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  1. Thanks for the info on SPGNB's... apparently this the newest cutting edge treatment according to the docs at Stanford. I just gotta laugh at what the so called "experts" are really doing with their research time. I would remove Stanford from the preferred list of doctors personally.
  2. Glad to see others looking at addictive behaviors differently... I have always thought it was that they were reacting to a natural instinctive response to their detecting "something is wrong"... trying to cure or compensate for some kind of problem/deficit, be it physical, mental, or social.
  3. Actually the theory is all about the chemicals (tryptan based psychedelics), and RC provides one of the better sources because it is better tolerated by the general public. I would encourage further exploration by your neighbor. After all, nobody has ever said MM was more successful than RC, in fact most would agree that the lack of "tripping" and other side effects makes it the preferred method of busters... migraines or otherwise.
  4. Now that shows sane government... like providing condoms to juniors... you wish it weren't necessary but reality is, you are saving lives by providing a way to get them unobstructed! Poor USA!
  5. Everything I have seen and heard goes to CH being random. Every study has insufficient numbers... and results that point to children having about as much chance of contracting the condition as anyone in the general public. About the twinge... I know every human alive gets twinges and strange sensations that are not medically explainable (at least not yet)... I remember as young as 5 getting alarmingly noticeable pains in my chest (heart area) and thinking something was wrong... but I am happy to say I am 56 and not one sign of heart problems and the like... and occasionally get the same "twinges". I hope this helps.
  6. Damn!... That is the kind of carpentry I only dream of! I only wish I were to share in the accomplishment.
  7. I think you are in a middle area, where shadows and the occasional hits are expected. This is not a exact science... meaning to say that your continued visits by the beast, being as diminished as they are, are sometimes the best that can be expected. There is no cure. You will find the substance and frequency that will give you maximum relief... and that may not be total relief. Be thankful of what you have found, and keep experimenting to find your own maximum relief level. Good to see you are doing better.
  8. Another example of why CHF is the master of info! Thank you!
  9. People don't march off into harms way behind just anybody Bob, thank you for your tireless work and dedication as well.
  10. Definitely sending best wishes, he helped me out when I needed it.
  11. As usual always interesting... >>A hyperactive habenula could cause people to make disproportionately negative predictions<< Or perhaps an imprint too strong... or over time too much to handle? PTSD anyone?
  12. That is so beautiful, everyone should have them...
  13. Hey Mox, I know the feeling... I had to miss a music party (bunch of musicians partying and jamming) and my sister was "you always want to go to these parties and jam???" My only response was that I was on edge and should not go out in public when I am liable to snap and rip someone's head off... she is the only one in my family that gets it! I chilled and meditated to get to a nice place for "Christmas" Happy holidays... may it always get better.
  14. I certainly like their approach to treating depression. I know for me the SSRI's and all the many other drugs do nothing for me... but, I know from using ketamine, the NMDA receptor antagonist approach will work. Hope it comes soon, I think it will be big if they get it right.
  15. I call those ghost attacks... a sort of painless shadow. I have gotten those most frequently since I started busting. Seems busting displaces the pain, but not the actual physical response.
  16. When I am understanding something, in a dream, and I begin to become aware it is a dream (awaking), I find if I try to grasp or hold on to the understanding I am propelled awake and it vanishes... however, if I can relax my eagerness to have conscious understanding and go into a sort of meditation at that point instead, I can linger in both worlds with awareness of the understanding... and upon awakening retain small bits of it. Over time and many dreams I come to understand better and better. Does that qualify as lucid dreaming? It is really so very brief and fleeting.
  17. Wow J that's heavy. I have never had one imprint that heavily... only the temporary stuff. :-/
  18. When I was episodic I never got shadows of attacks outside of the usual cycles. Once clear of cycle I could drink like a fish... triggers only in cycle. I would not be too quick to reclassify yourself... just sounds like the busting is working.
  19. My personal definition would be... so real it is disturbing. No dreamy stuff, but emotionally, psychologically and physically very real and usually very engaging... not always unpleasant, but usually involves some sort of an emotional roller coaster... for me anyways.
  20. I think the dream state I was achieving was sparked by doing math and physics (engineering) problems day and night... maybe a kind of intense and focused mathematical meditation of sorts... so I do believe it is something that you can train yourself to do. I have no desire to go back there, but I have recently been intensely focusing inwards to look at my "internal operations" in hopes of better understanding my issues and how to treat them. For this exercise I am also finding I see things in my sleep. Meditating on large doses of MM is working well to peel things apart as well. I ask a question going in... and usually emerge with an answer, or at least a better understanding of where I want to go next. It really is interesting.
  21. That is certainly one view I have considered... but I think we all are, or have the ability to be, plugged into the "information stream". I just think most people effectively partition it out of their conscious life... to busy to even notice things. I find your dreams interesting. I remember in college I would go to sleep and do serious math and physics problems in my sleep. They were so accurate that I sincerely felt it better prepared me for tests than staying up and studying. I even remember the night when I wrote out the equations for something like the transporter on star trek. It was so perfectly real and true... and I can remember my understanding of it slowly evaporating as I slowly began to wake and come back to consciousness. Just wish I could train myself to plug in when not asleep. But then I also feel like that may be a sort of safety mechanism on the akashic record... to prevent overload and misuse... and maybe it is the "proper" safety mechanism we lack. Anyone ever heard of Edgar Cayce... what he did tore him up pretty badly. Edit: Most "geniuses", for instance Einstein, did not believe they were exceptional people. He never attributed his insights to his intellect... rather something of a gift from an information source outside of himself he was able to tap into with mind exercises. Same with great composers and artists. My favorite is what Michelangelo said about the statue already being in the rock... he just had to free it (or something like that).
  22. Not the expert but know a few things about such matters... The guest thing just counts how many times an unregistered person hits the site. Could be the same person 168 times, or even some members not signing in. The limiting areas to members is good to keep the rif-raf out, as most who come here accidentally, or are not serious CH people won't bother to take the 30 seconds it takes to perform a completely anonymous sign up. BUT, most importantly, it keeps the search engines out of the more private stuff. Those search engines will bring in god knows who looking for what. I may be wrong, but that would be my answer.
  23. Right handed, left CH, no noticeable dream stuff, no head trauma. My mom still thinks to this day that it was "all the drugs I took" when I was young (starting at 10 with cigarettes, then alcohol)... and I did take a lot. BUT, LSD and pot were my drugs of choice (13-17), and I didn't start getting CH till about 6 months after I decided to rejoin society and stopped everything. So my read on that is "all the drugs I took" was most likely helping me more than hurting me.
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