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  1. I checked clinicaltrials.gov to see if it was listed. Nothing there, guess not ready to announce officially or it's private? I'd be happy to get a compound that acts like L but with the duration of MM.
  2. Interesting article from May. Talks about Cluster and Migraine https://psych.global/ceruvia-lifesciences-on-lsd-and-bol-148/
  3. It would be good to know what their 20mg of Psilocybin is in relation to dried MM. It's been my understanding that LSD to Psilocybin is about 2.5x So 1 tab of 100mcg would be about 2.5g dried?
  4. Check out Tedeschi Trucks Band, Susan does this justice
  5. Hit the share icon under the video. Then copy link option and then paste into message
  6. Interesting take on the Grateful Dead version And of course need to have some GD somewhere during the voyage https://youtu.be/TO4YV185orE
  7. My friend makes setlists for me before I'm ready to journey. This is usually the opener
  8. https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03781128 Says it's on Phase 2
  9. Also try clinicaltrials.gov and use search boxes.
  10. Thanks, I'll check it out the link. D3 is definitely one thing I get checked 2-3xs a year per my gastro. My Crohn's has been under control for a while, luckily.
  11. Amazing response, thank you. I'll run this by by my docs to be sure it won't interfere with with my Crohn's. If you don't mind me asking, do you have a medical or related background? How did you discover this? Take care
  12. Thanks Spiny. What are the levels I'm looking for in the labs? I know the D3,I'm at 33ng. What about the other 2. I have started using more caffeine, I usually was doing half decafe half Cafe blends. Trying to avoid stimulates. But now I'm seeing some benefit with low level annoyances.
  13. I see the Methyl folate is crossed out, so I do not need it? I don’t have CH, but NDPH. So basically same headache for 4 years with varying degrees of pain on a daily basis. Been under control at anywhere from a 1 to a 4 on my scale since February using LSD every 10 weeks or so. Do u guys think the regimen is the same? I never get a full day of pain free but enough very low levels to live. You guys gave been great since I started posting this week. Really appreciate the knowledge and compassion you all show for each other and towards me. Thank you ✌❤
  14. Are there target lab #s we should be looking for? I see the D3 #s. I know I'm low, around 33. Currently taking 4000iu a day. Thx
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