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Thank you to Bob Wold and Clusterbusters

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OUCH would like to thank Bob Wold for speaking at our convention in Nashville and to thank you "busters" who also attended. We hope that all of you enjoyed being with us and gained a lot of information from our speakers, Dr. Peter Goadsby, Tony Eafrati with LifeGas, and of course, your wonderful Bob Wold.

Bob's presentation was extremely informative giving attendees up to date information on the alternative methods available to sufferers.  The information about the BOL treatment was exciting to hear about and OUCH is very much in support of this research.  Bob also passed around a questionnaire to all attendees asking us to answer that might indicate whether sufferers may be also experiencing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Speaking for myself, it had never occurred to me that having cluster headaches could produce this disorder.  This was enlightening, and, with Bob's permission, can OUCH share this same questionnaire with it's full membership?

Bob's presentation was flawless, until the wall poster fell and engulfed Ed's (Val's husband) head.  There was, I must admit, laughter in the room.

Again, Bob, thank you for bringing and sharing so much information with OUCH.

Sandy Cullen

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Sandy, we're used to tales of Bob's exploits--and I can speak for myself to say I never get tired of hearing about them!  He's an amazing inspiration for me and so many, many others.  Glad "we" were able to share him with you.

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I thoroughly enjoyed Bob's presentation.  IMHO, this convention was outstanding.  If I win the lottery, I will be in Chicago (only way I could go at this point).

We're all traveling down the same road for this trip (no pun intended).  Now let's form a convoy and see it through to the end.

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I am very pleased to see that Bob and Clusterbusters are finally getting the respect and recognition they deserve.

Personally, I know of no one else that devotes so much of his own time and money to helping sufferers. He is my hero.

Kudos to the new OUCH BoD and of course, to Bob and Clusterbusters.

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I desperately wish I could have been there for the convention.  Bob, I've heard nothing but good about your presentation, and I thank you for presenting it.  I had hoped to be able to see you again there, but I'll have to wait for the CB convention.  Since it is only about 45 minutes away I'd be crazy to miss it.


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