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  1. Hi! I was just reading a comment of yours on the message board. You said hallucinogens. I just got some mushrooms. It will be the first time I will be trying them for headache relief. Just wondering if you can direct me in any way to some information on dosage. Thanks. 

    1. Ricardo


      I would take between 1.5 grams - 2 grams of dried mushrooms, wait 5-7 days, take the same dose again, wait 5-7 days and then dose again one last time.  To take them you can just eat them but I find I get less nausea if I make them into a tea.  I bring a cup of water just barely to a boil and then pour it over the ground up mushrooms and some mint.  Let it all steep for 10 minutes then strain it out, drink the tea and throw out the mushrooms.  Good luck and feel free to ask more questions.


    2. Mindblown


      Hi again! So I took the mushrooms, but was told they were very strong so I was scared to take too much. I have taken 4 doses now and although I do believe they have helped, I'm still getting headaches. They are only lasting 25 minutes instead of 2 hours, but they are full intensity. I also feel many mild headaches a day, with just heat and soreness but not a full death headache. I am going to take the last of what I have, but my question is, should I try a different batch of mushrooms??

    3. Ricardo


      How much of the mushrooms did you take each time?  I have to admit, that I have heard "they are really strong" a lot of times.  Sometimes they are, sometimes they are not :)  It seems like it is doing something so I would keep at it if you can.  A number of people have reported slight success at first and better success the more often they do it.  If you can deal with the experience I would up the dose a little as well.  As long as you are feeling the effects of the mushroom I would assume that another batch will not be different.  If you seem to not be getting much more relief from the shrooms I would switch it up to some LSA containing seeds (Heavenly Blue morning glory or Rivea Corymbosa are my picks.  Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds work as well but you need to prepare them a bit of you want to avoid gastric problems.)