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  1. Really enjoyed that Moxie, thanks for sharing, very enlightening!!x
  2. Totally agree and yeah as well as needles from the chemist, kids can get condoms and contraception without parental guidance here...
  3. One month history?? don't think you mis-read Didgens, it's confusing... I had pituitary MRI 4 Jan, I thought it was a waste of everyone's time, well I hope it was... Good Neuro eh,ruling everything out
  4. A great piece to read, thanks. The day they put something effective out there can't come soon enough. I knew that there is a risk of clots/stroke with migraine suffers, my doc won't allow me to have the contraceptive pill for this reason, so it was interesting to read/confirm that they think migraines may cause small clots to form...
  5. [smiley=thumbsup.gif] This is GREAT news wonderful to have ya back properly
  6. Fabac - I sure can get them from the pharmacy, at no cost...from the 'drug addict window' lol...I'll go in with dark shades and my hat on i think  ;D I'm sure they wouldn't give them to me to tamper with my injections... Same to you my lovely, wishing you many many PFDN too
  7. Look at you go girl!! Switswoo!!! You should be VERY proud of yourself x
  8. Fingers crossed you're back up and running sooner rather than later, NOT so FAB without you x
  9. ToniEvo


    Cheers for all the info and concerns, great to know we're all looked after in every aspect!! Like Fabac said, this family feels right, no pressure just lots of love Hey BTW Tangerine army - i'm defo a girly not a mister - honest:) heehee - Just have a daft name lol
  10. OMDays!! There I was in my not so infinite wisdom thinking I was on a low dose...no wonder it makes me feel like poop!! Next move, local pharmacy for some needles then!! Hooray/yippee for me for having you guys here docs don't tell us what this stuff does to us lesser mortals Cheers m'dear
  11. This is totally amazing Many, many congratulations and enormous thanks to you Bob and all your admin team on this 'life-changing' site, and same to everyone else that give their time to contribute with support and advice. Wishing you all the best of everything during 2015
  12. Hi Bejeeber, Thanks for the reply and advice They're already a lowish dose I believe...'each pre-filled 0.5ml cartridge syringe contains 6 mg sumitriptan' My nasal sprays are 20mg. I have seen the video and info on reducing the dose, I'll look at taking them down to 2mg?? Thanks again
  13. Hi folks Was prescribed Verapamil byNeuro,it did help, but came off it after about a week due to the 'common' side effects, i won't go into too much info, you all know how they 'bung' you up and mess with your guts! Anyway, the old brain started being attacked again about 2 weeks after stopping the Verapamil, so I guess i'll be giving it a go again...maybe I'll take some syrup of figs Any tips?? I have another question too...when any of you guys have your injection, what side effects do you get?? For about 10 minutes my brain and the back of my nose feel like they are on fire, it's intense and really horrible. What a relief when it goes and takes the pain with it!! I never got this with the nasal spray - which never seemed to work anyway...Just wondered if it was usual, I must say though, I don't mind as it takes away the pain Lv n big hugs to u all
  14. Hey MG, you're amazing, it sounds superb and something I'd really like to use...gotta be better than the sheet the Neuro gave me. I'm totally clueless with making spreadsheets but I can fill them in lol Thanks so much for coming up with this and for being generous enough to want to share x
  15. ToniEvo


    So pleased for you!! Well done!!
  16. I missed the Merry/Happy Christmas so taking the opportunity to wish all you incredible people an amazing 2015 full of love, joy peace, happiness AND MANY MANY PAIN FREE DAYS AND NIGHTS!!! Big thanks to you all
  17. Ahh sending best wishes to you MG, really feel for you!! I really hope you manage to get some pain free time and get that bust in!! Sounds like you've got on a vicious 'merry-go-round' with the CH and migraine cycle...hope you can kick the migraines into touch so you can throttle the CH!!! I could shake your house-mates for you...I know exactly where you're coming from...My hubby leaves me alone for ages sometimes because he doesn't know what to do for the best...leave me or disturb me...Could you make sure you keep some bottles of water/flask in your room as a just in case?? Sending many best wishes and even more hugs your way !!
  18. Hi all, Hope you've had a great Christmas!! I find 'Brain-freeze' at the right point of the pain starting works for me too Especially if it's from the 'Monster Energy high caffeine Coffee drink' I prefer this to the 'pop' drink...It doesn't work if I've left it too late though...
  19. ToniEvo


    Cheers, I've checked; the box to keep email private is already 'checked'... I think like you said, they're members, I know one lady is anyway.
  20. I would define a 'vivid' dream for me as in colour, it is life-like, can be happy, sad or scary!! I definitely remember them in detail, they don't fade on waking... I might dream of my Grandma talking to me or as I say 'visiting me'. Only a couple of nights ago, I had a dream in a dream.. I was dreaming, but I knew at a certain point that I was dreaming because I thought I'd woken up with this dark 'thing' pinning me down in bed, I was trying to call my husband but the sound was only coming out as a squeak. I thought this was really happening, that I was awake now...Then my voice came out and I managed to scream, at this point I actually woke myself, my husband and the dog up!! The weird thing is, I still felt like I was being pinned down for a good few minutes!! Now going back to the question of vivid dream preceding an attack...I had a humdinger at work again today following a couple of very short lived, not too painful episodes last night ...Still shadowing... Also had a nasty episode following my injection where I felt like my entire brain was actually on fire...anyone else had that? But I guess that's for a new thread... Best wishes guys x
  21. ToniEvo


    Hmmm. I had an email from a lovely lady from 'Ouch' in the UK. She said she'd contacted me as I'd posted on the ClusterBuster forum and wanted to let me know there is a group in the UK etc...also a very kind and lovely lady on the other Cluster.com site Wonder how they got my email then..? Like I said though, not a problem. Thanks
  22. ToniEvo


    This also puzzled me too, re: privacy, not that I have any issues with anyone from here contacting me whatsoever, It is completely fine, but, I had a couple of messages to my private email back in September...That's the main reason I put my email on here last week, I thought everyone must have access to it anyway?? Can random non members also see/access my email address?? Do I need to make my 'user name' less obvious?? Cheers m'dears
  23. Right handed. Left side pain. Sometimes switches to right. Plenty of head/neck injuries and concussion as a child. First Migraine attack followed concussion... Emotional/psychological trauma. Vivid dreams (never noticed if these are linked though)
  24. Cheers Fab HUGS right back at you
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