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  1. Hi guys and gals. I am sorry I haven't been here in a week or two , both my son and I have been pretty sick with the flu, on top of my cycle its been real fun. lol. Any ways, I need to get a life Ins policy.Have been busting with shrooms for a few weeks, I need to know.... Do I need to wait and if I do how long?Thanks in advance, Adam. Pf wishes to you all.
  2. WHAT HAVE I DONE? LOL!!! Maybe I should market it and make a couple mil, of course I would gift half of my take here. I think I got a better idea, Ill start feeding chocolate to pigs and then there would be choc flavored pork chops,bacon,Ham .......Hmmmmmm makes me think :
  3. Well I'm checking in. It's 2 days since my dose and things have been pretty good,. I have just had a solid shadow , no real pain just kind of a lil pressure. I could deal with that for as long as I have to.I am not wanting to jinx myself...But...WOOOWHOOÂ FIGURES...I JINXED IT..just got hit..Crap!!!
  4. Morning, I am here and in one piece.Last night went well. I just turned on the comedy channel and giggled a couple times. I do not know, I must be immune. I hope it worked. I was a little restless and slightly itchy(LOL) . After about three hours, went to bed and got 4 hrs sleep. only one low scale wake up hit, knocked it out with o2 in about 20 min. Feeling good this morning. Off to work. Have a good day everyone.PFW Adam
  5. Bacon, Choclate, Bacon covered in choclate, Hot dogs. I dont smoke it but tried it on suggestion,weed. got hit hard that night. dont drink, so dont know.
  6. Its me again. well, quick update. It is sat night. I have gone threw another "T"Tank,(man these things are big), and I cant wait any longer!! Boiling water as I type. No sitter. Still a little weary, but no choice. I will check back tomorrow and let every one know I'm okay. Hopefully it wont be at 5am, would like to get at least a couple hrs sleep if possible.......LOL ....looks like wet saw dust. taste like wet sawdust. geez ,only if saw dust was our answer. Okay kidding aside, cross your fingers for me. DOWN THE HATCH  [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif] [smiley=2vrolijk_08.gif]
  7. http://www.ouch-us.org/downloads/ch_syndrome.pdf
  8. Morning guys and gals. Just a quick update. Was not able to fight the beast. Had to put it off for a couple reasons, and I hated not being able to battle.However,it was probably wise.... As I wasn't in the right state of mind and with out a sitter, it may of gone in the wrong direction fast. Still having a steady attack with only a few breaks in the last couple days,thankfully there only around a 3, so I can deal with that with. I"M thinking I may able to fight the demon in a day or two. trying to get to a better place( emotionally) first. Do not want to get..... stupid! So that's it, hope everyone else is doing well. I will check back in soon. Adam
  9. HI, don't wait for the o2. You can get it at a welding shop,can get the regulator on ebay and the mask here at the o2 store located up on the left side of your screen that says menu.it will be your new best friend, read everything here and educate yourself, you can help yourself more and faster than the doctors.Ask questions the folks here understand and know what it is you feel,unless the doctors have this they cant even begin to understand the pain and hopeless feelings we have until we help ourselves.Pain free wishes and lots of luck. Adam
  10. Good morning, finally got a break. around 3 am kip dropped to around a 2. I feel like a new man, however my body is just exhausted. I am concerned I have gone from a episodic to chronic. not what I am prepared for. I hope I'm wrong. Going to give it another shot tonight. Hope everyone else is holding up well. PFW from me to all of you.
  11. Hi guys and gals. have not been around in almost a week, not by choice. The demon has been stomping on me bad. the last 24 hrs have been even worse, one solid hit(kip7)that started yesterday about 4pm and hasnt stopped or decreased in kip. I have gone threw a brand new 5ft tall 30 inch around aviator tank of o2 in under 30 hrs. my kip keeps jumping( kip9) and I hit it with o2 and it brings it back to my (kip7)but that only lasts maybe 20-30 min. really ruff ride. I am going to dose it tomorrow night again! maybe the next one will be the winner. I am only here right now because I had to try and distract myself,took 15 min to write this. I will let every body know how it goes . Gotta go
  12. It does sound funny, but the veggies work. Just remember to place them in a zip lock bag, You don't want the bag to open and squirt defrosted veg juice on your pillow, your head and into your bed!    Don't ask how I know, I just do!    Also ,if other folks live in your home, mark the bags as DO NOT USE FOR FOOD.Don't want someone cooking them after they have been defrosted and refrozen several times. I have also used the freezer trick many many times the cold air helps me. I tried going outside for the cold air but at 2 am when you had been warm and in PJ's,It doesn't work so well as you start to shiver. so the freezer it was, but I was loosing all the cold air out of the open door,so had to come up with the towel or (hood) trick to keep most cold air in freezer as possible.
