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  1. I'm sure this exists somewhere here, but I just ran across it doing a search on google. Interesting. -T http://psychonautdocs.com/docs/sewell_2009_unauthorized_research_on_cluster_headache.pdf
  2. Man, that is effin AWESOME! -T
  3. I just checked again and it's working now. Must have been bad timing. -T
  4. I can have pain and circling going on in my head while I'm laying there all drowsy. Get up and sometimes it dissipates. Makes me think I was just reliving the joy of a ch in my dreamstate. -T
  5. Ha! Thinking's highly underrated. Two cases is good. -T
  6. Interesting article Bob... kind of changes the way to look at the autonomic symptoms. I always thought they were reactions to the pain. VA, assume you get the floaters more intensely when sleepy or in dim light. That's pretty normal. If the eye doc didn't see a retinal tear, it's probably more related to rubbing your eye too much. I've had floaters for years after getting kicked in the head sparring in karate. I had a partial tear.
  7. Wooh, I kind of lost track of what you're asking for in the context of that long story. Brevity is a virtue. Regarding your doctor saying you'll get better on the Zomig, well, I'd say what doctors do best is toil away while the body heals itself. The pain at the base of the skull, unless sympathetic, is as far as I know not indicative of CH. You've had this long enough to know what you have, but that seems a little off the mark. I respect you position on O2, but I will say you might not have a high enough throughput. 15lpm or higher. Cannabis withdrawal can produce severe headaches. If you found a good reason not to use it, why go back? http://www.drug-rehab.com/marijuana_addiction.php The triptans can help you get through a tight spot, but I really think they make it worse in the long run. I reserve mine for 8+ episodes. -T
  8. Les, Way to go! I wonder if there are any case studies here yet that could bolster your case. It may be a bit early. -T
  9. Very interesting symposium. I wonder if it would be possible to get a transcript or video of his session. -T
  10. Try taking 9-12mg of melatonin at night. You can buy it at any drug store. It's sold as a natural sleep aid, and works that way, but is also known to work as a prevent for night HAs. -T
  11. Les, What are your objectives for the meeting? What do you want to happen with this? -T
  12. Actually, although a high number with MS die, it's not MS itself, it's complications related to the MS. Suicide is a major cause, renal failure due to infections from catheters, dehydration, choking. The perception of MS is grim for sure. Changing the perception of CH is really what's needed. Not that it needs to appear grim, but raising awareness of the impact it does have on people's lives. This is happening with migraine. -T
  13. I'm so glad to see you back, VA. Hate to lose a contributing member. Make sure you get at least a 15 LPM regulator...you need a high flow and as close to 100% O2 as you can get, which is where a good mask comes in. You don't want ambient air seeping in, reducing the O2 purity. It's a great abort for many. You'll have to try different durations to see what works for you, but there's no risk staying on for 30 mins or more at a time if you need to (other than using up all your O2). Most of us avoid alcohol when in cycle (or always for us chronics) because it's a known trigger. -T
  14. Sure sounds like good news, Angel. Is he the first to go PF in 2011? -T
  15. Potter, If you want to know yourself at the end of the day as someone who added no value whatsoever, stay your course.
  16. You guys are pretty self-righteous. The guy didn't say anything nasty or evil, just a little naive. How do you think he's going to feel about you when he reads your post, Potter. I know, I know - you don't care, just trying to be funny and cool. You're not. -T
  17. Hey, [highlight]Happy Birthday Lee Ann![/highlight]
  18. Unfortunately I wasn't able to access this...message said it's not available in my area (US). It definitely sounds interesting. -T
  19. Honestly, CHFather, I would feel a bit weird about donating to a private enterprise. I would not go very deep into my pocket without it being in the context of a public offering of shares or even some slight percentage of interest. I'm all for the cause, but at the end of the day, it's a private venture. There hasn't been much in the way of communications regarding direction, status, etc. A bit of a hoorah here and there but not much real info regarding the study protocols, probability of success, etc. Not really clear what we'd be investing in. -T
  20. It's a believable site, but I really don't understand their product mix given market demand we are aware of. Who is using these products? The cannabis substances I would believe are in high demand, but pure LSD, BOL, etc. - who's buying this stuff? If we can figure that out, we may be closer to a producer. -T
  21. If you click on the little flag on their website it comes up in english. Interesting site. -T
  22. Thanks Ting. That was my second round. Three tries the first time, two heaping helping tries this time. I hate to fall back on the meds, but really couldn't help it...was kind of on the edge. They shot me up full of blocks yesterday so I'm not quite as bad with the ongoing shadows, but still getting hit. I'm avoiding trex as much as possible. I do shoot toradol for pain but that's nowhere near as effective as the trex for aborting. Like you say, takes a while I think. I can't expect anything different...I've been on high doses of a lot of meds and they haven't taken care of it. Need to give this a solid chance to work. -T
  23. Hey, I am feeling better. Thanks D. This isn't the first time I've heard of sex working wonders, and a little sexercise now and again is good for you heart too. -T
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