another until I get my new seeds. I busted my CH 7 years ago using RC seeds. The seeds cut short one cycle in less than a week. They then cut off one cycle in two days and haven't had a cycle since. I am a believer in the seeds, and if this is the beginning of another cycle for me, the seeds will bust it again.
  3. SandyC

    Shelf Life of LSD?

    How about shelf life of Rivia Corembosa (sp) seeds. I have been pain free from CH for a little over 7 years after busting with seeds, but I think they are trying to come back. Have had my seeds in a sealed glass jar in the fridge that long. I have ground up seeds, soaking now, hoping they are still potent to bust, but have also ordered a new shipment. thanks SandyC
  4. SandyC

    new here, and have a few questions

    I can't speak to LSD or Psilocybin, but I can speak for RC seeds. They worked wonders for me, possibly because I am episodic and not a chronic sufferer. But they WORKED! I busted one cycle with two doses spread 5 days apart, using O2 to abort hits. Gone until the next cycle began. One dose and O2 - the cycle was gone again. I've been totally pain free going on five years. I keep my seeds handy, having some of the old ones, but fresh ones too, plus I still have my dusty O2 tank filled and ready to go, just in case. I'll NEVER say "never". Sandy
  5. OUCH would like to thank Bob Wold for speaking at our convention in Nashville and to thank you "busters" who also attended. We hope that all of you enjoyed being with us and gained a lot of information from our speakers, Dr. Peter Goadsby, Tony Eafrati with LifeGas, and of course, your wonderful Bob Wold. Bob's presentation was extremely informative giving attendees up to date information on the alternative methods available to sufferers. The information about the BOL treatment was exciting to hear about and OUCH is very much in support of this research. Bob also passed around a questionnaire to all attendees asking us to answer that might indicate whether sufferers may be also experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Speaking for myself, it had never occurred to me that having cluster headaches could produce this disorder. This was enlightening, and, with Bob's permission, can OUCH share this same questionnaire with it's full membership? Bob's presentation was flawless, until the wall poster fell and engulfed Ed's (Val's husband) head. There was, I must admit, laughter in the room. Again, Bob, thank you for bringing and sharing so much information with OUCH. Sandy Cullen
  6. SandyC

    I got to meet Bob, Kaboom, Guissepi'n Brew (!)

    Uh, I would have to say, yeah! He's a cutie! (Are you blushing now, Matt?) Sandy
  7. SandyC

    I got to meet Bob, Kaboom, Guissepi'n Brew (!)

    I'm glad I got to meet you there too! I had no idea what your real name was until you walked in and said "Hi! I'm Bejeeber!" Bob Wold gave an outstanding presentation. I learned a lot from him and am excited about the BOL prospects. SandyC
  8. SandyC

    Questions re: seeds and welding Oxygen

    Kara Ann, my sympathies also. As to rc seed, when you first begin to bust you may (I most certainly did) experience some pretty nasty hits, which I aborted only with Red Bull and welder's 02. That first cycle trying the busting method with seeds wasn't nice, but it was extremely SHORT! My cycle completely stopped/ended in less than two weeks - unheard of before. I rent my tank from a welder supply co, bought my regulator from e-bay (only goes to 15 lpm, and my mask through CH.com (wasn't the Opti-mask back in those days). My tank rents for $56 per year, with about $17 fill up. Not a real problem right now with the low lpm reg and no Opti-mask, but I haven't needed either one in over four years. Total PF (jeez, where's my piece of wood to knock on??) Sandy
  9. SandyC

    rc seed mixture

    She's had them since THIS Christmas? Has she been to a doctor? DITTO Ron. She needs to get to a headache specialist pronto. Please, do not self-diagnose these headaches. She must rule out anything that might be much more serious to her life than CH. Sandy
  10. SandyC

    whats your triggers?

    Alcohol in any way shape or form. I can't touch it when in cycle, or symptoms of starting a cycle. Out of cycle - no problem. SandyC
  11. I bought a decent grade pepper grinder for my rc seeds, not ever to be used for pepper. I put about 35 or so seeds in, grind them up and soak them in water for about a hour, then chug the whole thing down, including the sludge. My motto is sludge is our friend. Works for me every time. Only abort other than the seeds I use is oxygen. BTW, I also take my seeds out of the little plastic bag they came in and put them in a small glass jelly jar with a screw on top - keep them in the fridge. The potency lasts longer. SandyC
  12. SandyC

    Friends and Family just don't get it!

    My sentiments exactly. I don't give a rat's ass what anybody else thinks. I'm doing what I need to do with phenomenal success. The only other person who's opinion matters to me is my husband. He's seen first hand the results of my "medication" and is all for it. Even if he objected I would still do what I need to do. I don't even care what my children think, which is something on the order of "OMG! Mom's doing drugs!!!!!" Nobody matters. Sandy
  13. SandyC

    Friends and Family just don't get it!

    I love this thread. Several years ago, I was at a wedding reception with lots of people, many of whom were close friends who knew I had CH, and some of whom had even witnessed a very bad hit. I was talking to one of those friends who asked me how I was doing with my CH. I explained that I was doing extremely well with a combination of rc seeds and 100% oxygen. There was a lady that I didn't know sitting across from me who was listening intently. She started shaking her head at me and then pipes up "that is completely ridiculous". I asked her why she said that and she replied that she was an RN and had never heard of using oxygen for a headache let alone something called rc seeds. I asked her how much time during her nursing training did she spent on headaches alone, and cluster headaches specifically. She admitted she could not remember anything about clusters but they did spend a day or so on headaches. I said "go back to school". Sandy
  14. SandyC

    Hi, new here. Questions bout detox and seeds.

    By all means, if you can't get a script for O2, go with welders. I went to my local welder's supply shop, rented a humongous tank (lovely addition to my decor)- $56.00 per year, refills are about $17 bucks, Bought a non-rebreather mask and a regulator that goes to 15 lpm (25 or above lpm is better than what I have) from e-bay! Can't remember for sure, but max out of pocket expense for both was less than $100. If you do go the welder's route, recommendation is, do not tell them you are going to breathe in their O2. Only if they ask, just say you are going to weld a lovely wrought iron fence or something. It was easy in my case, I sell parking lot lighting with big tall steel poles that need to be welded now and then. Just be creative. BTW- my tank, regulator, mask, bubble bag, all of it, is very dusty. And, I apparently have lost my feather duster! ;D It hasn't been used in four years. Sandy
  15. SandyC

    Is anyone NOT triggered by alcohol?

    If in cycle - I will not touch alcohol in any way shape or form Out of cycle - meet me at the bar! Since I've been pain free for a little over four years using the seeds, the bar is probably where you would want to meet me. Sandy