  13. CThe Night of the Living lustrHeads! Scary. Now thats funny right there!!! only reading it!!! not living it.
  14. TY Ting. You know we will try just about anything. Some things work well, some dont.
  15. Hi, Good work on defense. couple of tips if you dont mind. #1. Never try and convince yourself its not happening...... At the first feeling...... you attack it!!!! Redbull,icepacks, o2. never hesitate.!!!! # 2. I use frozen vegetables inside a extra baggie.they mold to your head better,for better coverage. I have several, as there only cold for a little while then I switch to another while refreezing the first.#3. I have recently started to go to sleep with the veges already placed on my pillow, I fall asleep with my head on them .kind of as a preventative. seems to work 70% of the time. #4. Until you get o2, if the ice and redbull isn't working, go to the freezer and stick your head in and breath deep for awhile.. I throw a towel over the top of the door and drape it over my head and close the bottom. like a hood.( trying to keep as much as the cold air in the freezer as possible.)# 5. get o2!!! Rocking back and fourth is normal for us. best wishes!!!!!
  16. Update. Today wasn't bad ,a few shadows. knocked down by energy drinks. but tonight I got a pretty solid hit, felt it hit my teeth and then almost immediately smacked me up side the head,happened in under 3 min.   I was at work and not near the o2, had to grab a ice bag and muddle threw work, fortunately only had a half hour to go.hit the o2 as fast as I could get to it, had to pull 3-20 min sessions to knock it down. glad that's over, at least for a little bit. fingers still crossed and hopeful. And PF wishes for everybody
  17. That just about sums it up!
  18. Thanks guys, good point about post dose hits. I'll ride it out and see. last night ,not so bad. Only two mild hits, knocked down with o2. still have that top of head mild burn and a little tingle in the teeth. I could live with that forever if I had to, compared to what I had been experiencing. going to stay hopeful that things will subside. Thanks again to everyone and to the ANGELS for there help in making my battle possible.
  19. Welcome, I know about the teeth pain all to well. For me it starts there.When I feel it in my teeth I know I'm in for a hell of a ride, and it comes real quick after hitting the teeth.  I see you are in Italy, try and find a welding supply warehouse,U can get o2 there. You will think you found a miracle once you use O2.but you have to catch it quick with the o2! I'm glad you found your way here,as you are not alone and the folks here we be glad to help send you in the right direction for getting yourself some relief from the pain. Best wishes for you. Educate yourself here, and you can help yourself, help yourself!! Sorry ,forgot. yes redbull!! and Ice packs they will help as well.
  20. S.O.B! 8 min after posting ,I get hit. off to jump on the O2!  ARGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!    I'm back, 20 min o2 ,feeling better. I am thinking this isn't looking very promising. I may have to jump up to 3g. might be a ruff ride, but ill take it. got to bust this cycle
  21. May be to soon for a update. last night was my second bust in two weeks.I increased from 1.5g up to 2g. Seemed to go well. wasn't intense, a little distortion in my hearing,slight vision wiggles and a little restlessness. Today I feel a little sluggish, had a small normal headache(felt like a light constant pressure over the top of my head with a little burn thrown in)not really painful, just knew it was there,felt it from the time I got up till present, about 12 hrs so far. So that's it for now. No cluster, no pain worth mentioning. Going to have to see what the night brings. fingers crossed.Â
  22. This monster must been ease-dropping yesterday,It knew I was going to dose it tonight.... so it attacked early, normally it gets me around 1 am. Tonight it attacked at 6:30 pm. fought it with o2 and ice ,chased it away for now.... but I can feel it stalking me in the shadows. I'm gonna get that sucker and kick it hard. Not going to show it any mercy...... just like it does to all of us....... Tomorrow is supposed to be one of the nicest days we will have around here for a while,I plan on taking advantage of it ....pain free and able to get out and enjoy it. I might even let my son stay home from school, so we can go to the park and make up for some of the days we lost this summer.Â
  23. Well,checking in. I am sure glad I found this over sized o2 tank. I needed it this weekend,went threw it in 3 days and nights. I would of gone threw 3 or 4 M tanks compared to the 1 aviator tank.         It's now been 5 nights since my last dose and it couldn't get here soon enough!                  I will be re dosing tomorrow night just to be sure my receptors are open to take the med willingly.   I thought things were evening out after the last dose, but this frikkin monster is just brutal.It snuck back in two days after the dose, it was hiding in the shadows.and when the lights go out at night ,it pounces. Ruthless sneak attacks that last for hours at a time. The o2 helps but doesn't chase it away completely, so the battle continues till the sun starts to appear, and then it falls back to the shadows, till the next night when the lights go out. I am actually going to try and go to bed with the lights on tonight to see if the monster is scarred to attack when its bright. tomorrow night I fight back, and I plan on winning the battle!  I seem to have gotten off track, I will be getting a new large tank of o2, as I need to restock the battle tools.
  24. Major PF wishes, for all of you!!!!
  25. Well, no one really ever wants a 8.And I would prefer to never even have a 1. But after surviving 10s for extended periods of time, a 8 is major relief. Things south of the city are starting to even out I believe. only 4or 5 shadows today, only reached for the o2 twice. Starting to get a little tinge in the jaw and teeth now so going to hit the o2 and breath. That should hold me till about a hour or so after I fall asleep. Hopefully the o2 will push it back again tonight and I'll miss the sun coming up for the second morning in a row.If that happens, I will be thinking I'm on a new pattern. Fingers crossed, o2 nearby and monster on the run (I hope). Hope you got the monster on the run as well!!
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