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  1. This may be obvious, but it wasn't to me from the above statement... You need the bag. Unless using a demand valve system, most regulators simply do not put out. The bag collects the O2 while you are exhaling, giving good suckability (New word?). Higher flow and bigger bag are better.
  2. Hi and welcome back. Do you have oxygen? Just wondering... should work better than the freezer. Also, if you are going to try RC seeds soon, read up on detox before using more of those injections. O2 and D3 are safe.
  3. Welcome b.g. A familiar story, you are lucky to have found a doc educated on CH... as you have found it isn't easy... glad you persisted till you found him. Also glad you found us. Read, read, read... lots of good info and people here. Stay in touch. P.S. I know what you mean about the drugs, Depakote made me an irritable slug, and verapamil never worked for me... but I am so glad to have O2! Makes detox possible so you can get to what really works.
  4. I think I will wait for the external device that Dr. Goadsby talked about at the OUCH conference. Just can't see implanting anything in my head. As Bones would say regarding "primitive" surgical procedures (Star Trek)... "It's barbaric". (Although this one seems much less invasive.)
  5. If you can get the O2 up and working... it's amazing at aborting the pain, and he should loose all fear of detoxing. Yes, it works that well for most of us!
  6. Too funny Mystina... the best stuff comes from young innocence. Thanks.
  7. More newbies in need on CH.com... I would offer over there.
  8. I would order 100. That gives you additional doses... and the room to dose up if needed... without initially spending too much.
  9. Look at the top of this board under important topics *Busting Instructions*. http://www.clusterheadaches.com/cb/yabbfiles/Attachments/FAQ_LSA.htm RC = Rivea Corymbosa, available on internet at iamshaman.com and others. Yes NON time release. If you find it helps but doesn't last long enough you can then add time release to the mix.
  10. If you are looking for an alternative that doesn't make you trip, read up on RC seeds (LSA). The doses are sub-psychedelic and most report just a good nights sleep. Speaking of eye drops, I am always pleased to find things like this... Psychotria viridis, "The Machiguenga people of Peru use juice from the leaves as eye drops to treat migraine headaches". This refers to the chemical identified as DMT... but in the same family as all the tryptamines supported here. Eye drops really? Cuz it is not effective orally unless mixed with a MAOI inhibitor... but then you would have ayahuasca (not recommended). Ancient peoples knew more than we give them credit for.
  11. K, I got one for you. A while back I was trying a new med and not really paying good enough attention to what I was already taking... My girlfriend finds me in the kitchen at 3 am. Not unusual, except what I was cooking... She is confused and asking me "What are you doing?" All I remember is hearing her question, looking down and I was standing in the middle of the kitchen with a pan in one hand and a spatula in the other... and in the pan a generous portion of beautifully sauteed onions. I HATE ONIONS! Yech! I was totally sleep cooking, but in true form doing it anally perfect. We laughed a lot over that one. Watch those meds!
  12. I will let someone with more busting experience answer the other questions... but I have read peppermint turns LSA to LSH, which can be stronger. It all works the same though... I am sure others will advise. There are other methods for making it palatable.
  13. OK, I would say the site www.clusterheadaches.com has much more info on the subject of oxygen. Check out their "Oxygen Info" link in yellow on the left side of their site pages. On their message board under "Medications, Treatments, Therapies" there is a thread entitled "Welders O2 ?'s"... on the second page I posted this reply... As for the tanks... oxygen is an efficient oxidizer... yup. Therefore all cleanliness standards for all oxygen are the same. The O2 is the same. I personally use medical stuff, but didn't always. Took pleading poverty with no insurance to get my current deal. I purchased all my own equipment back in the early 80's. This has always been a valuable bargaining chip when trying to get out of rental costs. As of this writing - I just bought new regulators on Amazon for around the $15-$30 range, supply my own masks, and now pay $25 for an M fill (122 cu. ft.), no tank rental, delivered. It can be done. Tanks are also not a bad one time investment. BUT, unless you buy from a medical supplier willing to always fill your tank for a reasonable price (and hope you never move)... this is what I found. You MUST buy "industrial" tanks for O2. No medical company will fill someone else's tanks, and welding supply companies will not touch medical tanks. With that said, a NEW 122 cu.ft. or 150 cu. ft. tank can be had for $300-$350 range. You can blow that on rent in 6 months. Call around in your area to see who will fill what for you... BEFORE you buy a tank. Of course, if calling a medical place... you have a prescription, and when calling a welding place... you are a welder. If I hadn't already done all this, I would lie, cheat, steal to get it done... for the relief it gives! Just do it!
  14. Glad to hear you are feeling well enough to consider that! I got through college with aspirin and O2... couldn't afford the side effects of other meds (Electrical Engineering no less). Trust me, if it works as well for you as it does for me... you will be kicking yourself for not getting to it sooner. Best wishes.
  15. I will just add... get O2 now, any way you can. It is amazing stuff for most of us. Pain gone in minutes... no side effects!
  16. Oxygen! Oxygen! Oxygen! If I can get to nothing else... it is always Oxygen for me. It was my first "Life changer" (30 years ago)... can't even imagine getting caught without it now! In reading this thread I am still not sure if you have ever tried O2? I hope you will become familiar with this treatment. I consider it "The Standard" for emergency treatment of attacks. Too few in the medical community know of CH, and those that do, would not know what to give a patient getting an attack. Too many ER Docs turn to opiates only to find it has no effect, or makes it worse. :
  17. Ok, first I've heard of the CH switching sides. I have experienced this... anyone else? I also have gotten base of the skull and whole head stuff late afternoon and all night. The theories I have on this range from "tension headaches" caused by the extreme tension of our body reacting to the pain, to a "muted" and even "drawn out" effect caused by prescription blockers like verapamil, topamax, and even the triptans. Bottom line... when I am in remission, nothing happens... when I am not, anything can happen. Oxygen always helps, and busting? Not ready to comment on my results yet (after 36 years I have learned not to jump to conclusions too quickly).
  18. I also have been wondering about stress disorders in relation to CH... can they be caused by, or perpetually aggravated by, CH? I would love to know more about the questionnaire and any other discussions/info.
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