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  1. I have often wondered if chs are a form of demonic possession. No I am not religious and yes I am serious. Anyone else have thoughts on this cause I know damn well tha in my case prayer does not help.
  2. I live between attacks. I am chronic ch with little to no breaks...ever. been this way for 10 years. My hobbies include dabbling in psychedelic drugs and I live way off the grid on our family homestead in Montana. I am a retired professional musician and I love hanging around with my odd friends who are mostly societies rejects. I am married and have six kids. I am the ultimate mountain man stoner punk rock dude blessed with the beast. The beast is my friend cause he likes me to do shrooms to make both of us happy. I am happy just to participate in this brutal life us ch folks live. We are super heroes. Best to all. Psychedelic Brian reporting from the lp3 ranch.
  3. Has anyone noticed that if you are in cycle and you accidentally hurt yourself that your clusters go away until you heal. I have had this happen to me twice. I am not advocating self harm btw.
  4. Been busting with vitamin m for years. No problem. Then...bam. getting high just watching tv. Bam...high walking around my yard. Bam...haven't busted in a week. What gives? Have I fried my brain. Will the flashback subside? Anyone else experience this? Should I stop vit m? God I hope not. Please respond
  5. Been awhile since I have said hi. I went ch free for 8 months. Then bam! They are back. Went 5 years 3 or more ch a day with no break. 8 month break made me think I was cured. Wrong! Busted 2 times this last 10 days, feeling much better. Busting again soon. Not suicidal. A huge bonus. Found I am very fortunate that I sold my guns. Hmmmm. Hope all have a pain free day. Loves from Montana.
  6. Last night i had my 3rd of 5 ch. I was crying when i started laughing. Remember fg the scene where l dan was riding on the sails taunting god "is that all you have!" i started quoting this and it brought humor into the room. I wish i could get a new head like l dan got new legs. Love all_
  7. lp3

    Suicide plan

    If you have a suicide plan let someone know. It might save your life.
  8. troller. making our site less than it should be. i vote delete this fool.
  9. moderator, get rid of this troller please.
  10. good advice. Thanks all. day 9 and only 2 bad attacks while on prednisone vs 3-8 daily before. I feel like a new man.Now I need to work on my ptsd.
  11. So...after 5 months of chronic 3-8 attacks daily I started busting with seeds. Worked great 1st time, about 2 weeks, then a 3 day remission, then none. Started to get suicidal, had no vit m and went to dr. He put me on 20 mg prednisone. Busted my CH in 1/2 day. Now he thinks its a good idea to take 20mg of prednisone every day for the next 5 months. he even gave me a script for it. I don't think this is the correct course of treatment for me. I want to bust again with vit m in about a week. how long should I wait to use vit m after steroids? I was thinking 7 days steroid free and then back to vit m. Thoughts? so glad I did not jump in front of a truck when I wanted 2. Steroids worked but...not for ever.
  12. Bob, thanks for trying to push alternatives through. Your form however has me wondering 2 things. You only allow people to write about LEGAL busting or abortives. The truth is MOST people, as you know use the less than standard legal busting alternatives. Thus, if this form is being sent to the government, do we want to let them know what we CH's are up too. Trust issues I know is paranoia but still. Any advice? Thanks for all you do.
  13. Gosh, has anyone ever busted without slapbacks using RC, Morning Glories, LSD, LSA, LSH, mm etc. Really wish I knew if this was a reality as slapbacks for 3-5 days suck. Tried them all. Suggestions. Please don't say have oxygen at hand. Oh so tired am I.
  14. Has any other chronic ever started to get seizures while sleeping or tremors during the day? New symptoms, same old daily unbearable pain. Also now I lose my ability to speak while CH in full force. Can only say words that start with the letter H.I know what I am saying but all that comes out of my mouth are words with H. Also vomiting 3-8 times w/ Ch now. Thanks for responses.
  15. I've been in the most severe chronic cycle now for at least a month. Have tried all previous busting methods but nothing works now. Has anyone ever heard of someone unable to get any relief for the rest of their lives? I am scared to death. 3+ CH or more everyday. I have tried all remedies which I won't bore you with. Answers?
  16. Thanks for all the responses. I will try to gather records and get a lawyer. I am desperate. Thanks again.
  17. 5 year chronic. 3-5 daily attacks. After months of busting I still get at least one per day. I am a terrible chronic. Lost my jobs, some friends, social life, blah, blah blah! Question, What are my chances of getting on US disability. Any tried? Any success/horror stories. I am so poor that I live without running water or electricity due to lack of money. This is not a sob story for pity please. Just need advice thanks.
  18. I am a chronic, used to be 3-5 attacks daily, now after months of busting I get usually one per day. Terrible chronic. Now my triggers and not triggers. Triggers: Eating anything at all. Really. I try to not eat unless I am getting so hungry I have to. Relaxing. Napping (huge one!) A change in the weather kills me. Heat. I need it cool. Alcohol. Any processed foods. Any nightshade family foods. Driving a car. chewing any type of gum. perfume aftershave. soap smells fingernail polish smell being on the computer very long or watching a tv screen going to the dentist! Time of day. 2pm, 7pm, 1AM, these are my alarm clock guaranteed hits daily. Not triggers for me that are triggers for others: smoking. I actually find smoking gets me out of a bad attack sometimes. light. sounds marijuana airplane flights Well there is my list. Hope it helps.
  19. Pain Free! Thanks Clusterbusters

  20. I have found that if you eliminate all msg from your diet (and the 70 or more secret names for msg like high fructose corn syrup etc) you will see a huge improvement. Also eliminate all nightshade foods. Tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers. This helped me tremendously. Stay away from foods that are grown low to the ground. No Celery, onions, or broccoli. The farther up the tree the better it will be. Eat NO processed foods especially processed meat. Look up and google the 70 secret names of msg. That will be a good start. Stay away from any exciter drugs. If you want to get well fast this is a good start. at least it has been for me. I am a chronic 5 year sufferer who used to have 5+ attacks daily. Now I get 1 about once a week. The diet sucks but then again my head feels so much better and boy oh boy did I lose some weight. You must not cheat on the diet even once if it is going to work for you. I hope this helps because it is the only thing that has worked for me. Alas though, I dream of food every night. Seriously, the diet totally will work and you will hate it though. Now throw away your food and get some that is real. If it comes in a can, or a wrapper, it probably belongs in a dumpster. Please try this. Best!
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