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  1. Thank you @Batch! You've always been helpful! About the Vit D3 regimen, I followed it last year before my cycle, and initially, my Vit-D3 were very low, around 10ng/mol, and in a months time, I was able to safely take it up to 80+. However, unfortunately, I still entered my cycle that year and had quite a bad experience managing it that year. It started around the end of December and stretched around the end of Feb this year. I thought I needed to raise my vit D higher so I continued loading and last I checked was 110ng/mol with no luck. That time around, when the cycle was at peak
  2. With cluster headache now in control, I really want to take control of this secondary headache that disables me. The headache is a pulsating headache right at the base of the skull where the ligaments of the neck attach to the head. Exertion intensifies the pain. Extreme sensitivity to Light (LED light). Lasts for nearly 6 hours when uncontrolled. A few of my triggers are when I run/jog exercise after a weeks break, getting dehydrated rapidly, diesel smoke from vehicles on the road, greasy food, bright lights etc. No matter the trigger, all of these elements exacerbates the headache sever
  3. That is true. I also feel traumatised during my cycles too, particularly after a few intense attacks, but one must also keep relationships healthy and when the beast is not around its good for a change in mood, until the attacks come super intense and then I regret it. I agree there really is some relation between the two.
  4. Having suffered from Episodic cycles for the past 10 years. During my cycles I have noticed that whenever I have sex (ejaculate), I get more attacks per 24hrs for the next few days. To be particular, my attacks usually occur only once in the morning, but when I have sex the night before, I'll get a painful attack during my night's sleep, and then again in the morning, and the severity of pain is also relatively much higher than it was usually, before sex. So both frequency and intensity of the attacks increase for me and its not a single occurrence. I'm curious to know if anyone else
  5. I wanted to ask a similar question. Every year I used to get my headaches right at the peak of Fall season. Particularly when trees have shed and when their leaves start to rustle with the dry and cold wind. I noticed that over the years my cycle was delayed by 2 weeks. So 8 years ago it was around November and this year it was in January just before Spring. However, for the first time that I can recall, my cycle started at the end of November And the headache is on the opposite side of my head. I assume it was triggered by a Nasal Spray that I used to relieve my stuffy nose for a good ni
  6. Thank you for the quick reply Batch, To the question about Rx Medication, no, I don't take any other medications, only the supplements. About Riboflavin, I'll see if I can take more of that but I remember researching why my pee color had turned neon yellow with the multi-vitamins, I found that it is because of excess riboflavin? so should I irrespectively load up more riboflavin? I also try to take a glass of milk with curcumin in it at night before bed, often as well as in meals. Also, it is oranges season so will try to eat more for Vit-C.
  7. Thank you Batch, for personally responding, Commenting back on my original post, coincidently it was a viral infection in one eye combined with flu that caused the stuffy nose. But I'm now confirmed into my cycle and I'm in serious pain. I never checked my vitD levels before, assuming I had loaded the right schedule based on the formula that targetted 80ng/ml, but suffering for the past few days, and assuming my levels may be low, I continued loading and gave my sample for tests but my samples were twice misplaced (bad luck there), until today that I got my results and they are just
  8. Hello friends, This is the first time I've loaded Vit D levels which was initially 11ng/mL. I also finally realized why I had so much body aches which immediately vanished in just a few days. I just wanted to ask 2 questions: 1 - While on this regimen, Do patients still get visual/other symptoms of cluster headaches but only without the pain? I have episodic cycles and around this time of the year, I am now on maintenance dose and for the past 2 days I have a red eye and the nasal area bubbling like it used to when I'd suffer an attack, yet with no pain. So is that expected with this
  9. Okay so its been some time since I posted here, I feel I owe the forum a detailed response. I mentioned earlier that I have episodic CHs and occur in Fall season for the last 4-5 years. I tried Oxygen for the first time and it helped miraculously. I am glad I live near a hospital and there aren't much for-home/portable options available in Pakistan. At first doctors told me I was insane to inhale oxygen at 15 Lpm, they said it'll damage my lungs lol. Also, the hospital had no idea what a mask with a bag meant so I improvised this (attachment - upto 50% off). Used the bottle nozzle as a mo
  10. Hey clusterheads! Been a CH for years now. Aged nearly 30 and my episodes have returned after a years break. Yet this is the first time I'm trying psilicybin mushrooms for the first time to try to end the cycle. So I'm having a CH every morning around 8am that wakes me up from sleep. Today I got dried mushrooms, grinded them and into capsules of around 300mgs. Now I fear the headache may return early in the morning again. And having capsules ready, and having seen the information on the website, I have a few questions that I think the page should clarify for all new users. The page says
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